Are Himalayan Cats Intelligent? How Smart are they.

Himalayan cats are one of the most beautiful looking cats with their stunning plush coat, big blue eyes and rounded distinctive features. While their outward appearance seem to be capturing the hearts of many, their traits, intelligence and smartness seems to be underestimated.

Himalayan cats are very smart and are very picky to whom they disclose themselves too. Himmies are really inquisitive and talkative as they boasts their intelligence with conversations and playfulness. These cats almost have the perfect balance of playfulness and are highly timid just like both their descendants.

At first glance they may appear to be lazy, quiet almost inactive but dont let this initial behavior fool you. Once Himalayan cats trust you and are used to you, they become more interactive and demand more attention. They become more alive and make their presence heard. While the potential of their intelligence lie within them, they are significantly influenced by their surroundings and human counterparts.

Its extremely important for Himalayan cat owners and cat parents in general to play an active role to help stimulate and nourish their cat so they can grow and develop. While Himmies are not the smartest cats they are hybrids and contain a significant amount of DNA from other smart cat breeds.

What makes Himalayan Cats Smart ?

The biggest misconception when it comes to Himalayan cats is that they are lazy and dumb. Although this can be justified because they are hybrids of persian cats and persians are known for being very quiet and inactive. But many fail to realize whats in their genetic makeup.

Himalayan cats are not your average doll face cats as they carry a significant amount of dna from siamese cats. Siamese cats are one of the most intelligent cat breeds and their dna is shared in a hybrid which we know as Himalayan cats. While Himmies are not as smart as their descendants they do have a fair share of interaction and inquisitiveness.

Himmies are much more active and energetic and shouldn’t be treated like Persian cats. Their siamese routes gives them an edge above other flat-faced cats resulting in a much more vibrant character and personality.

However some himmies may not be as smart as others for several reasons, such as:

  • Health issues, himmies are prone to a variety of health issues which can greatly inhibit their growth and development, mentally and physically.
  • Some Himalayan cats are just not smart as they are petite and enjoy the quiet. It’s their overall personality.
  • Without a thriving and stimulating environment any cat wouldn’t stand a chance to feed their curiosity and explore. Likewise with Himmies, they require time, attention and an active parent to nurture them.

Ways Himalayan Cats show Their Intelligence.


Himalayan cats are very talkative once they start to trust you. They are never shy to voice their opinion even though they cannot accurately speak, their slurs, meows and vocalizations are enough to get your attention. While they are very timid and hate loud noise or being rough, they certainly aren’t afraid to Express themselves.


Himmies are not just lap cats and great for shows they are also very active and responsive when they need to be. They are able to apprehend and respond to their owners voice, if you doing something that they disapprove of or they like they will certainly express it through their body language and other vocalizations.


These cats are very pleasant and they love to cuddle with their owners. Some of the ways they show affection is by following you wherever you go, meows and chirps, licking and seeking protection from you.

Able to use a Litterbox.

Himmies are able to use a litterbox instead of pooping around your home. Of course they do need abit of training at first but they are able to comprehend well and follow routine.


Himmies share an high level of interest to their surroundings. They like to explore and fidget around. They are rather intrigued by different things and aren’t afraid to feed their curiosity.


Himalayan cats like to play with interactive toys, pet parents and can keep themselves entertained. While they do enjoy the playtime, at times they can get pretty lazy and must be encouraged to keep active.

Can Himalayan Cats be Trained ?

Even though Himalayan cats are smart they can only be trained to do certain activities and follow specific commands just like any other cat. They might not be able to do any tricks or surprise you with their genius concepts but they can adapt to certain actions and become accustomed to it.

Himalayan cats can be trained to do simple tasks and activities such as walk on a leash, use a litterbox and listen to basic commands. They are able to comprehend and interpret familiar practices if done repeatedly.

One cannot be certain to the full extent of their potential but I do believe they are capable of more than we think. I’ve heard of many stories of how Himmies have become so well suited with their human counterparts that they remember certain things that occurs daily. This means that with repetition and some effort Himmies are able to be trained.

For example one pet parent who owns an himmie said her cat used to sit on the chair in the dining area because she knew eventually she would be served food, since the family usually gathers for a meal. Another pet parent said she was surprised to see her himmie on the couch waiting for the TV to be turned on. This means that the repetitive behavior of humans have somehow been imprinted on the cat that they know the result of each action before it could even occur.

This shows that if they are exposed to something daily they are more than capable of adapting. This is evidence that Himalayan cats are more than their physical appearance and can be trained if nurtured properly.

Related Questions.

1. Are Himalayan Cats affectionate? Himalayan cats are highly pleasant and affectionate. They love attention and enjoy the quiet. These cats are laid-back and thrive on attention and make for a great lap cats.

2. Are Himalayan cats lazy? No, While they are known for being timid, sweet and controlled. These cats are very energetic and love to play. There siamese roots brings about a side to them that separates them from persian cats. The are alot more active, inquisitive and vocal.

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