Do Abyssinian Cats get along with other cats?

Abyssinian cats are among the most common cat breeds. They are known for being very social and friendly as they like to interact and engage with others, but will they get along with other cats ?

Abyssinian cats are affectionate and do well with both people and other animals. Abyssinian cats will get along with other cats perfectly as they love to interact and play. These breed of cats are very casual and fond of getting attached to people as well as other pets. They bond really well, so if you want to introduce an Abyssinian cat to your home, rest assured that it will go well.

One of the main reasons why Abyssinian cats do well with other cat breeds is due to their polite and gentle nature. They are very caring, friendly and super playful. They love to play and fiddle around with toys, cat parents or with their feline family. They are not threatened nor agitated by other cats rather they will seek to play and engage.

Abyssinian’s love fun and enjoy company, so the more the merrier. In general cats are very territorial and they love all the attention that their human family gives to them so sharing the home and the attention with another cat can be a problem, but not so with the Abyssinian cat. These cats certainly love being around other cats, pets or human counterparts. As any interaction is seen as an opportunity to play and seek adventure.

While Abyssinian cats are great with other cats, the way they react in certain instances is dependent on what they feel and the way they are treated. This means that if you trying to introduce the Abyssinian cat to another cat breed that is aggressive and unfriendly this will result in the Abyssinian becoming defensive and it could end in a kitty fight.

Therefore you need to make sure your current feline is social and friendly to allow them to share their home with another cat. While the Abyssinian cat may be fine with the feline partnership the other cat in your home may feel threatened and this could result in quarrels and unnessecary rage between the cats. This is why you must make sure both cats are friendly and should complement each other. In order for this partnership to work, they must be compatible.

When introducing the Abyssinian cat to your home, you should do so in a way that is gentle and not rushed. You need to make sure this transition is smooth for both felines preventing any uncomfortable situations. This transition should be done over a period of time to allow both cats to adjust to each other while engaging them.

You want both cats to co-exist in a friendly way so that their relationship is benefiting to each other. Not all cats will do well at this point but repetition and routine will ensure that a mutual understanding between the cats are formed. Allow them the space to be curious and let them sniff around as well as each other. This will make them get used to each others scent and it will become familiar.

Its always tricky to introduce a new cat to your home while having other cats, as you aren’t sure how they will react. However Abyssinian cats are very compatible and easy going they will thrive being around other cats with time. They way they react is based on whats projected upon them.

How long does it take Abyssinian cats to get used to other cats?

Abyssinian cats are fast learners and are able to adapt to change really fast. However it does take some time for friendships to develop and a bond to form.

It will take about 6-12 months for an Abyssinian cat to settle in completely and get used to other cats. This is a process that cant be rushed but rather developed over a period of time. Provided that both cats are compatible and co-existing in a way that is benefiting to each other, the bonding experience will a joy to watch.

The time taken for an Abyssinian cat to get used to other felines may change for a number of reasons.

  • In a situation where both cats are compatible and civil towards each other, the time taken to get used to each other can drastically decrease.
  • Cats that share the same nature get along well in a shorter amount of time. As they have mutual ground making it easier for them to respond and react to one another.
  • Cats that share the same interests will also get along really fast. Their common interest will serve as the glue that will join them together.
  • If there is competition for food and resources, this could be the determining factor that separates these felines instead of getting them closer towards each other. There is also a possibility that the Abyssinian cat might never get used to the other cat, as the other cat is seen as the threat.
  • An Abyssinian will unlikely befriend or bond with another feeling that is aggressive or with a high temperament. But if the friendship do take place it will form over a longer period of time.

Do Abyssinian Cats get along with Dogs ?

If you trying to introduce a cat into your home to create a Multi-Pet household for both cat and dog than you must find a cat breed that is compatible and well-suited to dogs. The Abyssinian cat ticks all the right boxes as they are the perfect match.

Abyssinian cats are very interactive and playful in nature just like dogs. They will blend in perfectly with dogs and other pets. Unlike other cat breeds, the Abyssinian cat thrive on association and companionship, dogs being great companions. They absolutely love the presence of other pets as well as dogs, since any engagement stimulates them and allows for play and adventure, something that Abyssinian cats and dogs have in common.

The Abyssinian cat will get along with dogs due to their common interests. Which includes,

  • Both pets are friendly and caring by nature. In order for pets to get along its important for them to have the same qualities so that their intentions are alike.
  • Abyssinian cats love adventure and is very curious, just like dogs. Both individually different yet they share the love of adventure and the joyful experience. Which will result in them getting along really well.
  • Abyssinian cats love companionship and dogs make for great companions. Over the years dogs have gotten the reputation for being a good companion. This will be well-suited for your Abyssinian as they love the extra company as well as the close relationship of companions.
  • These type of cat breeds go well with dogs as they aren’t aggressive but rather docile in nature. Its really difficult for Abyssinian’s to get aggressive as they are practically on the calmer side allowing them to endure more before getting agitated.
  • These pets are very peaceable and have the ability to co-exist well. Abyssinian’s don’t prefer dominance but rather equality. As there behaviour justifies this, therefore they wont feel obligated nor threatened by other pets.
  • The Abyssinian cat and dogs are able to mutually live in a systematic way that is enriching and benefiting towards each another. Both pets will have each other as company and playtime will be a breeze.
  • Both share similar characteristics as they love company, the more the better.

What dog breeds go well with Abyssinian Cats?

Abyssinian Cats go pleasing well with dogs. They are able to live in a way that peace and harmony is achieved, but in order for this relationship to go well the the breed of the dog must be of a social nature and should complement the relationship. The following are a few of the best suited dog breeds that go well with Abyssinian cats.


Beagles are very company orientated as they are used to co-existing in packs. They love interacting and its a pleasure for them to get along with other dogs and cats. This will be a perfect fit as both pets have many characteristics in common.


Pugs are tiny little creatures but are filled with love and are very affectionate. They make for the perfect playmate while being controlled and submissive. Defenitely a great addition to partner with the Abyssinian cat breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs are a burst of joy and are very playful. They absolutely hate being alone so the partnership with an Abyssinian will be a pure delight. Cavaliers are not territorial and would easily share their space and toys with others. Talk about a “match made in heaven”, is the phrase that could describe this duo.


This dog breed is the complete opposite to what their visual appearance may perceive. They are large in size but don’t be fooled, they are family orientated and perfect around people, pets and babies. Their sweet and gentle nature would complement the Abyssinian cat extremely well.


Energetic, friendly, gentle and happy are a few words to describe this beaut. This dog is easy going very smart and love nothing more than attention and play. Perfect companion makers.

Basset Hound

Talk about calm, laid-back with a very subtle nature. The basset hound are so much fun as they love affection and are sweet-tempered. They thrive on adventure where their playful nature is stimulated. They are wonderful pets to have and awesome partners to live with.

Related Questions

1. Personality of an abyssinian cat ? Abyssinian cats are quite, intelligent, curious and very active. They like to adventure and are not very affectionate. They tend to be more playful.

2. Lifespan of an abyssinian? Abyssinian lifespan is between 9-15 years. They tend to have a short lifespan compared to other cats.

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