Can You Send A Cat In The Mail?

There are many ways to transport cats and other pets. Things have changed and technology have increased so much that its quite easy to get things across, but

Can you really mail a cat?

No, it’s illegal to mail A cat or any creature, animal or anything that has life. Cats are living beings, they have needs that must be met daily they cannot be confined in little boxes with no space and with little air to breath. This is animal cruelty.

Mail services don’t provide the level of comfort and needs for the cat. The mail system wasn’t made for animals. Any living being could die while being mailed, and the service provider will not be liable for any damages.

Whether you are a cat owner or breeder, mailing cats must not even be an option. Its totally wrong and inhumane. Cats are not cargo that can be discarded and then delivered to the required location.

There are many ways to transport and relocate pets. Such as shipping, flying or even pet transporters. These ways are pet-friendly and offer safety and protection.

If money is the problem then your best option is to either ship the cat or drive the cat to the required location.

When you choosing a pet transporting service, you want to check for their company reviews to get an understanding of the level of service they provide.

You also want to make sure that the company is approved and is actually in existence. There are many fraudsters out there who ship pets to other countries as a food source.

Why is mailing cats illegal ?

Mailing was designed to get things and objects across. This is a fast simple and inexpensive way to get things across. Normally its for letters and gifts and other essentials. Its not for lively beings.

Mailing doesn’t cater for cats, they cannot be put into boxes and transported to a location. The cat will suffocate and may die because this process is dirty and fast.

They just gather all the cargo, load it and then ship it. Without any maintenance or care. All living beings have needs and this process doesn’t provide any.

This is animal cruelty and if found guilty you could pay a fine or serve jail time.

Why do people think of mailing their cats?

Mailing is a very easy and cheap way to get things across. the process was aimed for cargo and documents even letters.

however human beings have that tendency to over-complicate everything and anything for their benefit. I admit sometimes I can get a bit sloppy just to save a buck or some time.

It’s that few minutes that we don’t even stop to realize what we doing. Almost like a sub-conscious thought.

likewise, I feel that people think of mailing their pets as an option since its the cheapest way to deliver. They tend to not realize the consequences of their actions.

The other valid reason could be that, mailing is simple and efficient. it requires very little time and no stress whatsoever.

But this doesn’t make it right, as we have concluded that this action is criminal.

Best ways to transport cats or pets

There are several modes of transportation, However the most common way pet breeders use to transport pets is via shipping.

This mode of transport is very reliable and is affordable,but its a slow process especially when shipping internationally. For local distances you can look into pet transportation services.

These services offer local deliveries and sometimes out of states.

You could also transport the pets by car depending if you are a breeder or you just want to relocate with the cat. Driving is more tiring and gas could be a little expensive if you travelling long distances.

If any of these options still don’t sit well with you, you could hire a pet transporter. These services excel at transporting pets locally and internationally.

The fees may vary, but its reliable and very cost efficient. Normally pet transporter companies provide full care and essentials for the pet until arrival.

You can also include services to customize your pets care.

The following criteria can be used when looking for a transporter

  • Safety – you want a transporting system that is safe and secure. You need to get assurance that the pet will be provided for and taken care of until the pet reaches the required destination.
  • Trustworthy – you must understand that in some areas pets like dogs and cats are harvested as a food source. You must be sure that the transporting service has an online profile and is reputable. Try and get as much information as possible.
  • Affordable – the transporting provider must be affordable and realistic. It must fit within budget. The cost is normally dependant on the distance and level of provision required. You can negotiate if accepted.
  • Pet-friendly – must be pet-friendly more importantly cat-friendly. Their system of transporting and the entire process must be smooth and stress-free for the cat. For example the cat can be among other pets like snakes which may scare the cat. Its better to go for a cat friendly transporter.
  • Flexibility – they must be understanding and considerate. They will need to adapt to your demands as long as it’s sensible. I know many services that offer transporting allow you to customize your pets travel but for an extra fee.

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