Are Siamese Cats Good With Dogs ? With Examples of Dog Breeds.

If you thinking about getting a new dog or Siamese cat and not sure if they will get along with each other then stay tuned as this article was meant to clarify any misconceptions about cats and dogs co-existing in one home.

Siamese cats do really well with dogs, other cats, children and companions in general. They hate the idea of being alone and a dog can be their complementary pair in order to keep them company. Its no secret that Siamese cats are known to be dog-like since they share an active and playful nature that resembles a dog.

Siamese cats and dogs share a lot of things in common as their interests and character is very similar. Siamese cats are vocal and they thrive on fun and adventure. These cats are known for their bountiful energy and charming sense of play which will lure just about any friendly and social dog.

However male siamese cats may be more interactive and playful with dogs rather than females since males are known to be more affectionate. For more information checkout my previous article where I discuss this topic further.

There is no doubt that these cats will get along well with dogs but you have to make sure the type of dog is of the right temperament, personality and character. While the siamese cat ticks all the right boxes you need to make sure that the dog is willing to share their territory with the cat and isn’t going to cause any danger.

The Type and Temperament of the Dog must be:

  • Social and very company orientated.
  • The dog must be of right temperament and not be aggressive.
  • Must be willing to share their territory as many dogs are very territorial and will feel threatened when other pets or people come into their space.
  • The dog must have the right personality similar to the Siamese Cat in order for the union to make sense. As we know “like minds” attract, it works with pets as well.
  • Lastly, the dog must be of good nature and non-violent. You want both pets to not just co-exist but thrive in complimenting each other.

How to Introduce a Siamese Cat to a Dog ?

Now that you have done all the research and have full and complete belief that the dog and the siamese cat will be good together like a match made in heaven, its now time to start the introduction phase.

When introducing A Siamese cat to your home and to your dog you have to be careful as this process must be subtle and well controlled. At first the dog and the cat wont be happy to share their space, it will take a few months for them to blend in perfectly.

Before you introduce the cat to the dog provide each pet with their own equipment. You want to make them have their own belongings to prevent competition and fights. Accessories to get include

  • Water and food bowls for each pet.
  • Toys to suit each pets individuality.
  • Treats
  • Sleep mat or cushion.
  • Carriers for both pets are needed, check out my top choices for the best carriers.

Once you have all the equipment for both pets you can start by providing a safe area like a spare room for the cat at first. This is because you are not sure how the dog will react and to prevent any dangers.

Steps to Introduce the Cat and Dog

1. You need to keep them separate for the first few days or weeks so that both pets can adjust. However at this time allow the dog to meet the cat by smell only since the cats smell will be imprinted on various belongings in the house. This will prepare the dog of what to expect.

2. With the dog properly leashed have both pets meet from afar for a few minutes several times a day. If the dog gets aggressive you can bring correction with a swift jerk on the leash. At first the cat may hiss or run away just know that this reaction is normal.

3. Next step is to allow both pets to approach each other from a closer distance. Be observant and take note on their reaction. With the dog and cat properly leashed allow to meet each other but don’t have them too close. If you feel that the dog is getting tensed and wants to strike carefully distance both pets.

4. If the dog is more relaxed allow a little more freedom on the leash so that the dog can get closer to the cat.

5. Do this several times a day for a few weeks and decrease the distance between them, allow them to get closer to each other. After several attempts they will become familiar with each others scent and will be more relaxed.

6. Once the dog and siamese cat consistently get along during the leashed visits without any incidents or aggression, than you know that its time for the next step.

7. With the leash off get both the cat and dog to meet freely for a few minutes, but make sure you are there and prepared in case of an attack.

8. Both pets will be stubborn at first and it will require you to set out some commands.

9. Don’t leave both pets alone until you are sure that they will be okay.

10. Once both pets are comfortable allow them some freedom to get to know each other and get used to each others scent.

Now that both pets are properly settled in show equal love and affection to both. This is very important as you don’t want either one to feel threatened by the other.

Dog Breeds that go Well with Siamese Cats ?

While Siamese cats get along well with dogs its important to get the right dog that will do well with the cat. It takes both pets to be of equal temperament and personality to make this union work.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the best household pets as they are very friendly, social and tolerant. They are excellent with cats as they are gently and never aggressive if treated well. Retrievers are also known for being protective and they will defend the cat from predators and other dangers.

2. Pug

Pugs are known for their short-muzzled face and curled tail but there are more to these beauts that meet the eye. This dog breed is very sociable and gently as they make great companions. Pugs tend to be intuitive and sensitive to the to their surroundings and wont necessarily behave aggressively unless they fell threatened. They are timid and very quiet in nature and will compliment a Siamese cat pretty well.

3. Beagle

Beagles do very well with cats, dogs and people. This dog breed is very social and loves interaction. They love playing, and are very vocal. This dog breed is also known for their big size as it may cause fear in some cats, but rest assured they are very soft and wont cause harm.

4. Boxer

These dogs are intelligent, alert and very friendly. They are very energetic and will really go well with a Siamese cat since these cats love to play and fiddle around. Middle aged boxers are typically less active and more dignified as they are much calmer and relaxed. These dogs make for loyal pets and will get along with other dogs and cats.

5. Cocker spaniel

Cocker spaniels are known for being gentle, easy going and very friendly. They are affectionate and slow to anger. These dogs are very cheerful and happy yet still energetic as they like interaction. Spaniels make for great companions and will blend in perfectly with Siamese cats.

Why are Siamese Cats considered Dog-Like ?

Siamese cats are not your average domestic cat that sits around whole day docile, showing little to no interests. These cats are more hands on and are very interactive.

Siamese cats are known for being dog-like since they are so much more affectionate to their human counterparts and they seek companionship. These cats are exceedingly interactive and require a lot of time and attention. They feed of company and are known for getting attached to their owners.

These cats like the idea of staying closely connected to their owners and will feel depressed or saddened if they are separated from their owners.

Their interests are not of a typical cat as they like active play that is engaging. For example some Siamese cats are capable of playing fetch as they enjoy it and we know this kind of game is normally played by dogs. These felines also do certain things in a very different way from other cats therefore will require alot more attention.

Related questions

  1. How friendly are Siamese cats ? Siamese cats one of the most friendliest cats breeds. They are very social, loving companions who love attention from their human owners. They thrive of the close relationship that is shared between them and their owners.
  2. Do siamese cats talk a lot ? These cats are very expressive vocally and wont shy away from the spotlight. They love engaging with others physically and vocally as they seek attention.

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