10 Exciting Ways to Entertain a Ragdoll Cat.

Ragdoll cats are very playful and intelligent as they thrive on adventure and fun. Its very important to entertain your ragdoll cat or else you will stump their growth mentally and physically. Ragdolls playtime have a lot of benefits such as:

  • Mental stimulation – This refers to the cats mental development and growth. Playtime allows for the cat to discover new things and it also feeds their instinctual urges.
  • Bonding – Playtime is very special for cats as well as their owners. Its a time that you are able to bond, connect and feed off each other. As much as cats need us we need them as well.
  • It promotes growth – Playing often requires activity both mental and physical. The physical aspect of playing helps the cat grow and strengthen. It helps to create the cats personality making them a lot more social and friendly. It also promotes blood flow and good circulation.
  • Exercise – its important for your ragdoll to keep active in order to keep in shape and also to promote good heart health. Rags are known for heart issues and an healthy diet, treatment and exercise will help in keeping the cat fit.

Here are my top 10 exciting ways to entertain a ragdoll cat.

1. Obstacle courses

Create your own obstacle course indoors that your Ragdoll will love. Cats love adventure and figuring out new things. They feed of the excitement and thrill that is hidden in play. Use toys, boxes, pillows and other things to create an obstacle course that the cat will love.

Make sure it is safe but try and add a little height as cats love to jump and climb around. The aim is provide a good alternative to the outdoors, in this case you bringing the outdoor fun into your home so that the cat may enjoy while being safe. You may also incorporate your kids and other pets as cats love the interaction and they will feed of the energy.

This is a great way to be entertained while bonding as a family with the cat.

2. Laser light point

This never get old and cats simply love the adventure that is hidden within this tiny light. Cats are attracted to laser lights because the swift movements of the light imitates the movement of flying insects, flies and mosquito’s.

Cats are naturally attracted to chasing insects and all other swift movements. Its their predatory instincts that are stimulated once their eyes catch such movements and they act on it by chasing and jumping after it.

Laser lights emulate this and it brings forth the exact same response in the cat when you move it in different directions. The cat will be fully focused on getting the light as it keeps them occupied and engaged for hours. The PetSafe Bolt automatic laser light is perfect for cats, get it now on Amazon.

3. Scavenger hunt

Hiding treats around your home is a great way of keeping the cat healthy and also entertained. Your ragdoll will be set on searching for these treats while staying active, engrossed and engaged.

This indoor activity is awesome as it keeps them on their paws, hunting and at the same time enjoying the treats. This method of play imitates the reality of the outdoors where cats have to hunt for their own food. This gives the cat some sense of normality since cats are outdoor creatures but have adapted through the years to staying indoors.

When preparing for this game try and hide the treats in safe areas like under the couch or behind doors. At the same time try to not make it obvious as the aim is make it fun and exciting. A game that your feline will be pleased to play.

A point to remember when playing this game is provide enough water nearby as treats can be dry and the hunting will together make the cat thirsty.

4. Fish tank fun

Cats are generally fascinated by fish tanks and the movements of fish swimming, so why not imitate the exact scene. Off course it will be dangerous for the fish to allow the cat to have its way but you can recreate this attraction and remove the fish.

You can use a simple clear bowl or vase filled with clean water and get some fake silicon fish that will resemble the real fish. Another great option if to buy those small battery-operated fish that moves in the water, like the Indoor Cat Interactive Swimming Fish Toy. It will be more realistic and will surely make the cat happy.

This will absolutely be a winner in providing a great way for them to keep occupied. Just remember to follow with this type of play under supervision.

5. Fishing rods and strings

If you are tired of buying toys that your Ragdoll cat soon looses interest in, get a fishing rod or any type of string toy. Veterinarians and feline behaviorists strongly recommend interactive toys, particularly for indoor cats to keep them healthy and stimulated physically and mentally.

Toy Fishing rods and string toys are filled with fun and excitement. The toy with lasting allure was designed to satisfy a cat’s natural instincts for stalking, chasing and pouncing on prey. Yoyipet Fish Rod With Interactive Fish is a great product that satisfies cats and keeps them occupied for longer.

By using this kind of toys your ragdoll will never be bored or inactive again. You can also attach treats to the tip of the fishing rod and have them jump for it. Its a brilliant way help them stretch while having fun. This type of play requires supervision in order to prevent chocking or strangling hazards.

6. Scratch post

A Scratch post is an essential equipment for every feline. Its provides an acceptable way for them to scratch. Cats have a natural urge to scratch since its their way of removing the sheaths from their claws while also leaving their imprint on the post to mark its territory.

A scratch post also helps the cat stretch. There are posts that have different levels and toys which serves an entire fun-filled experience. This creates the scene of the outdoor environment, the post will act like a tree and the cat will climb up and be apart of the grand gesture while enjoying themselves. Ragdolls do like going outside and this setup will feed their curiosity. Get the Interactive 3 pole scratch post conveniently from Amazon.

7. A companion

Why get one ragdoll cat when you can have two. Ragdolls are great in pairs as they are not left lonely and quite. Rather they will keep each other company through playing, interacting and feline fun.

Ragdolls are great together but sometimes having two of the same sex can be a little difficult as they may see each other as competition which can break out in fights and kitty wars. Having a male and a female as a pair will be great as they will attract while keeping each other entertained.

This is an awesome way to give ragdolls what they want as they thrive on interaction.

8. Outside fun.

Ragdolls love going outside so why not spend time outdoors having fun or just taking evening walk. Ragdolls are really smart and they are capable of being trained to walk on a leash. You can walk your cat around the neighborhood or around the garden as a way for the cat to take a breather and enquire a different space rather than being indoors all the time.

You can also spend time with the cat playing ball as they are have similar behaviour to dogs.

9. Play fetch.

Ragdoll cats are also able to play fetch as they are intrigued by things that most cats are not interested in. At first it maybe difficult for them to comprehend but with time and practice this could be your cats favourite game.

You can use a ball, toy or any soft plastic thing that isnt fragile. Just get the cats attention and aim it away. Sometimes the cat wont be interested but you can add catnip inside the object or spray pheromones on it that will attract the cat.

With repetition the cat will get the hang of it and will learn to enjoy it. After all ragdoll cats are all about breaking norms of domestic cats and this is just another way that they are different from other cats.

10. A room with a view

Cats love looking out the windows as they are triggered and captivated by the movements that occur. The birds that fly across as well as the insects and flies that linger around.

Therefore get a good strong window perch and mount it to a window or door that has a clear view. The K&H Cat Window Heated Hanging Bed and Hammock is great for sightseeing and perfect to keep cats comfortably entertained. This sight will definitely grab your cats attention as they will be focused and mentally orientated for hours.


Always observe the character and personality of your ragdoll as all cats are different. By doing this you will understand what your cat prefer and like. In this way you can plan out games and exciting adventures to suits the cats profile. This will allow for more excitement and fun.

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