Are Male or Female Siamese Cats better ?

You probably have decided to get a Siamese Cat but you wondering if you should either get a male or female. While both genders are amazing they are few Distinctive differences in their personality and behaviour.

Neutered Male Siamese Cats are a lot nicer and friendlier. Males are more cuddly, love human affection, attention therefore are considered better. Male and female Siamese cats are both amazing and would make for great pets, with females being more reserved and well-mannered.

When choosing either male or female you should choose according to what you looking for, you want the type of personality of the cat to blend in with your lifestyle and the type of individual you are.

If you are more affectionate and love companionship than a male Siamese cat will be the perfect match. Males tend to be more sociable and love the attention their owners give to them. They thrive on interaction and playtime with their human parents and will attach themselves to you

Therefore interactive and interesting toys like the PetFusion Electronic Feather and the Motion Sensor Cat Toy are must-haves. Ultimately this playful behaviour isn’t common in just males but in females too. So before you choose to adopt a Siamese cat spend some time observing their personality.

If you looking for a cat that is more humbled, quiet and obedient than the female Siamese cat will be a better fit as they normally are very well-behaved and are not very playful. Females are known to be more reserved and a little less playful as well as affectionate. However, some males tend to also display these characteristics as each cat have different qualities that make them unique.

While both male and female cats have very distinctive traits you must understand that every Siamese cat has their own personality and character and this is rarely based on gender but relies mostly on their nature, personality, and their character.

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Pros of Male and Female Siamese Cats.

Male Female
More AffectionateAveragely Affectionate
Even- TemperedSocial
Playful likes attention Reserved shows more discipline
Loves companionshipMore independent/ dont like to be interfered with.

Cons of Male and Female Siamese Cats

Male Female
Un-neutered males
spray Urine (Bad smell)
Un-spayed female Spray aswell
Un-neutred Males can be aggressive Females in heat become noisy/defensive
Roam AlotVery moody (Extreme Behavior)
Territorial.Very Vocal

Difference Between Male and Female Siamese Cats Behavior?

Behavioral differences between male and female siamese cats are very subtle as behavior is determined by the cats personality irrespective of gender, however most visible behavioral differences can be seen in those pets who are not neutered or Spayed. This means that the cats reproductive organ is still intact, and when the time come for sexual maturity there are several changes, urges and actions that differentiate them.

Male cats that are un-neutered, when the time of sexual maturity they behaviour will change significantly. The Cat will become more aggressive, territorial which will result in spraying. The cat will also try to run away from home to find a female mate to satisfy its sexual desire. To control un-neutered cats behaviour you can use products like the PetSafe Spray Deterrent that you can get convienently from Amazon which works really well.

Female cats that are un-spayed will tend to show eradic behavior when in heat. They will become moody, defensive and will try to escape home to find a suitable mate. Female siamese cats also go through a rollercoaster of emotions at times they will show affection and love which will turn to anger and aggression with excessive vocalizations.

For this reason, it’s required that domestic cats be neutered or Spayed while they are still kittens to prevent these eradic and unpleasant behaviours while also preventing unwanted litters.

How does Spaying or Neutering Affect a Siamese Cats Behaviour ?

Spaying or neutering refers to the removal of the cats reproductive organs. In Siamese cats this procedure brings about certain changes in both males and females, eliminating negative behaviors.

Siamese male cats become more friendlier and social after being neutered. This due to the decrease of testosterone in their bodies. Once this hormone decreases you will see significant changes in the cats behaviour and appearance. Such as:

  • Decreased levels of aggression.
  • Less territorial and will not spray indoors to mark territory.
  • Less active ( some cats ).
  • Decreased muscle mass.
  • Desire to fight, fades away.
  • More friendly and orientated.
  • More affectionate.
  • Cat wont want to roam.

Roaming, the cat wont want to roam anymore to seek for a mating partner.

Female siamese cats after spaying also undergoes a lot of changes in their behaviour, moods, cycles and overall individuality. The decreased levels oestrogen reduces a variety of unwanted behavior such as:

  • The cat wont be irritable as heat cycles causes a fluctuation in hormone levels which can cause irritability, restlessness and anxiety. A spayed cat will not experience these hormonal changes and will display more consistent behavior.
  • Less aggressive due to the decrease oestrogen levels.
  • Wont attract unwanted attention from male cats since the cat wont be in heat.
  • Overall the female Siamese cat will be more passive in their behaviour resulting in a more reserved character.

Are Male or Female Siamese Cats More Affectionate?

Both male and female Siamese cats are Affectionate as they are sociable and loving, however majority of siamese cat owners say that males show more affection and require more attention from their owners.

Males are more hands-on as they tend to enjoy the company of their human parents. Males are also very playful and out going in terms of character. That said, I believe both genders have equal love and affection to give, as this depends on how much of time you spend with the cat and how well they were raised as well as the environments which they were exposed too.

Above all its their personality that shines through since both genders show equal potential of being kind and affectionate. They do well with other cats, dogs and kids as they are known for being more “Dog-Like”. For more information checkout my previous article where I discuss this further.

How Big do Male and Female Siamese Cats get ?

Siamese cats are averagely sized with well-defined slender features. These cats are muscular, athletic and are known for their distinctive coat color and the shape of their head. A full grown siamese cat will weigh around 8-12 pounds with females weighing under 8 pounds.

  • Male Siamese cats weigh between 8-12 pounds and stand between 29-35 cm tall. They are well built muscular and athletic.
  • Female Siamese cats weigh around 6-8 pounds and stand around 27-31cm tall. While some Siamese cats weigh below 8 pounds.

Some Siamese cats are also known for being very small in size. This is caused by many variables such as:

  • The type and breed of the Siamese cats since there are 3 Siamese cat breeds. Namely traditional, classic and modern.
  • Could be caused by Genetics.
  • Some breeders produce small Siamese cats by selecting smaller breeding cats.
  • Lack of proper early nutrition.

Siamese cats Weight through their development. stage
  1. Kitten Siamese cats (0-6 months) will be very small as they nutrition is vital for growth and development. At this stage kittens may weigh around 4-6 ounces.
  2. Junior Siamese cats (1-2 years) these young siamese cats are well developed in height and size and should weigh around 6-8 pounds.
  3. Adult Siamese cats (3-10 years) these cats are well advanced in the stages of its life. The cat should be weighing between 8-12 pounds while some females weigh under 8 pounds.

4. Senior Siamese cats (11-15 years) these cats are at a stage where they maintain their weight and well-being while some may lose weight due to illnesses and diseases. Most cats this age tend to become less active and gain weigh, while some cats lose muscle and lose their overall body weight.

Do Male Siamese Cats Eat More than Females ?

Male cats in general are more bigger, heavier and have more muscle since they tend to be alot more muscular and stronger. Thus said male siamese cats will require more food as they will need more calories to maintain their bodies.

However this usually goes hand in hand with the cats lifestyle. If a cat is active and energetic they will require a higher caloric intake and therefore eat more food. This is regardless of gender and dependent on the lifestyle.

Female cats when lactating or pregnant will also require more food to nurse and nourish the developing kittens.

Related Questions

1. Are male or female siamese cats more loving ? The love that cats give isnt necessary dependent on their gender but on their lifestyle, upbringing and personality. That said male cats are considered more loving according to several pet owners.

2. Do male cats require more food than female cats? Male cats do require more food than female cats while females have a higher fat ratio. This is due to male cats being more active and energetic.

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