Cat Carriers for Bike Riding.

The other day I was surfing the net and I came across an article which was based on a man touring with his cat on a bike. I was surprised and I disregarded it until I did a little research.

I was startled and I wondered if people really bike with their cats in a basket?. I’ve gathered that it is actually very common for cats to tour with their owners on bikes, provided they have a secure pet basket that is comfortable and strong. you must know how to ride a bike properly without risking the well being of your cat and yourself.

We as cat owners love to tag our kitties everywhere we go, whether its workouts or even outdoor activities, biking with your cat can be another way of spending time with your furry creature.

Best Baskets for Bikes

Anzome folding bike basket

The Anzome bike basket is a removable basket that is multifunctional and extremely useful. It can carry groceries, pets and other belongings. It’s very easy to use and can be used in a variety of bikes. The basket is lightweight yet extremely durable. It’s stylish and modern and is made with water-resistant and easy to clean material. It comes in a variety of colours to choose, according to your liking. This basket is a must-have addition to your bike, get it now from Amazon

Retrospec Detachable bike basket

This is an impressive and globally recognized brand. This product is simple yet elegant. Its made up of high-quality steel that is rigid and very strong. It’s designed for daily use and can be used on almost every size of the pet. This basket is simple to install and easy to detach, without the need for tools. It’s weatherproof and requires little to no maintenance. It’s super easy to clean since it’s designed in a full mesh that allows for little to no dirt. Get the Retrospec basket now conveniently from Amazon.

Folding bike basket

This is a great product which ticks all the right boxes in terms of features. Don’t let its simple design fool you into believing its basic. This type of basket is extremely well suited to any kind and size of bikes. It’s simply designed is what gives it a modern edge. It’s detachable and can easily fold to store if not needed. It’s great when you are space limited and can be easily stored anywhere. It weighs around 1.8 pounds due to its large storage capacity, however, it can carry a maximum weight of 15 pounds. Get it now from Amazon.

Bell bicycle basket

This is another impressive product that boasts against its competitors. This bell basket is both visually appealing and packed with features. It’s common that most people look for these type of baskets due to its ability to carry more things. It’s fully meshed that is made with aluminium, which makes it lightweight. This basket is resistant to almost all elements however, it won’t hurt to take care of it. Its the most simple basket to attach and remove, however, it can be a bit shaky if not balanced. This basket weighs 1.6 pounds and can hold 15 pounds of weight.

ZUKKA Handlebar Wicker baskets

This is a kind of basket that is completely natural hand made. Its made with dried grass woven in a pattern that forms a basket. These baskets are very strong and offer a cool sensation. It’s breathable and very attractive visually. This kind of baskets mounts on to the bike with traps that are safe and can hold the weight of around 10-15 pounds. It normally comes with a foam bed , for extra comfort. This kind of baskets, however, isn’t weather-resistant and can get damaged if exposed to natural elements.

Remember when buying new baskets, always give time for the cat to get used to it. You want the cat to become familiar to this object, as we know that cats love routine, anything new or strange could distress the cat. Be patient and you will enjoy your rides. Get it conveniently from Amazon.

How to train your cat to ride in a basket?

Cats hate anything new and unfamiliar, therefore you want to take the time to introduce the basket to the cat. Give it a few days, since cats need to realize that there is no threat. Once you see your cat is easing up to it, start little rides within your home, then go on to longer rides. Be sure to also potty train the cat to make travelling easier.

Safety precautions when biking with cats

Although it might be fun and games to tag these beauts along when riding, you must be cautious and extremely vigilante to your surroundings.

  • Make sure your bike is in good shape. Check the breaks and tyres.
  • Firstly you want to make sure that the basket is installed properly.
  • You want to see all the specifications to check if the basket can handle the cat’s weight.
  • Make sure your cat isn’t exposed to, too much sunlight.
  • Be cautious where you riding, ride along pathways instead of on roads.
  • Properly hydrate. Your cat and yourself.
  • Never ride on rainy or snowy days. It could be dangerous.
  • Lastly, use discretion. Stay safe.

Can I backpack with my cat while biking?

Yes, it’s completely safe to backpack with your cat while riding. Be sure sure to first introduce the cat to the backpack. Start off by just putting the cat in the backpack. Let the cat become comfortable in it. Once you see that the cat is okay and is able to ride along. You may start on your journey.

On the other hand, make sure the backpack is providing proper comfort for the cat. You want to buy a backpack that has enough room, strong, resistant and well secure.

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