Are Siamese Cats Protective Of Their Owners?

Over the years siamese cats have adapted to living closely with humans. They have been accustomed to the lifestyle and companionship forming a relatively strong bond. A bond so strong that they are protective and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the safety of their owners.

Siamese cats are very protective of their owners/companions, so much that they are willing to pounce whenever a situation arise This protective nature stems down to their history as well as their great instincts. Allowing them to act on impulse, possibly saving their owners from certain dangers.

The protective nature of siamese cats stems forth way back from the times they were originally bred in Thailand as temple guardians. Theses cats were positioned on columns to protect the king if anyone posed a threat. Over the years this same protective behavior have become much stronger and more prominent, driven by their impeccable instinctive intelligence.

Today’s siamese cats are way more advanced and have stronger protective and possessive qualities than any other domestic cats. Once a siamese cat gets attached to you they become like your personal bodyguard following you around and always watching out for you. They are always on guard and are very vigilant of their surroundings.

Their ability to assess and analyze threat is impeccable as they are always on guard and are observing their owners actions and response to external factors. Anything unfamiliar or out of routine can trigger the siamese cat to act in defense. These cats resort to jumping, clawing and could demonstrate extreme aggression just to protect their owners from possible dangers.

Most of the time there probably wont be any dangerous situations present but these cats may become overly protective and perplexed for a number of reasons such as

  • The presence of an unknown person. Like distant family and friends.
  • Distant loved ones showing affection could be seen as harm.
  • Human interaction and playtime can be associated as dangerous to siamese cats.
  • The cat could get jealous with new editions to the family.

Note these reactions are not subject to all siamese cats, as these cats are highly influenced by their surroundings and what they are exposed to. Normally anything out of routine could trigger their protective/defensive instincts and may cause them to act in an unfavourable way to counteract any possible threat.

Ultimately, if you looking for round the clock bodyguard, a companion and someone who’s got your back, you can count on a siamese cat as they are loyal, caring and highly protective of their owners.

Why are Siamese Cats so Protective?

Siamese cats are known for forming strong bonds with their owners. They normally get attached to one specific person and once they experience that persons love, They become more trusting and more open to the point of where they become companions.

The strongly bonded relationship between a siamese cat and its owner is the reason why they are so protective. It’s due to the emotional attachment they have with their owners. Siamese cats are very loyal and this can be seen by their protective nature as they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the ones they love.

Siamese cats are known for getting attached to one person. Once the cat is attached to you they become very dependant and protective of you as they prioritize your safety instead of theirs. This close-knit relationship serves as the basis of their protective nature due to the fact that they love intimacy, attention and affection.

Therefore they will spend a lot of time with their owners, following them around, watching over them and guarding their surroundings, after all, Siamese cats are known for their intelligence and their guarding/protective ability stemming down from their origin.

So to sum it up, the Siamese cat values relationship and companionship. Their protective character is just an extension of their loyalty to those they love and trust. It’s their instinctual nature for them to be protective even possessive at times to safeguard themselves and those they love from danger.

Can Siamese Cats Protect you From Danger?

By now I’m sure you realize that Siamese cats aren’t your typical domestic cats. They are more advance, with stronger intellectual instincts and are highly protective.

Siamese cats are capable of protecting their owners from certain dangers. These cats can help prevent attacks and can assist in other daily hazards. They may not be as big in size or as strong but those little bodies and paws pack a punch.

Their defensive ways involve excessive scratching, jumping, biting and vocalizations. Therefore whatever the danger maybe they can be of assistance in providing a safer surrounding for you, their owner. however, cats will protect you to a degree, depending on the situation and how they make sense of it.

We must understand that cats are not like humans and don’t have a mind, therefore they cannot think. Their instincts drive them therefore the level of protection they offer depends on the way they analyze and make sense of the situation.

For example, in a dangerous situation where the cat’s instincts are activated, they will try their best to combat the threat and scare it away. I’ve heard of several situations where cats have prevented their owners from snake and dog attacks which could’ve been lethal.

So to sum it, Siamese cats can protect their loved ones from certain dangers depending on the exact situation and the way they make sense of it.

Siamese Cats and Their Protective Instincts.

We know that Siamese cats are highly intelligent, loyal and great at protecting those they love. While these are just some of their key qualities and characteristics that separate them from other household cats, they are actually driven by their remarkable instincts.

Siamese cats have some of the strongest instincts which give them the ability to analyze threat and protect in a changing environment. Once a Siamese cat experiences any unfamiliarity, tension or any changes their instincts get activated as they become defensive.

Its almost as if Siamese cats are programmed to act on impulse in a defensive way when faced with change. At times their protective nature can be uncalled for as they may become very defensive or aggressive when visitors enter your home or with the addition of new pets.

Often their protective nature may come across as being possessive and very clingy as they want you all for themselves. In these situations, you can train your cat by exposing them to different people and surroundings in order to help them adapt.

You can also use behaviour deterrents like the Pet Corrector behavioural spray that helps to stop unwanted behaviour which you can purchase conveniently from Amazon.

Related Questions.

1. Are Siamese cats possessive? Siamese cats are known for their intimacy and attachment to their owners, however, it’s common for them to display possessive behaviour. This is due to the close bonded relationship with their owner who becomes their companion.

2. Are Siamese cats dangerous? Siamese cats are very energetic and mischievous. They are known for being mean and can be dangerous if they feel threatened. However, they are no more dangerous than any other domesticated animal.

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