Are Ragdoll cats high or low maintenance?

If you thinking about getting a Ragdoll cat and wondering of how to care for them and if they are high or low maintenance than stay tuned as this article was meant to help you understand the needs and requirements to care for these beauts.

Ragdoll cats are not considered high maintenance neither are they low maintenance. They require an average level of regular care that is easy to provide . These cats are very independent but need proper grooming such as brushing, bathing, trimming as well as brushing of their teeth.

Ragdoll cats are perfect for most homes as they don’t demand constant attention and requirements. They are not clingy but they do get attached to their owners after a while. These cats are really easy to maintain but since they are long-haired cats they do shed a lot which can be solved with regular brushing twice a week.

Ragdolls are not known for being cuddly neither will they get attached to you where ever you go so therefore they will not need around the clock care. This however changes, once they bond to you as they will follow you around. These cats are not very affectionate, while some ragdolls are, majority like their own space and freedom without being left alone.

Besides the fact that Ragdolls shed a lot and require regular brushing there are no other demanding requirements that these cats need. Once their coat is taken care of and their teeth brushed they are just the same as any ordinary cat that requires regular care and love.

8 Ways to care for your Ragdoll Cat

1. Grooming

Compared to other cats coat, the ragdoll cats coat doesn’t require alot of treatment as they don’t have an inner layer of hair. Basic brushing which can take you 5-10 minutes twice a week is perfect. This will help with the problem of shedding.

Apart from brushing they tend to not need baths often but this depends on how you care for them and the environment that the live in. If your ragdoll’s coat get dirty often you should bathe her every2-3 months. Be sure to completely blow dry the hair as any dampness can be a breathing ground for bacteria and infections

2. Establish routines

Cats respond extremely well to routines as they are pets of habit. This is why you need to routine train them so that they can adjust and become familiar to their daily lifestyle. Some of the daily routines include:

  • Feeding time – A ragdoll should be fed 2/3 times a day for adults and kittens respectively. The cat must be fed at set times everyday. This repetition done daily will create a routine for the cat to get used to. They will become familiar to the times they receive their food and this will give the cat peace of mind since they know when they will receive their food instead of begging for it. Its also good to feed them at the same place everyday.
  • Brushing and cleaning – these are essential practices that must become routine in the cats life. The sooner you set the structure of routine the sooner they will become used to it. Brushing of the hair is essential and cats do like it as it relaxes them, doing it at a specific day of the week will alert the cat of what is required. Making the process simple for both you and the feline.
  • Litterbox training – litterbox training is very important in order to create boundaries for the cat to defecate. You should position the litterbox in a corner away from distractions and disturbances where the cat can feel comfortable while relieving itself. Once the cat is used to this practice it will be much easier for the cat since they know where to go when they need to poop or pee.

3. Dental hygiene

Ragdolls normally do have a good set of teeth but they require brushing to maintain it. Brushing your ragdolls teeth 2-3 times a week should be fine. It will take you about 5 minutes to do so as its easy to do once the cat get used to it. When brushing make sure you remove any left over food and plaque to prevent bacteria growth.

Failing to brush your ragdoll’s teeth will result in oral and dental issues. Tartar buildup is most common as a result of poor oral hygiene and will therefore require professional cleaning. Another issue is gingivitis which is a form of disease that affects the gum which causes inflammation. These are enough reasons to get a good oral hygiene routine that works for you.

4. Diet

A ragdolls diet is pretty much the same as every other domestic cats as they don’t require a special diet. They need foods that are nutritious which contains high levels of protein, moderate levels of fats and omega 3 and 6 with low levels of carbohydrates.

The type of food you feed your cat determines their health in the long-run as what they eat will affect their well-being. Foods from reputable brands can be fed which should be free from fillers, starch and artificial ingredients. These foreign ingredients when consumed over a long period of time can be harmful to the cat and can reduce the cats lifespan.

5. Equipment

Getting the right equipment is essential for just about any cat nothing in specific for ragdolls. Its important to get the cat a good scratching post as it allows the cat to shed the sheaths of their claws on the post rather than on the furniture. All cats scratch and they will look for things to scratch on like furnitures if they don’t have anything to do so.

When picking a scratch post, choose one that is Multi-leveled with different features so the cat will have hours of play time as well as many options of how to climb and fiddle about. Since you want to create the same environment and feel of the outdoors specifically a tree.

6. Cat-proof your home

Apart of taking care of a ragdoll cat is also cat-proofing your home to provide a safe environment. Cats are inquisitive and mischievous. They will want to roam about and figure things out for themselves and are unaware of certain dangers that may lurk within your home.
Therefore remove all dangers from easy to access areas. The following tips can be used to help cat-proof your home.

  • Always close the toilet seat after use as cats are fascinated by the twirling of water once you flush. Try your best to keep the bathroom door closed to prevent any possible dangers.
  • Never leave a fire place unguarded.
  • Remove certain plants that are poisonous.
  • Never leave a fish tank in areas within the cats reach.
  • Remove all glass vase and ornaments from the surroundings.
  • Make sure the pool is always covered with a net.
  • Clear up all plastic bags and dispose of it immediately.
  • Store all harmful chemicals such as detergents and lubricants in a safe place.

7. Medical checkups

Medical checkups are required once a year so that a full examination can be done. The veternarian will do a full body checkup to check on the general health of the cat. These vet visits are very important to check for underlying issues that may occur in the cat.

Ragdolls are prone to hypertropic cardiomyopathy which is an hereditary condition that affects the heart. This condition if caught early can be treated and will prevent heart failure. They are also prone to periodontitis which affects the gums and can destroy the gum and jaw bone. These are enough reasons to never skip your annual vet checkups for ragdolls or any other cat breeds.

8. Exercise

Ragdolls require exercise in order to keep them in shape. Fun, engaging and interactive toys will do the trick in creating ways for them to be more active. These cats like to play and can be entertained for hours with the right toys. Toys that have movement will attract their attention as they are life-like. This will trigger their natural predatory instincts and will keep them occupied for longer.

Its even better for you to spend time and play with your feline as this can help for bonding while the cat gets their daily exercise in.

Related questions

1. Are Ragdolls better in pairs ? yes, Its always better to have ragdolls in pairs so that they may not be lonely and keep each other company, however you should get both of different genders so that they can complement each well. Both of the same genders will be regarded as competition.

2. Do ragdolls get along with other cats ? yes, ragdolls do get along with other cats well. Cats that are docile with a peaceable nature will do well with ragdolls. As ragdolls are not aggressive and are very social.

3. Do Ragdolls get attached to on person ? yes, the tend to bond with their owners or anyone who they spend a lot of time with. Ragdolls do love human companionship but it takes a while for them to get used to us.

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