Do Cats Like Trampolines?

Some time ago I watched a video that went viral of a few stray cats jumping on a trampoline, that was in a man’s backyard. It was hard to tell if the cats were having fun or was terrified of the play area.

So i wondered if cats like trampolines, and I decided to do some research. Here’s what I figured. Cats do like trampolines but are scared of it ,because its new to them it may seem strange and very daunting. However I bet if you give kitty a little time they will purely love it as it provides a sense of freedom and joy which alleviates stress and tension.

Cats love adventure and fun and a trampoline provides exactly that. Its amazing how these felines enjoy playing in the trampoline once they get used to it.

At first its a complete disaster I admit, and the cat will react very badly. I’ve seen some owners just put their cat in the trampoline and expect them to jump and have a good time, that soon turns out bad and things could get worse if the cat becomes aggressive.

This initial behaviour of the cat is taken as if the cat doesn’t like the trampoline, which is not true. I read many reviews of similar situations that are totally misleading.

You cannot be premature about things and ignore the sense behind it. Even in humans, we aren’t really sure what our dislikes and likes are if we haven’t tried a certain thing.

Cats are very fond of routine but if you introduce anything new with enough time the cat is able to adapt. As long as your cat has your trust they will do anything.

Cat trampoline games

One of the best ways to play with cats on trampolines is to let someone go under the trampoline and mess around making the cat seek for them.

The persons movement makes the cat curious and kitty goes to investigate as the cat thinks this is prey, you can also use a toy to stimulate movement.

You can also jump with the cat and play ball. Both of you could have turns to fetch. Note ,not only dogs know how to play fetch.

But the most interesting game for cats is still the red laser light point. Cats are attracted to bright lights and when you point a laser to a surface the cat will be stimulated to go as their instincts kick in.

These games are great for domestic cats as they would still feel as if they are hunting while still engaging in outdoor activities.

Benefits of cats jumping on trampolines

Cats are very good jumpers and they are well developed for jumping since this technique was meant for them to catch prey and live out in the wild. However domestic cats adapt to living indoors, therefore they become sluggish and less active.

A trampoline could really work well to get them functioning and active again.

Other benefits of trampolines on cats include:

  • Promotes blood flow.
  • Keeps kitty active and awake.
  • Ease tension and relives stress.
  • Easy on their joints.
  • Promotes bones density
  • Sparks their curiosity.

Safety precautions for cats on trampolines

  • Trampoline must be covered and protected by a net.
  • Never let your cat jump alone.
  • Keep sessions between 10-20 minutes.
  • Don’t force the cat, if they refuse.
  • Never jump with a pregnant cat, as it could be fatal.
  • Jumping can also cause fractures and sprains, especially if the cat behaves wild and uncontrollably.
  • If kitty is sick or elderly, skip the trampolines.
  • Jumping is fun but also exhausting, hydrate well.
  • When playing with cats on trampolines its important to trim there claws. Cats claws are very sharp and could damage the trampoline.
  • Some cases the cat can get trapped in the trampoline since their claws can get caught on the mesh net that covers. This can be dangerous therefore its advised that you always accompany the cat whenever jumping.
  • Never allow your cat to jump from a high place or from a window into the trampoline. This is dangerous and life-threatening.

Best times for cats to play on trampolines

The best time to play outdoors or engage in any outdoor activity is in spring. The climate is normally mild almost in moderation depending on location. While there might be sun but not too hot and rain but not too cold.

Also during the summer months at dusk , when the sun is about to go down. This can be a fantastic time to spend with families and pets.

Trampoline time can be great for bonding.

We all live busy lives and at times we can get so caught up with our daily routines that we deprive our family and pets. Most of the time its the pet that gets distant.

You can add activity time to your routine where the family comes together with the cat to just bond and have some fun.

You could also have alone time with your cat, just both of you playing and jumping around On the trampoline.

At times you could go with your cat and just relax and talk to the kitty. Felines love intimate time with their owners, they seek attention and love the cuddles and hugs.

Cats like to run in trampolines, I have no clue why but you can probably just accompany your cat while they have their few minutes of fun.

Can I take my cat to a trampoline park ?

Pets are not allowed in trampoline parks since it could be dangerous and risky. The UK have launched its first trampoline park for dogs. No other pets are allowed.

This is unfair and very upsetting for pet owners especially cat owners. This is probably because dogs are the most common pets and they get preference, something that I totally disagree with.

For now we has cat owners have to stick to our small home trampolines that is hidden in our backyards.

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  1. Why does my cat go crazy on my trampoline? Most of the time its because the cat is unfamiliar with the trampoline and they tend to behave in a bad way to protect themselves as if its a predator or some sort of danger.

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