Best Cat Carriers and Backpacks for Cats who Hate Carriers.

Finding a good pet carrier can be very simple and straight forward, try looking for a good cat carrier that suits your cat’s needs and see how much of a hassle it becomes. The market almost classifies cat carriers as pet carriers, however, cats have their own requirements and specifications that need to be considered

There are a number of cat carriers ranging from different styles, colours and different features. The best carriers include airline approved, backpack, handheld, trolley and expander carriers. These cat carriers cater to different needs of the feline family. Each carrier is purposed for specific cats and cat owners, to suit their lifestyle. 

In order to shop the right carrier, you must use this guide as well as the examples that follow.

  • Size of carrier
  • Ventilation of fabric
  • Adjustable straps
  • Good quality(approved product)
  • Easy to enter and exit
  • Comfortable
  • Washable
  • Must look good

Expandable Carriers       

These kind of carriers are extremely helpful if you have limited space. These types of carriers can be used as a handheld, sling bag and can expand into a bed or play area. It has enough room for the cat as well as other objects such as the cats blanket or toy.

The carrier is mesh designed, comfortable and breathable. Dirt-resistant and very durable. Can be expanded in many ways and also be folded and compact for easy to carry outdoor adventures. Its design makes it possible to facilitate the cat’s needs and to allow for movement within.

When purchasing expandable carriers always read specifications with regards to size and features. Most expandable carriers expand 10 inches on either side, with a height of 11 inches. Pet owners normally look for the size of the carrier but rarely focus on height restriction. Some cats can be small in size yet tall, while other cats can be bigger yet short.

Backpack Carriers

These sleek space capsule backpack design cat carriers seem to be winning the hearts of cats and their owners. Its no secret that they easy on the eye and very smartly designed, but does it live up to its appearance?. 

These space capsule backpack carriers are fully loaded with features that will really take care of and protect your feline pets. Its made with canvas that is highly dense and contains acrylic material which makes it water-resistant. The exterior isn’t breathable so that rain or water cannot seep through.

It has holes on either side and in front of the pack, to allow for ventilation. Its provides protection with a built-in lock that safely withholds the cat within the carrier. It’s transparent to a point which helps to ease anxiety and stress since the cat is able to see through. Most of these carriers come fully padded on the inside to provide extra support and comfortability, therefore no extra blankets or coverings are needed.

Normally the backpack carriers can support cats and dogs up to 14 pounds. However different size of carriers has different levels of weight support. Most importantly these carriers are intended for small to medium size pets only, so if your pet is on the other side of the spectrum and much larger an alternative would be the expandable carrier. They also come in a variety of colours to suit different individuals and their liking.

Trolley type Carriers

This is personally one of my favourite carriers for any pets. Whether you travelling by car, plane or any long-distance or adventure travels. This is your go-to carrier. It was created to remove the hassle from travelling with your pets. Its made with high-quality fabric, that is durable and provides enough comfort on the inside which your cat needs for frequent travels.

The exterior is made of ballistic nylon for extra strength and tear-resistant mesh makes this carrier a long-lasting choice. The unique design allows for expansion or compression. When expanded the carrier measures 22 inches long and 10.5 inches wide. When its compressed it’s 16 inches long and 8 inches wide. These are great for airline travels, as they can fit about anywhere.

This carrier accommodates cats up to 18 pounds, small, medium and large cats can fit in these type of carriers. It contains many zipper compartments for storage. Straps on both sides of the carrier make sure your cat is safe and secure. Its trolley design makes it easy to transport pets with little effort as it rolls. It’s a no brainer why this is my favourite, earning 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The only downside to this carrier is that its expensive

handheld carrier

This carrier is pretty awesome to say, as it provides an unbeatable pet carrying experience for the cat and its owner. If you more of a hands-on person and love to enjoy every moment with your pet in the interaction then this is the one for you. Its made with soft breathable fabric along with mesh on either side for ventilation. It’s padded inside with a cushion that provides a comfortable experience for the cat.

It’s transparent on one side so that the cat isn’t cut off from the surroundings and scenery. Its handheld design makes it easy to carry with fabric handles for easy carrying comfort. This is the perfect carrier for summer since its material is breathable yet strong. Easy to enter and exit while also providing safety all in at once. This is the type of carrier you would use to go shopping or for everyday use.

Comes in a variety of colours to chose from, its design and size almost confuse it to be a handbag, either way, this option are really good for shoppers and people who are on the move.

Airline approved carriers

When travelling by plane it can be very difficult to carry along certain carriers. Airlines have their own requirements and specification that must be adhered to when travelling with cats. Luckily these cage type carriers are the most commonly used carriers when travelling by plane. They meet the requirements and regulations of airlines.

This kind of carriers look like a cage but are more comfortable and safe to use. Its completely plastic, interior and exterior with a cushion bed and metal mesh. It has a handle for easy carriage. This carrier comes fully ventilated with enough space for just about any size cat. Note that there are different sizes, chose accordingly. Carrier is rigid and very strong which serves as protection. It’s water-resistant and easy to clean. This kind of carrier can be used as a normal bed or a carriage.

Its unique design allows for easy entry and exit without any hassle. Since its almost closed, it provides a certain level of privacy that cats really like. Feline animals love their own space even though they very social at times. This carrier is one of the must-haves if you are a person that’s always travelling.

Those are 5 of the best cat carriers you can use when travelling. It specifically made for cats, making sure it’s designed for cats and not just for pets. Cats have very distinctive anatomy and physiology, that said carriers must provide the level of comfort and support that caters for these needs.

Best window cat carriers

These days cat owners are mostly looking for a good experience for their cat when travelling. The window feature seem to be taking the industry by storm. The best window carrier is the capsule styled carrier which we’ve covered above.

This carrier comes in two styles, one with a little transparent window while the other style is a whole transparent glass-like structure.

Both these styles are fantastic and they allow the cat to be captivated by the scenery. It also gives the owner peace of mind knowing that you have full sight of the cat while travelling.

Can I put more then one cat in a carrier ?

Carriers are like a mini home for your cat that is meant to keep them safe and comfortable. It’s possible to fit more than one cat in a carrier provided that it’s big enough.

you also want to make sure that the two cats are compatible. Cats are very territorial, they love their own place and privacy. If both your kitties are friendly towards each other, you good to go.

Before you actually go ahead and put two cats in one carrier make sure you read the specifications. Most carriers can only hold weight of around 20 pounds.

However other carriers may allow more weight and may have more space. These carriers are often much more expensive since it caters for two cats.

Should I cover cat carrier when travelling ?

I often cover my pets carrier if I feel that they are anxious and stressed. Often when I’m travelling or shopping around in busy places with alot of interaction my kitty gets very anxious and become very troublesome.

By covering the cat carrier you allow the cat to calm down since they feel more safe and secure hidden under. Their instincts relax, since their mind is at ease.

It’s important that you use a breathable cloth so that the cat can breath properly. Another advantage of a breathable cloth is so that heat can escape cooling the cat down.

When covering the cat carrier there are a few safety precautions, such as :

  • Check up on the cat frequently.
  • Make sure the cloth is breathable which allows air to pass through.
  • If your cat hyperventilates remove the cloth.
  • On very hot days try to not cover the carrier.
  • Speak to your vet for more information.

Related Questions

Must I always cover my pets carrier ? It depends on the nature of your cat. If your cat is docile and fragile, you would want to cover the carrier with a breathable cloth. This calms the cat down and relieves anxiety.

How long can a cat stay in a carrier? A healthy cat will be fine for about 5 hours. If you travelling longer distances, you would want to relieve them at different intervals for bathroom breaks and snacks.

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