Can Savannah Cats Live In Apartments? How Much Space Do They Need?

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Savannah cats are not your ordinary domestic cats. These cats are very big, intelligent, and super active. They require a living area with enough space for them to interact and be inquisitive. They thrive on mental stimulation and will need an environment that is challenging.

It’s possible for a savannah cat to live in an apartment since you can utilize vertical space to make up for horizontal space. In this way, you are able to provide enough room for them to enjoy themselves without feeling restricted. You will also need to equip the space with enough entertainment and exciting features to keep them occupied.

In the US the average one-bedroom apartment space is about 900square feet. This space can be utilized in a manner that can be beneficial for a savannah cat. An added outdoor space like a garden is even better as it provides some freedom for them to explore. However, not all apartments will be appealing for savannah cats. Anything below 800 square feet will most likely not work.

This is because Savannah cats are very energetic and they like room to explore, jump around, and feel free. They are partly Serval so they are equipped and conditioned to cover large areas and basically feel free while doing so. Their radius of motion is far greater than any other domestic cat, therefore space is a necessity.

It’s also important to note that the generation of the savannah cat plays a big role in the amount of space they need. Normally F1 and F2 generations are huge and super tall weighing in at around 20-30 pounds. These firstborn savannah cats will most definitely need a lot of space and an apartment below 900 square feet may not be the best choice.

The F3-F5 generation will be more fitting for an apartment since they are a lot smaller, so they won’t feel restricted in a medium-sized apartment. Provided that they have sufficient vertical space and exciting toys.

How Much Space Does A Savannah Cat Need ?

According to the ASPCA, cats need at least 18 square feet of space, however, this is only valid for normal domestic cats. Savannah cats are not your typical cats and they need more space than usual to allow for their ranging motion.

Savannah cats are very big and tall and they do require a home that’s fitting, which will allow for their range of motion. We know that these cats range from small, medium to large. Therefore depending on their size, you can make adequate estimations on the amount of space they will require.

Here are some estimations involving the generation and apartment size.

F122 Lbs & 17 Inches TallAT LEAST 1000 SQF
F215 Lbs & 14,5 Inches TallAT LEAST 800 SQF
F313 Lbs & 13,5 Inches TallAT LEAST 700 SQF
F4 & F510 Lbs & 11 Inches TallATLEAST 500 SQF

Remember a savannah cat’s home should consist of vertical space as well as horizontal space. They also need stimulation, enrichment, and lots of play. Space is not the deciding factor, even though it’s important you need to customize your apartment to allow the cat to thrive.

Apartment Modifications For Savannah Cats.

Preparing an apartment for your savannah cat is very important as you need to make them feel welcomed and also entertained as well. Before you go ahead with any modifications you need to check on your lease and make sure cats are allowed. Once you have confirmed you can go ahead with the process.

Basically, you want to want to provide enough space vertically and horizontally to give them room to explore and be inquisitive. After all savannah cats need an enriched environment to thrive in.

Cat Proof Your Apartment.

Savannah cats are not normal cats, they are intelligent and very mischieveous. This means they will interfere with anything and everything around them. You will need to remove any hazardous sprays and lubricants, poisonous plants, plastic bags, sharp objects and any small chocking hazards.

You also need to hide or tape electrical cords or remove unused appliances. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times since savannah cats are fascinated by water. If the litterbox is near the bathroom, be extra vigilant as savannah cats quickly learn to open doors.

Be sure to cover any furniture especially leather couches which can be damaged if the cat jumps on them. Keep the washing machine and dryer closed at all times since they like to go inside it.

Give them a space of their own.

Ideally, a room of their own will be perfect but in this case, a corner in a quiet place will be fine as it provides some privacy. Once you find a nice spot, arrange the cat’s belongings such as the bed, food and water bowls, and toys.

You want to find a place for the litterbox near the bathroom or in a storage closet. Since apartments are smaller, and ventilation is limited you want to place the litterbox away from the living area and kitchen.

Create Some Hiding Places.

Cats love to hide, especially new cats as it makes them feel safer. You want to create some safe hiding places throughout your home. Here are few examples

  • A simple cardboard box is enough to help them keep safe.
  • Cat tunnels are great for hiding and its a safe play area as well.
  • Cat caves are also a good option and it serves as a good bed as well.

Create vertical spaces

Cats love height and for this reason its great to utilize the walls to create some vertical cat friendly spaces. Here are few ways to you can create these high areas in your apartment.

1. Wall Mounted Shelves are a great way to had some height and provide some extra space in an apartment. Apartments usually have high walls with enough room to create these cat-friendly spaces. You can create a step-like structure on the wall that your cat will love. Just make sure it’s properly secured and can take the cat’s weight. Keep in mind savannah cats are a lot heavier. Check out this 3in1 Cat Activity wall, on Amazon.

2. Cat trees are also a way to provide a playground for the cat without requiring much space. Long vertical cat trees are great since they come with different levels and play areas. They also come with a sitting area. The RABBITGOO CAT TREE is an amazing multi-leveled condo that comes with a hammock, scratchpad, and cool toys. Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

3. Floating Islands are also a way to add extra vertical depth and interest. These islands are normally custom-made and mounted on the wall at different levels. It has enough area to include toys, treats, and other satisfying objects.

Nice view with a Hammock.

Cats love sightseeing, and a hammock can add that extra comfort while enjoying the view. It’s good to mount the hammock securely by a closed window so that the cat can enjoy the view without the fear of falling down. Make sure you get a hammock that can handle the cat’s weight. The ZALALOVA CAT WINDOW PERCH is a great choice as it’s strong, stable, and can handle up to 60 pounds.

Interactive Toys.

Ordinary toys will never be enough for savannah cats, they are way too smart. They need interactive motion sensored toys that will stimulate their predatory instincts. Toys that will stimulate and challenge them. Here are some recommended toys

1. Electic Rotating Cat Teaser, check it out on Amazon.

2. Automatic Laser Light Point, Check the latest prices on Amazon.

3. Petfusion Interactive Feather, Check it out on Amazon.

Apart from toys, they also need personal playtime with their human counterparts. They can be taught to play catch and other simple activities to keep them interested.

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