8 Reasons Ragdoll Cats Follow you Everywhere| With Ways to Stop It.

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Ragdoll cats are known for their big size, docile nature and dog-like behavior. At first glance their big size and fluffy coats can be intimidating, however these cats are truly gently-giants and you can see it in their behavior.

They love to follow their owners and also welcome them at the door. This constant tag along can be seen as clingy but let’s understand the breed further to get to know why they love to follow their owners everywhere.

Below are 8 reasons why ragdolls follow their owners with ways to help alleviate this habit.

1. Highly Affectionate.

Ragdolls are highly affectionate and caring. With a docile, placid temperament and kind nature. This strong attraction towards their owners can be seen in their gestures. Like their ability to constantly follow their owners around everywhere they go.

Some may regard this constant following as the cat being clingy, but instead it’s an act of intimacy and devotion. Ragdolls love their owners and the bond that they share is very strong and evident. These cats are very soft and easy to handle therefore they crave interaction and a close bond to those they have become attached to.

2. Display Dog-Like Behavior.

Its no secret that ragdolls are known for being Dog-Like. This is because they share similar behavior that’s associated to dogs. Like their overwhelming relaxed temperament, can be easily taught, love following their owners from room to room to seek physical affection. The reason for this is due to their distinctive personality that resembles the same attributes of a dog.

Ragdolls are very dependent emotionally and physically. They respond really well to other pets, kids and are very welcoming. They love to be petted and comforted as well as included in all activities. This is why they always follow their owners everywhere, throughout their homes just to be closely connected. This is their personality and not behavioral issues or possessiveness.

3. Boredom.

Ragdolls love play time, different from other household cats. They like interaction and company. Normally during the week when the house is quiet, everyone is either at work or the kids are at school. The cat will become very lonely and will crave some sort of interaction. As a result they will follow you around wherever you go.

Ragdolls are not like other pets who love toys. While toys can keep them occupied for a while, they prefer human interaction. This is a way to curb the boredom as they have nothing else to do. This constant tag along is an escape for them to keep close and connected to their companions.

If you try and hide away from them they can become vocal to get your attention as they hate closed doors.

4. Very Protective.

Getting a ragdoll is like getting a personal security guard. These fur balls will continuously follow your back and checkout for you. It’s part of their protective nature towards those they are attached to. While these cats are super sweet and affectionate they can be very protective and almost possessive.

They constantly watch the door of whose entering and exiting, their eyes are almost fixed on their owners every movement and they will retaliate if they feel the need to compete for their owners attention. This is subjective to their Dog-Like qualities fuelled by their personality, which craves the constant environment of their companions.

5. Love Attention & Companionship.

If you are a fur parent who’s not home whole day it’s normal for your ragdoll to follow you everywhere when you return home. Ragdolls love company and during the day the cat can get lonely and bored , therefore once they see you they become attached to you. They dont want you to leave them.

It’s because they love you and want to be around you at all times. It’s their nature to seek attention and companionship from their owners. Almost like a baby that’s attached to it mum, ragdolls want to keep sight of you to feel your presence and affection. Most deprived ragdolls normally fall into a state of depression not because they lack food and proper care, but because they lack the necessary affection and companionship that was suppose to be given by their owners.

If you know you are not at home regularly, than getting a pair of ragdolls will be better so they can keep each other company while you away. If not the cat will be bored and feel abandoned, it will cause other behavioral and mental problems

6. You Not spending enough time with your Ragdoll.

I always advise pet owners to do research before choosing to adopt, so you know the level of care required. Especially with ragdolls who are highly affectionate and require alot of attention as well as interaction. If this need is not met, the cat will feel deprived and will try to get your attention in several ways. One of which is the constant following.

This lack of attention and quality time will cause the cat to seek for you, to bond and to form an intimate relationship. You will feel that the cat is invading your privacy but the cat is only trying to fill a void that is lacking. It’s up to you to repair this relationship before separation anxiety steps in.

7. Requires Food.

Another possible reason for your ragdoll following you could be for food. Normally cats that are trained in a routine knows when is they meal time. In fact they will follow you to get your attention until you serve them. Ragdolls are alot bigger then most household cats and do require more nourishment. If this need isnt met, they will hover around you or may become vocal to get your attention.

At times even when you have served them food they will continue to follow because they may still be hungry. This can be caused by underlying health issues such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism which makes them more hungry. Therefore they will follow you more closely to get your attention since the meals provided isnt enough to satisfy them.

8. Fearful Due to Previous Trauma.

Fearful Ragdolls are very fragile and they seek assurance and protection from the one whom they have attached to. This is common in cats that may of had an history of abuse, trauma or deprivation.

This causes the cat to become attached to it’s new owner, the one whom it trusts. Causing them to always seek your presence to feel protected. This behavior takes time to fade away, provided the owner is patient and gentle.

Affection Vs Possessive Following.

While a ragdoll cat following its owner may seem as normal behavior for this breed, it’s very important to distinguish this behavior before the cat becomes to used to being so closely connected. The most common reason why ragdolls follow their owners is due to their highly affectionate nature, however once this behavior becomes too clingy and compulsive it could be signs of possessiveness.

Possessive Behavior.

Possessive behavior is almost overlooked in ragdoll cats since owners think that its apart of their personality. It’s no secret that ragdolls love their owners and enjoy their presence, however once this behavior becomes compulsive with signs of aggression or emotional changes, it must be addressed immediately.

Behavior of a possessive Ragdoll Cat includes:

  • Excessive clingy behavior with signs of aggression.
  • Requires full attention, if not the cat will become aggressive and vocal.
  • The cat will meow or become aggressive to anyone who interacts with its owner.
  • Ragdoll biting its owner with the cat becoming more mean.

Affectionate Behavior.

Ragdolls are highly affectionate and love the intimacy shared between them and their owners. Affectionate behavior isnt forced but is rather fuelled by love and a strong bond.

Affection can be seen in ragdolls in the following ways :

  • Gentle sweet nature.
  • With a docile, placid temperament.
  • Cuddly and love sitting on owners lap.
  • Love attention and is not overpowering.
  • Very protective in a healthy way.

Ways to Prevent A Ragdoll From Possessively Following.

With ragdoll cats the behavior or habit of following their owner is normal. Its apart of their demeanor, something owners need to accept before adoption. However in some cases the ragdoll can become too clingy almost possessive. In which something needs to be done to alleviate this behavior, for a healthy relationship and bond between cat and parent.

Here are a few ways to help you, decrease the severity of your ragdolls clingy behavior.

1. Spend more quality time with your ragdoll so they wont feel deprived of your time and attention.

2. Get some good quality interactive toys to keep your ragdoll occupied.

3. Get a ragdoll pair or another compatible breed to keep each other company. This will relieve the clingy behavior.

4. Make sure the cat is properly fed on time and is well cared for.

5. Setup treasure hunts by hiding treats in your home to keep your ragdoll occupied.

6. Discourage possessive behavior with a firm ‘No’ using a strong tone. Try not to scream or shout.

7. Give your cat assurance, and ease their anxiety. This is mostly required for cats who are fragile and fearful.

8. Use catnip filled toys or calming sprays to help discourage unwanted behavior.

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