Why Does My Cat Run To The Scratch Post When I Get Home?

Cats have a distinctive way of expressing themselves, at times it may not be humanly understandable but for them their actions are directly related to how they feel and what they are faced with at a specific time. So when your cat run to its scratch post when they see their owner its probably them reacting to how they feel at that time.

Your cat may run to its scratch post as a way to display their excitement or to get your attention when you get home. It’s their way to show your how happy they are to see you, it’s an action of gratitude and love dispersed with energy, after a long lonely day.

Most cats are at home most of the day, separated from their owners. They may become bored, lazy and will probably miss human interaction. While other cats may be confused by the long duration of seperation since they dont understand that their owners have to go to work.

This lonely period of the day can lead to them feeling down and inactive, afterall cats love companionship and interaction and when they lack it, it can result in them becoming sad and rather distant. So when you, as their owner returns home they automatically become awakened by your presence and in excitement they vent, by scratching.

Scratching is a natural instinctive action that cats are compelled to do. One of its benefits is that it promotes mental health and helps with depression and seperation anxiety. Seperation anxiety could also be a possible reason as to why your cat runs to its scratch post when you return home.

So the next time your cat run to its scratch post when you get home just remember they are excited and happy to see you again. So treat them with affection and give them assurance.

Are scratch posts good for cats?

A scratch post is good for cats as its a way for them to satisfy their natural urge of scratching in an effective and controlled way. The use of a scratch post can be a life saver for both you and your cat. It will save your furniture, carpets and belongings from getting damaged, on the other hand it will satisfy your cats craving and urge to scratch, yet also preventing any injury to your cats claws.

The scratching posts are made of rough material, typically fabric or sisal that acts as resistance against the sharp chiseled claws of your furry companions. These type of materials mimic the outdoor terrain which reminds cats of tree barks and the texture associated. For indoor cats it is good to provide such toys and objects to ignite their curiosity and freedom that the outdoors provide.

The Benefits of a Cat Scratching Post ?

While a scratching post may seem like just a simple wooden object covered in rough textured material, I bet it can prevent some of the hassles that cat owners experience on a daily basis.

The benefits of a scratch post includes,

  • Great for indoor cats to ensure they remain active. Indoor cats are prone to getting lazy and sluggish since they don’t have to hunt for their food neither do they have to defend themselves from other predators. This just denatures the character of your feline and inhabits their growth mentally and physically. The use of a scratch post can greatly help to put that spark back into your felines routine, making them adventurous and curious while being indoors.
  • It promotes claw health. Scratching helps felines by removing the outer dead layer of the claws. Its serves the same function of human clipping their nails. This action removes the dead layer of claws while allowing claw growth. The scratch post as well as scratch pads also help to file, smooth and trim cats claws at the same time, therefore there is no need to trim your cats claws.
  • It curbs their natural urge. Like with humans we have many involuntary actions that we act on without even knowing. Likewise with cats scratching is one of the ways they vent, relieve stress and show emotion. This little wooden covered structure is more significant than what meets the eye.
  • Good for feline mental health. Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are a thing in felines. In many cases indoor pets, cats in specific end up falling into depression and will end up gradually moving away from interaction. This could be caused by changes to the cats lifestyle, environment or after birth. The scratch post works like therapy to help distract the cat and provides an escape. Its also a way to release steam and aggression, after all cats are apart of the wildlife.
  • Saves your furniture. Ask any cat parent and they will tell you the harsh scars that their furniture and carpets suffer due to scratching. Scratching are apart of cats irrespective of them being indoors or outdoors. Scratching is in their instincts, its an involuntary act that they do, therefore its pointless to get your feline to stop scratching rather look for a solution. A scratch post is the solution that every home need if you have feline pets.
  • Stretch. Scratching is also a way for cats to stretch and exercise their muscles. This action helps cats to maintain and tone their muscles preventing muscle decay. Since cats live indoors, their activity level is very low because they don’t need to do any escaping or preying therefore their muscles become dormant and may deteriorate if not used. Scratching is an awesome way for cats to perform such stretching and a scratch post provides just that.

What kind of scratch post do cats prefer ?

Cats are very different to each other and certainly have different preferences when it comes to the type of scratch post they like. Some cats may prefer the vertical scratch post while some may prefer the horizontal.

When it comes to the vertical scratch post, a normal middle aged healthy cat may prefer this kind of post since they are more energetic and may crave the outdoor adventure. Its important that the post is tall enough to allow the cat to scratch at full stretch as this mimics the climbing of a tree. This enables them to really stretch out their muscles, from their back, shoulders and legs easing any tension from ligaments and tendons.

The horizontal scratch post is commonly preferred by cats that are less energetic, elderly, disable, pregnant or with medical deficits. These kind of cats may find the vertical post a bit of a challenge therefore the horizontal post works best.

A scratch post should also be strong and firmly mounted in a specific area. A post should not wobble if so it will not interest your feline since, trees are really strong and deeply rooted and this is what you should try to recreate.

Another important point to take note is the location of the scratch post. If you find that your cat isn’t using his/her scratcher try to relocate the post to where the cat spends most of its time. A good place is to locate the scratch post in front of window, glass door, or any safe area that allows for a good view.

How many scratch post should a cat have ?

So far we’ve established the importance and benefits of having a scratch post, but how many scratch posts is enough for a cat? A cat needs at least one scratch post, but I recommend having two. Two scratch post should be of different textures and situated in different areas where your feline usually play.

Having two scratching post gives your feline choice, making them feel in control. It gives them a glimpse of the outdoor scenery and the scratch post representing trees. Two scratch post is also convenient, in case you parenting a lazy cat.

Having multiple scratch post also decrease the chance of your cat using your furniture as a scratch post. Some cats may have the urge to scratch while away from the scratch post and may resort to other objects thats closer to them. This isn’t common in all cats but a few cats that regularly scratch and have an history of scratching on furniture.

How do I get my Cat to Use a New Scratch Post ?

Its always very difficult to introduce something new to your felines routine and environment. Cats love their normal routine and anything different or strange will strike fear in them. When introducing a scratch post to your cat, make sure its a new post since a secondhand post will have another felines scent and this will trigger a different response in your feline.

The Following are tips that you can use to help your cat adjust to its new scratch post.

  • Position the scratch post in an area your cat is fond of. Example an area where they play.
  • Allow your cat the first day or two to investigate and roam around the scratch post making sure that it doesn’t have any dangers or predators lurking, since that is how felines natural instincts work.
  • Spend time with your cat and encourage play. When you play with your feline include the scratch post. Allow them to feel comfortable around the post.
  • Make the scratch post attractive by incorporating your kitties favourite toy.
  • Use a pheromone spray on the post which will help to attract the cat. Once the pheromone spray is inhaled and sensed by your feline it will help them to feel more at ease and safe. Pheromones are a feel good hormone and your cat will appreciate it.
  • Reward your feline whenever they use the scratch post.
  • When playing with your feline you can physically rub their paws against the post. This will leave your cats scent on the post, the more the cat imprints on the scratch post the better your cat will feel.
  • Sprinkle catnip or other natural herbs on the scratch post to attract the cat. This will promote and encourage play.

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