Are Savannah Cats Bigger Than Maine Coon Cats? | Size Comparison.

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Savannah cats and Mainecoons are both types of big cats that are domesticated. Both cats are completely different from each other with very distinctive personalities. For big cat lovers, getting a new cat is exciting but having to decide on a breed can be difficult since both breeds boast size and have a lot to offer.

Maine coon cats are the biggest domesticated cat breed with an average weight of between 10-25 pounds. Maines is bigger in size and appearance as they have long plush coat with robust structures. Savannah cats weigh between 10-20 pounds, however, they are taller, slender, and more athletic. With both breeds, there are few exceptions for male cats exceeding 25 pounds.

To understand this better let’s compare these two breeds in the battle of the big cats to find the perfect breed that suits you.



Mainecoons are bigger than savannah cats in size as they are a lot more chunky with a lot more fur. They are characterized by a prominent ruff along their chest, robust and heavy bone structure with a rectangular body shape. Male Maines are a lot bigger than females with a significant size difference.

Savannah cats are tall with a more slender body shape. They are structured in a way that facilitates for their height, judging from their tall legs which gives them the appearance of greater size than their actual weight. These cats weight and size is directly dependent on generation and sex with the F1 and F2 males being the biggest. This is due to the genetic influence of the serval cat which is their direct ancestor.

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Mainecoon cats known as the gentle giants have an overall height of 10-16 inches as their ears are pronounced and erect. They have quite a long body with a length of between 19-32 inches. This length is further increased by their long fluffy coat which adds to their overall size.

Savannah cats are very tall and erect with longer legs which allows for a depth of height. They have an average height of 13-17 inches with some F1 cats being way taller. Their body is usually around 20-22 inches in length.


Mainecoons weigh between 10-25 pounds on average. Males weigh from 13-25 with some exceeding the 25-pound mark. Females weigh from 8-15 pounds. These however are average weights as they are some outliers that may exceed or fall under the average weight.

Mainecoon weight is also dependent on genetics, for example, Maine mixes will normally be much smaller than the regular purebred Mainecoon.

Savannah cats weight is directly dependent on the generation and how close they are to their African Serval ancestor. F1 and F2 males are usually the largest of all with weights averaging from 8-20 pounds.

Normally the F1 and F2 are generations that can exceed this weight limit and reach 25-30 pounds or more. Alternatively, the F3, F4 and F5 generations can really lose their weight as well as their distinctive features as they are regarded as dilutes.

Facial Features.
Wide head with prominent cheekbonesTriangular, long head
Pronounced ears with tuftsLarge wide ears
Medium length neck Long neck
Large eyesDeep almond shaped eyes

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Mainecoons have a thick and dense layer of fur. They have 3 layers of coats, two of which serve as insulation and the third coat is known as the guard coat, for protection. Their coat adds to their size making them appear larger.

Their coats come in a variety of colours such as black, white, cream, blue, red and silver. There are also different patterns namely:

  • Tortoise
  • Mackerel
  • Solid
  • Smoke
  • Tabby
  • Ticked

Along with this great coat comes shedding as well as daily maintenance and grooming to ensure their coat remains tangle free and also to reduce the shed.

Alternatively, Savannah cats have distinctive coat colors that are black, brown spotted tabby, silver spotted tabby, and black smoke. Their coat is short, dense, and super easy to maintain with brushing only needed once a week. They almost resemble miniature cheetahs with their striking pattern and color combination.

Body Structure.

Mainecoons body structure is different from other household cats. They have a bigger skeletal structure with big and dense bones. They have a rectangular body shape and are muscular with a broad chest. They have medium-length legs with big paws which are tufted. Their tail is really long and thick, almost equal to their body length.

Overall, They have proportionate body parts which makes them rigid and well balanced. Their structure is very well developed to facilitate for their huge size. As big as they are, they truly earned their name as ‘gentle giants’.

Savannah cats on the other hand have a very different body structure compared to other domestic cats. They have a long body with long legs and a long neck. Their body parts are not proportionate and in fact they are taller than their width. They are very lean and athletic with mostly muscle mass.

Overall their long athletic features make them appear much bigger than other domestic cats. Ultimately their size is dependent on the generation as F1 and F2 generations are much bigger.

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