Can Cats and Dogs Share The Same Water Bowl ?

Cats and dogs that live in the same home can become really close as they share a very special bond, almost like companions. They play together, share the same toys and could even cuddle together, but can they share the same water bowls.

Cats and dogs that live together and are used to each other can share the same water bowls. Ultimately is depends on them and if they dont mind sharing the same water bowl than it shouldn’t be a problem, however you should give them the option to have their own water bowl so that they can choose.

Most cats and dogs wont really mind Sharing water bowls since they are already accustomed to living together and they are familiar to each others scent. They live in harmony and there isnt any threat in them sharing bowls. However depending on the pets nature and personality some cats and dogs may reject sharing of their resources and it will show in their behavior.

These character of cats and dogs may be compatible but could be fussy in regards to sharing their belongings. They may see each other as competition and rivals. Dogs especially, can be quite dominant and wouldn’t like sharing and if the cat uses the same water bowl the dog will see this as competition. This can cause alot of problems such as petty fights and aggravated aggression to remove the competition.

Cats on the other hand can become defensive and vocal if they disapprove of their belongings being shared. Cats are known for scratching and spraying to mark there territory or even their belongings. If the cat is displaying such behavior it’s best to give each pet their own water bowl to prevent conflict.

If you do decide to let both pets share the same water bowl, consider the following before you do so.

  • Never force them but give them the option to choose to share.
  • Only let known pets share the same water.
  • If one pet has an illness that is contagious, do not let both share the same water, as bacteria can spread really fast.
  • Use a big enough bowl to provide sufficient water for both pets, preferably a stainless steel one. The UPSKY pet water bowl is a great choice as its big enough, with anti-spill function and its ideal for two pets.
  • Always keep reserve water in another bowl. This is because dogs drink alot more water than cats and to make sure your cat is getting enough water a reserve bowl of water would be great.
  • Two pets using one bowl will result in the bowl getting dirtier more often. Regular cleaning is required.
  • On hot days both pets will be competing to drink water at the same time. Possiblity of fights breaking out.
  • Dogs are often messy drinkers / slobbers, while cats are very fussy. This could be a problem and the cat will refrain from drinking water so be observant.

Is it Safe for Cats and Dogs to Share the Same Water Bowl?

Cats and dogs Sharing the same water bowl is fairly safe since diseases are species specific. This means that the diseases that affect dogs cannot affect cats and vice versa. However there are some illnesses and diseases that can be spread from cats to dogs.

1. Rabies.

Rabies can be spread if the cat or dog is bitten by a rabid infected animal and also if either pet comes into contact with the saliva of an rabid animal. For pets that are allowed outdoors it’s good to track their whereabouts or even limit their exposure to the outdoors. Luckily there is a vaccine to prevent your pets from this deadly disease.

2. Intestinal Parasites.

These are worms found in faeces but the larvae can be found in the infected pets mouth since they use their mouth to groom themselves. This larvae can be easily spread to the water bowl and could be ingested and spread to the other pet.

3. Common Cold.

Cats and dogs can be affected by the cold, better known as kennel cough or medically known bordetella bronchisceptica. This is a bad sickness that presents itself with fever, coughing, sneezing and lack of appetite. However there are vaccines available as a preventative measure.

How Often Should you Clean the Cats Water Bowl ?

According to a recent survey conducted by petco 20% of pet owners clean their pets bowls once a month. This is frightening to know since pet bowls were the 4th bacteria infested place in an household, according to recent tests done by the NSF International.

Pet bowls should be washed Daily since food and water bowls can be a breathing ground for bacteria. Because cats and dogs eat and drink directly from their bowls, microbes that normally live in your pets mouth can also be transferred to the bowl. Leftover food combined with leftover saliva create an environment for bacteria to flourish.

Bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus can make both pets really sick. A daily simple cleansing process using detergent and hot water can greatly help to keep the germs away. It’s also better to get a stainless steel water bowl since its non porous and dont have cracks to allow room for bacteria to breath.

How Much Water Should You put For Cats and Dogs Sharing A Water Bowl ?

Since both pets will be sharing water you have to make sure you are providing enough water to satisfy both cat and dog. Dogs generally do drink alot more water than cats and if you leave less water in their bowl the cat may not get a chance to properly hydrate.

Dogs generally drink about 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. While cats require 3,5 – 4,5 ounces of water per 5 pound of body weight per day. Depending on both pets size and lifestyle you would want to provide enough water per day. Below are the average water consumption for cats and dogs.

NOTE: This is just a Guide, water requirements for both pets may fluctuate according to pet size, lifestyle and climate.

PetWeight AverageWater per day
Cat10 pounds7-9 Ounces
Dog25 pounds15-25 Ounces

This means that an average 10 pound cat will require between 7-9 ounces of water per day and and an average 25 pound dog will require 15-25 ounces per day as well. Therefore you would need to provide about 25-30 Ounces of fresh water per day in a big enough bowl, preferably stainless steel.

Do Cats & Dogs Drink the Same Way ?

It’s very Important to get an idea of how cats and dogs drink. Both species are very different and have different styles of drinking which could be rejected by the other the pet.

Dogs use their tongues like a scoop to lift and pull water into their mouths. This process is pretty simple but can be messy. For this reason dogs are known for being slobbers. Dogs can drink from any bowl located anywhere and wont have a problem with it.

Cats, on the other hand, rapidly flick the tip of their tongues on the water, drawing up a portion of liquid to their mouths. This process is more elaborate and more difficult but it results in cats drinking in a more controlled way. Cats are very picky and fussy when it comes to their water. Some cats wont drink water if it’s near their food bowl, while some prefer specific bowls or dispensers since cats prefer running water instead.

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1. Is it Safe to Share water With a Cat ? Experts say it is safe for a human being to share water with a cat without causing any significant health issues.

2. Why do Cats put food in their water bowl ? Cats dont like their water and food bowls to be in the same area, and it could be that they are trying to remove their food to a different area. In the process the food gets thrown into the water bowl.

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