Are Siamese Cats High Maintenance?

Known for their impeccable instincts and intelligence siamese cats are most people’s first choice amongst other cat breeds. These cats are loyal, protective, smart, active and almost dog-like, however when it comes to taking care of them and daily maintenance, its a topic that is sometimes overlooked.

People aren’t really prepared of what to expect, they consider siamese cats to be just like any other domestic breed not knowing these cats can be very attached to their owners and may demand alot of attention.

Siamese cats are not considered high maintenance as they require the same level of care just like any other domestic shorthaired cat, however the thing that seperates them from other breeds is that they are socially more dependent and people focused, as they love attention and entertainment. Therefore they will require more hands on playtime, affection and cuddles throughout the day compared to other cats.

This means that they will not require frequent physical maintenance like brushing, bathing and general care since they are shorthaired and are able to clean themselves pretty well with bathing being required 2 to 3 times a year and brushing once a week. However longhaired siamese cats do require daily brushing and bathing every 2 to 3 months.

What they do need is more mental stimulation like more socialization, entertainment and interaction which could be time consuming and difficult to balance, especially if you have a busy schedule. This is why its important to get an idea of what to expect before you decide on getting a siamese cat.

It’s important to know that siamese cats are not your average household cats that only require food and water to survive. Siamese cats thrive on interaction from their significant other, the one whom they attach to. A basic look into a siamese cats daily life would involve.

  • General care which should include fresh water, healthy foods and lots of toys.
  • Lots of playtime involving interactive toys and the presence of their human counterparts.
  • Interaction from their owners such as cuddles, talking and being affectionate.
  • Human attention mostly from owners.

As you can see that physically they come across as low maintenance pets but socially they are quite demanding. This is because siamese cats crave companionship and the presence of their human parents, therefore they will require more time and demand more involvement with their owners.

At times where you may not be able to provide the socially demanding lifestyle a siamese cat require, they can become vocal and make their voices heard in order to get their message across. They may even go further and make it difficult for you to do work or leave home, however this behavior or reaction may not be the same for all siamese cats as all siamese cats have different personalities and individual traits.

Typically males are more social then female siamese cats and may require more dependency . As they are a few differences in behavior between male and females that drastically influences their character. Ultimately the way these cats respond are mostly based on personality which is shaped and influenced by their surroundings.

To give you a brief idea of what to expect from a siamese cat, the table below outlines the different needs classified under low to high maintenance.

High Maintenance/Daily Needs.Low Maintenance Needs.
1. Mental stimulation/ Entertainment 1. Bathing
2. Companionship 2. Brushing
3. Affection 3. Overall hygiene

That said Siamese cats are quite a fine breed. Above their activness and socially demanding lifestyle these cats are great to have as they keep you on your feet and reward you with their loyalty and years of conversation.

Are All Siamese Cats Socially Demanding and needy ?

While siamese cats are known for being very needy and are attention seekers this generalization is not subject to all siamese cats.

Siamese cats as a breed merely indicate tendencies, not stereotypes. Personality is the deciding factor that makes each siamese cat unique. Not all siamese cats needy, some are very independent and like to be on their own, requiring less social time. While others may be very attached and will demand more of their owners time.

Therefore depending on the personality of the cat, their needs will be different. Many people have the wrong perception of siamese cats and may regard them all as being the same but this is wrong and must be corrected in order to understand the individual character of a siamese cat.

I always advice first time siamese owners to choose a reputable breeder. Someone who knows their cats to give you a description of their character and will allow you to spend time with the cat before you adopt. This initial phase gives you insight and a glimpse of what to expect from the cat before you proceed with the adoption.

From what I’ve learned male siamese cats tend to be more active and needy compared to females, who are reserved and more independent. For a better understanding check out my previous article which I’ve discussed the differences between male and female siamese cats in more detail.

What happens if you Deprive a Siamese cat of Your time & Attention?

Adopting a siamese cat comes with the responsibility to take care of them and to satisfy their psychological and natural urges. If these cats needs are not taken care of then it will result in visible changes to their behavior and mood.

When a siamese cat is deprived of interaction and mental stimulation they will become saddened and less active. It will also affect their behavior as they may resort to scratching and other compulsive actions to fill the void.

At first the siamese cat will become vocal or rather talkative as a way to get your attention. They may not be able to speak actual words but their vocalizations will draw your attention to them. If this fails they will attach to you and make it difficult for you to do anything. They will follow you around the house into each bedroom and will probably fuss if you aren’t attentive.

Over time deprivation of a proper social life like playing, showing affection and companionship will result in the cat becoming more distant and saddened. This can also lead to depression and anxiety which could cause a number of different adverse reactions which will result in behavioral changes. The cat can become more aggressive, may resort to scratching and damaging of furniture.

As a result the cats growth will be stumped and their playful character might be affected due to the void that’s evident in their daily life.

Can You Get a Siamese Cat if you Have a Busy Life?

Getting a siamese cat is tricky as they are the smartest cats with beautiful personalities yet they can be very socially demanding. So for a person who already has a busy life it will be pretty hectic, therefore let’s discuss this option to see what it entails and how it can be done. Afterall it will be cruel to adopt a cat and deprive them emotionally.

So far we’ve discussed some of the reasons that make siamese cats demanding. Now let’s see what it entails and what is expected of their owners.

  • Emotional support- This is the affection that siamese cats crave from their owners as they can attention seekers. This will require cuddles, assurance and attention.
  • Active Playtime- Due to them being super active they love to play and will require more active playtime. Normal toys wont satisfy them as they need active involvement.
  • Company- Siamese Cats are needy and crave company. If not they will become extremely talkative until they get what they want. Therefore you need to be able to handle the active involvement needed.

If by now you are not put off and are sure you can handle the pressure of owning a siamese cat than certainly the siamese cat is the best fit for you. On the other hand if you know you are unable to commit to such a responsibility than the wise thing to do is to probably look up other breeds that are less demanding which will complement your lifestyle.

I do not advice you to adopt a siamese cat unless you 100% sure you have the time and are able to take proper care. A siamese cat that is deprived will probably cause destruction and will frustrate you in many ways.

Ways to Keep a Siamese Cat Occupied.

1. Toys are a great way to keep Siamese cats occupied. Since they are so active they always want to fiddle around and are very curious. Normal toys won’t work, rather opt for interactive toys that will feed their curiosity and keep them occupied. Example of fun interactive toys include:

2. Scavenger Hunts are really great for siamese cats it will feed their instincts and have them looking for prey (treats). All you need to do is hide your cats favourite treats around safe to reach areas at home. Try to not make it too easy as they need to put effort for the thrill of finding the treats. This will have kitty engaged and

3. A window perch is a great thing to have for a siamese cat as long as its safely mounted on a fixed place, preferably by a window or glass door. Cats in general love sight seeing and will be entertained for hours.

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