5 Reasons Savannah Cats Hiss | How to Respond?

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Savannah cats are a hybrid cat breed, crossed between a serval and domestic cat. Hissing is one of their traits as they get it from their direct serval ancestor. They are known for their great size, distinctive pattern and to top it off their hissing which may scare people.

Savannah cats don’t need a reason to hiss as they are known to be a very hissy breed. Its apart of their many vocalizations that they use to express themselves. So let’s decode some of the reasons that they hiss to understand the breed better.

1. Inherited Behavior.

Savannah cats are a direct product of a cross with a serval cat. Serval cats are known for their hiss and this same inherited behavior are common in Savannah cats. At times a hiss can be for a specific reason and at times it could be for nothing at all. This is just a common trait that is associated with this breed. This behavior is inherited from their parents and is evident in the offspring. So the hissing is literally something they do without even knowing and for no particular reason.

2. Aggression.

Aggression could be the reason why some Savannah cats hiss. As a way to scare or send warning shots. Cats in general are territorial and if someone or something makes them feel threatened they will want to scare them away in defense. A hiss could imply a simple warning to an action they disapprove off.

Most indoor cats hiss when they are interfered with or if they feel their space is being invaded. At times other indoor pets or kids could do things to aggravate the cat. If these actions persist the cat will disapprove of it and hiss as a warning.

3. Attention.

Hissing is known to portray aggression but it can also mean other things. A cat hissing, especially savannah cats could imply they want attention. Hissing is not subject to a certain behavior but rather a response to a situation. If your Savannah cat feels distant and wants affection they will become vocal, by hissing to get your attention.

4. Somethings wrong.

Another reason a Savannah cat will hiss is when something is wrong. It could be they are unwell, in pain or something is worrying them. In such uncomfortable situations a cat will hiss, as the hissing followed by other vocalizations could be persistent until they feel relieved.

5. Heavy Breathing.

Sometimes you may mistake heavy breathing as an hiss. This is because when cats are active or playful they tend to breath heavily. This causes an increase in the air flow causing a sound which may present as a hiss. This is common and it should subside, if not the cat could be trying to communicate with an hiss about something they disapprove of.

Note: the only way to accurately understand a Savannah cats hiss is to get to know them personally. Once you have become familiar to your cat and understand them. You will be able to effectively analyze their hiss.

Ways to Respond to a Savannah Cats Hiss ?

Trying to understand a cats hiss can be daunting since you aren’t able to comprehend the reason behind it. Hissing is a general vocalization and is very common in Savannah cats. It’s a way that cats use to communicate, therefore its important for owners to become familiar with their cats to understand them properly.

When your cat hiss, the first thing to do is give them space. Most of the time they are upset or aggravated about a specific thing. By giving the cat space it will give them room to settle and calm down. If not the cat could strike, possibly causing harm to you.

If the hissing continue, read their body language and see how they respond to your interaction. Some cats hiss when they are lonely and require attention. Show affection and speak with a soothing tone. This will help ease anxiety and fear.

If you feel that even with your greatest efforts, the hissing is persistent then it could be the cat is in pain or unwell. If the hiss is followed by other vocalizations and crying, seek medical advice from your local veterinarian.

Most of the time Savannah cats hiss isnt anything to worry about. Since they are known for it, some cats may hiss as a normal daily practice. The best way to interpret your cats hiss is to get to know your cat better and you will understand their likes, dislikes and how they respond to certain situations.

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