Do Bengal Cats Travel Well?

There are a lot of stigma associated with Bengal cats. While their appearance and name might scare you, don’t be fooled into believing that these feline creatures are wild and vicious. In fact, they have one of the most interesting personalities from any other cat breed that makes them travel well.

So, do Bengal cats travel well? Yes, Bengal cats can travel pleasantly well if you train and prepare them in advance. Cats, in general, don’t dislike travelling, they just hate anything either then routine. However Bengal cats are quite a fine breed of cats that are more interactive and outgoing, therefore they make perfect travel buddies.

Bengal cats are a type of cat breed created from hybrids of domestic cat, the Asian leopard cat and the Egyptian Mau. They are intelligent, outgoing and love the interaction. They known for being affectionate and playful but also very territorial.

Its often not a good decision to travel with Bengals and other pets together, since it could lead to fights. Bengals are not violent in nature, but when threatened they can defend themselves which can come across as being violent.

Are Bengal Cats Legal to Travel with?

I was shocked to see that Bengal cats are illegal in some countries. In the US Bengal cats are legal but not in some states such as New York, Seattle, Colorado and Denver. Bengals can be a handful but they not at all dangerous and they don’t pose any threat to human safety. While the exotic Bengal cats are banned in some states the domestic Bengal cats are allowed.

Are Bengal Cats Sociable for Travelling?

Especially when travelling, it’s important that the pet you travelling with is sociable. During your travel, you come across many people and a lot of interaction. Luckily Bengals love people and interaction, but because of their appearance most people are normally tricked off in fear. Another big part of their social behaviour is that they are very vocal. They don’t hide any feelings and they make a lot of noise, but can be trained.

Are Bengals Too Active to Travel with?

Bengals are very energetic and playful cats. They are very curious and love adventuring. When travelling with Bengals its a good idea to tag along lots of toys and snacks so that the cat isn’t left idle. A good tip is to get fake silicon rats and mice toys which will keep them occupied. These cats are high energy cats, which can come across as aggression but nothing too serious to worry about. To balance their high energy, incorporate activities and runs so that the cat can still be active without being aggressive.

Can a Bengal Cat be Trained for Outdoor Travel ?

These cats are super smart and can be easily trained with enough preparation. Being smart drives their curiosity, which makes them active and on the move. Its always good to keep them on a leash so that they may have some freedom yet in a controlled and safe manner. Their intelligence makes them excellent predators. They fast, high powered and accurate.

They thrive on challenges. You can set up obstacle courses or some sort of a challenge and watch these beauts conquer it. Whether it’s climbing, running or even discovering, these feline creatures are the goal

What to Feed Bengal cats ?

As we have established that these cats are high performance and live a very active life. It’s very important for their nutrition to suit their lifestyle. Theses cats burn much more calories therefore consume much more food than regular cats. It’s important to provide a well-balanced diet for these furry creatures, with extra protein. Raw meat is an option, as long as its fresh, lean and not processed.

Proteins should make up 40-60% of the cats diet, to meet up with the demands of their lifestyle. Their active lifestyle can sometimes be strenuous on their bodies, which is why protein is essential for repair and maintenance of muscle and connective tissue.

Bengals love water, so drinking time won’t be an issue. Since they always active, they lose fluids easily. Hydration at intervals is therefore crucial.

Care and maintenance, for bengal cats.

Bengals require very less care and maintenance. They very independent in terms of protecting themselves and looking out for themselves. They are able to swindle their way out of anything, but its good to have oversight on them to make sure they not in danger.

They shed very less and, brushing is not essential regularly. Twice a month should be fine. Clipping of there claws is very important, for these energetic cats. If left too long it could become harmful. It’s required to trim the claws every 10 days so that you can maintain the length, even when travelling carry the clippers.

Travel gear and essentials for domestic Bengal cats.

If you decide that you want to travel with your Bengal cat, please be sure to travel well and carry along with everything that you will need. The essentials include:

  • Leash and collar
  • Cat carrier
  • Food and water containment
  • First aid kits
  • Litter box
  • Blankets and cushions
  • Toys and fidgets

Feel free to tag along with any other essentials which will assist in your travel. When travelling with Bengals, you must have a solid plan that is going to match their high-performance lifestyle, therefore you need interesting games and gadgets.

Flying with Bengal cats?, What you need to know..

Provided that the specific state approves Bengals, you want to get a good carrier or cage. Some flights may not allow you to fly with your pet in the cabin. First thing is to obtain a cat passport. This serves as identification and evidence that the cat in good health and doesn’t pose any threat to others. During the flight you want to make sure they are kept safe and confined in a carrier or cage. Make sure they have enough food and water for the full duration of the flight.

Bengal cats are very noisy, this could be a problem. You can administer a slight sedation to calm the cat. Sedation is completely safe, there are quite a few options to chose from, either medical or natural sedation. Talk to your vet prior to your flight so that more accurate analysis can be done.

Driving with Bengals, the full scoop.

Driving with Bengals is a lot less stressful since you are able to understand the cats behaviour and be considerate if the cat acts out. The downside to driving is that usually the travel is long and takes much more time, therefore it requires more patience and preparation to make sure your travel goes well. Below are 6 tips to assist.

  • Keep a steady pace. Prevent speeding which can scare the cat
  • Arrange a comfortable bed for the cat with all toys and gadgets.
  • Extra food and water in sealed containers
  • Keep vehicle windows open for proper ventilation
  • Interact more and play with your Bengal cat.
  • Take breaks, allow the cat to roam freely in a safe area to allow for blood flow.

Related question

Do Bengal cats make good pets? Yes, Bengal cats make really good pets since they are smart and able to adapt to suit their environment. Provided that its a domestic Bengal and not exotic. The exotic species of Bengal cats are banned in the US.

What does a Bengal cat cost? Bengal kittens are more expensive than adult Bengals. The price range is between $400 to $5000. The price is dependant on the location and the authenticity of the breed however, the average price is about $1000.

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