Do cats like when Humans talk to them ?

Cats are known for being very vocal. Whether they meow, yowl, hiss or purr it’s all apart of their vocabulary and how they communicate with their surroundings and Express themselves to their human counterparts.

But do Cats Like when Humans Talk to them ?

Yes, cats love and understand the feel and tone of words when humans speak. Some cats go beyond and even initiate the conversation by mimicking human speech or other vocalizations. Cats love gentle and soft tones of speaking as they respond better to it. The way they react is based on the way you speak and the tone and feeling of how you come across.

Cats like being spoken to by their owners and people who are familiar to them. During the years the communication between felines and humans have evolved greatly to a point where cats understand humans and know more about us than we know about them. This is how they get you to do things. They know a certain meow or yowl will result in a certain action being performed to their preference.

Cats love the interaction and affection that we display to them via words and actions and their response prove it. They love being petted and soothed with words or even with touch. Since cats have come a long way with living and interacting with humans they have also become very fond to human voices as they hear it on a daily.

Speaking to your feline allows for bonding and can greatly improve the relationship between feline and human, however the way you speak to your cat can make or break your cats trust and assurance in you. You can go from being the one your cat runs to for safety to being the one your cat runs away from to find safety.

Try speaking to your cat in a loud, harsh voice and they will respond in a very aggressive and threatened way. Repeated harsh and loud speaking may drive your feline away and they might end up disliking you as they would be fearful.

If you speak with a calm soothing and gentle voice they will respond better and might throw in a few slurs such as Mrrt, Ow or even a squeak. Some cats might even go further and initiate the conversation by exchanging prominent sounds and mimicking actual words, however some cats wont even bother and might ignore your communicative efforts.

Therefore, you must realize that most cats do love when you speak to them but just be sure to speak in a friendly way using soft tones and low pitch since cats hear at an higher pitch than of humans.

Do Cats Understand When you Talk to them ?

Cats do understand when you talk to them, to a certain level, since they don’t have brains as large or structured as humans. Thus, I think it is obvious that while they don’t understand our words, they do understand our tone of voice and the manner in which we speak. They pick up on emotion and the feel of the environment they are in.

Cats also understand sounds and the actions associated with it. For example if you say “Food time”. They wont actually understand the phrase, but they will understand the actions associated with it. Like the noise of pouring food into its bowl, the pouring of water and steps that you normally talk daily when it comes to food time.

Repetition is what engraves this understanding into them. They learn routines really well and the specific actions that is associated with the words and sounds used daily. Therefore they tie the sounds they hear with the action that is performed in order to understand and respond.

This is why they run away when the hear the vacuum or the sound of thunder and they come running when they hear the food hit the bowl or the sound of the opening of the door when you enter the house after a long day at work.

I feel that many cat owners either know this intuitively or quickly learn it, and thus learn that they can communicate with thier cats better by exaggerating and repeating their own vocalizations beyond what they would in normal human interactions.

Benefits of talking to your cat ?

Its surprising of how much information cats can retain from you just speaking to them. They might not understand words but they do understand sounds and the actions behind them. Some of the benefits of talking to your cat is.

1. Teaching Commands

Talking to your cat is a great way to teach Commands and to establish certain boundaries. When you are speaking to your cat you must be consistent and practice proper training techniques. When training your feline you must be patient and try to convey the message you are speaking through the tone of your voice and, body language and facial expressions.

When teaching Commands try not to scream but speak firmly and clearly. The tone that you use to command the cat should not be the same as your normal speaking voice as your cat might not feel the change and will not act on it. Speaking to your cat works great for training purposes as long as it comes with patience and consistency.

2. Talking is great for Bonding

Talking with to your cat is an awesome way to bond and gain your cats trust. The dialogue that is shared in the conversation between you and the cat will be signs of intimacy and closeness.

Your cat will pick up on affection and care that is given by just your words and the way you say things. Talking with your cat is also an opportunity to sooth your cats fears as they will feel safe when they are around you. This just strengthens the bond between you and your furry companion.

3. Talking with your cat helps them vocally.

While some cats are very talkative some are rather shy and less vocal. Some breeds are less talkative and very docile since it’s their nature. But then you get some cat breeds that are vocal but refuse to express themselves vocally since they haven’t had an opportunity to Express themselves or maybe they aren’t comfortable.

Speaking with your cat daily for a few minutes can really help them ease up abit and they will start to Express themselves once the need arises. Showing affection to your cat by touch and words will make them feel happy and loved and this can be seen by the little slurs and sounds they outter. All you have to do is spend some time with your feline and just speak, you will see your cat open up and start to reach out physically and vocally.

4. Talking relieves feline anxiety

Feline anxiety and stress is a real issue that affects alot of cats. Cats can fall into anxiety for several reasons such as changes in environment, traveling or even being exposed to frightening and harsh situations. What ever the cause the issues are the same and if not treated it could cause severe mental issues in your feline.

Talking to your cat can greatly ease their anxiety. Certain things you may not understand and the stressers that your feline face on a daily basis. All it takes is a loud sound, a reminder of a fearful event or the sight of a predator on the television to strike fear and anxiety. A few Comforting words is enough to help sooth their anxiety and restore their wellness.

You must become your felines refuge the one your cat runs to when they are scared. One of the ways to build this kind of relationship is through speaking and interacting with your cat.

5. Speaking to your cat helps with Depression.

Talking to your pet is not only beneficial to your pet but is to you too. In a recent survey by the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute, 74% of pet owners said having a pet improved their mental health. A pet acts like a companion and relieves our stress and mental issues. It’s like a coping mechanism which we as humans are very fortunate to have.

Talking with your cat can make you feel less lonely and more engaged especially if you live alone away from family and friends it can greatly restore your well being. The presence of a pet, cat in specific allows you to Express yourself without the thoughts of being judged as your cat loves unconditionally and wont hold anything against you.

Clinical psychologist Perpetua Neo, PhD stated that “Animals pick up on when their owners are distressed,” and when they sense you’re not feeling well, they offer comfort. Its like living with your very own shrink, someone you can talk to anytime depending on how you feeling.

Do Cats Like Baby Talk ?

We know that talking is very beneficial for cats and they seem to enjoy it, but how do you speak to cats and in what way?Alot of times I see cat owners addressing their cats as if they are talking to a baby and I wondered if cats really like being spoken to in that manner. Heres what I’ve found out.

According to specialist Dr. Uri Burstyn who is a veterinarian in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dr. Uri Burstyn believes cats pay more attention when you speak to them in high frequency sounds. Sounds of which birds and mice make since they are more likely to notice it.

This also refers to baby talk since when you speak in that manner you most likely sound it out in high frequency and in tune. For example if you referring to your cat in the phrase ” where’s my baby” which will sound “bab- ee” in tune. With the “ee” having a better chance of catching your cats attention and most likely responding.

Other views are against the baby talk since sometimes that style of speaking may cause fear in the cat if spoken loudly. How words are spoken is really important,” says certified feline behaviorist Marilyn Krieger. “Cats are very sensitive and can feel safe or feel threatened by the tone of voice and the loudness. Cats are more apt to respond and socialize with their people when spoken to in a soft and calm voice.”

While some may agree to baby talk some not quite. I think however you choose to speak to your cat is totally up to you but just make sure to communicate in a friendly and peaceful way. Be polite and let your actions and expressions show your love.

Why do cats meow when you talk to them?

Cats and humans have come along way with living and communicating together. A meow is a human directed sound that felines use to get their owners attention for whatever the reason. Cats have learned that they cannot communicate to us the way to do to other cats and over the years they have adjusted and adapted to communicate with humans in a certain way that is understandable.

A meow is simply your cat trying to talk to you. They are trying to get your attention for something it could be they are hungry, thirsty uncomfortable or not well. But when cats meow when you speak to them it’s basically their half of the dialogue in the conversation. They are trying to speak back and as a signal that they hear you and have some sort of understanding of what’s going on.

When a cat meows back at you when you talking it’s also feedback and it gives us as humans some sort of approval when in conversation that we are heard and it’s not just a blank one sided conversation. Cats are really smart even if they cannot adequately speak to us they do fill in the gaps with their meows and little slurs so that we know they are present and they acknowledge our talking.

The next time your cat meows at you in conversation, know that they just trying to speak to you. Dont neglect the conversation but encourage it.

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