Are Male Or Female Ragdoll Cats Better? Are Males more Affectionate?

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Ragdoll cats have gained popularity and have become well-known for their affectionate behavior and Dog-Like character. It’s very exciting to welcome home a new ragdoll cat and to start the bonding process. However, when choosing between a male or female ragdoll most people are not really sure which to choose, since there are significant differences between the two sexes.

The ragdoll breed in general are very affectionate, docile and playful, however according to most ragdoll owners males tend to display this character more better. Males are more affectionate and attached compared to females. Males display a more friendly and easygoing character which makes them a firm favorite. Males are also considered more dependent which can be challenging to meet their demands.

Let’s compare both sexes to understand both genders and choose one that fits well with your lifestyle.

Male Ragdolls.

Often known as attention seekers, male ragdolls love interaction and attention from their human counterparts. Their outgoing nature and kind disposition are what make them approachable, as a result, they tend to do well with just about anyone.

These ragdolls are generally friendlier and display a greater deal of affection when compared to female ragdolls. This affectionate nature can be seen in their ability to constantly cuddle, rub themselves on you, follow you around as well as being stubborn.

They are also very active and playful therefore they will require more hands-on interaction and adventure to keep them occupied. Males, just like females are very talkative and are not shy to voice themselves whenever they disapprove of something or if they feel they are being deprived of your time and attention.

Both males and females are smart and can be trained to play games and follow simple commands. Since males come across as more playful they tend to do better learning new games and engaging in fun just because they show more interest and inquisitiveness.

Male ragdolls will be better suited to people who wants an affectionate feline that’s super playful and interactive.

Female Ragdolls.

If you looking for a cat that is sweet, well-behaved, and super cuddly then the female ragdoll is ideal for you. These sweet-tempered fluffy beauts are normally very subtle and soft in their approach. They enjoy cuddles, rubs and at times like to be left alone.

Female ragdolls are also affectionate but are known to be more independent and less attached compared to their male counterparts. While a male ragdoll can become troublesome if they don’t get what they want or be around you as often, females do well on their own at times.

Females also are less active then males so they don’t require constant play and stimulation, however according to some female ragdoll owners these cats are mostly active at night. As they like exploring and inquiring new difficult to reach play areas at home.

Female ragdolls are also less dramatic and more submissive, therefore they are well suited for people who simply want a feline companion to hold and cuddle.

Differences Between Male & Female Ragdolls.

Bigger and more muscularSmaller in size and structure
Outgoing characterControlled and poised
Highly affectionateEqually affectionate
Very demandingRequires less attention
Very attached Attached but reserved
Active & MischievousLess active & Laidback
Can be stubbornMostly submissive

Ragdoll Male VS Female Size.

Ragdolls are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. These cats are big-boned, muscular, with a large frame and sturdy bodies. Both males and females exhibit similar proportions and structure.

Male ragdolls are normally bigger weighing between 12-20 pounds on average. Males are also known to exceed this weight range and exceed 20 pounds.

Females are slightly smaller in weight and overall size, weighing 8-15 pounds on average. This is because males are more muscular since they are more active than females.

Health Issues Regarding Male & Female Ragdoll Cats.

Ragdolls are generally healthy but they do have some hereditary health issues that they are prone to. Issues such as heart problems, urinary issues, and kidney disease. However, there are certain issues that are more prone to each sex.

Male ragdolls are prone to urinary blockages than female. When the urethra becomes partially or completely blocked, urine is unable to drain. As a result this affects the electrolytes and can cause other abnormalities.

Females are more at risk of obesity because they are less active. With obesity comes the risk of diabetes, arthritis, and fatty liver. Which can be fatal and can reduce the lifespan of your cat.

Its advised that a full medical checkup be done at least once or twice a year, for early diagnosis and treatment against fatal health related issues.

Challenges With Each Sex.


Male ragdolls are more demanding due to the fact that they love attention as well as interaction. This puts more pressure on owners to satisfy their feline and to make sure they are well stimulated and taken off.

Males are also known for their stubborn streak especially when they want something. They can be persistent and very verbal until they get what they want. Therefore it’s advised that good habits be practiced from earlier on in the cat’s life.

Ragdolls, in general, are bigger and more muscular than your average household cats and will require more food than usual. Males who are very active burn out more calories and will require much more food than the female ragdoll. This can be financially challenging especially if you aren’t prepared.

Males are also very mischievous, this is because they are inquisitive and like fidgeting around.


Females are less active than males and as a result, are prone to obesity. It’s no secret that ragdolls love eating and this could be fatal if not supervised. While ragdolls do require more food to sustain themselves, always be careful not to overfeed. Exercising or play is required to help the cat stay active.

Female ragdolls are also known for being aggressive and mean at times. They normally do like cuddles but at times they disapprove of any cuddles, rubs, or gestures.

Female ragdolls are also less tolerant and defensive, they will immediately jump away or rumble if they don’t approve of something.

Effects of Neutering or Spaying On Ragdolls Behavior.

Neutering or spaying refers to the removal of an animal’s reproductive organs to help eliminate unwanted behavior and sexual urges.

Males undergo neutering as a way to eliminate increased aggression and unwanted behavior. As a result of this procedure, you will see a calmer cat that is less aggressive and less active. The cat will also not try to escape as a mating partner isn’t required

Females undergo spaying as a way to eliminate compulsive behavior and moodiness caused by hormones. The cat will be more relaxed, stable, and overall more approachable. This will also prevent unwanted kittens.

Ultimately its important to note that this procedure will not change the cats temperament and personality as these factors are dependent on upbringing and training.


Ragdolls are a great choice when choosing from other breeds. Both males and females are really great even though they have significant behavioral differences. Ultimately it’s the personality and upbringing of the cat that influences behavior and not entirely the sex.

For this reason its good to spend some time getting to know the cat and the breeder to get an idea of the cats personality. This will help you make a good choice and to choose a personality according to what you looking for.

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