How Much Does it Cost to Feed a Maine Coon ?

The cost to feed a Maine coon is lightly more than the cost of a regular cat since Maine coons are much bigger in size and are high energy and will consume much more calories.

It will cost around $600 per year to feed a grown Maine coon cat. While Maine coon kittens will cost you around $800 per year for food as they require more nutrients and extra calories for development. Some Maine coons are allergic to certain foods and have sensitive stomachs as they will require a special diet which can be expensive exceeding $800 per year.

The cost will be determined by the type, brand and quality of food that you choose to buy.

1. Dry food- Premium dry food of high quality cost anywhere from $20-$30 depending on the size and brand. An average Maine coon requires about 55-75g of kibble a day for a dry food diet only.

2. Wet food – that is high quality name branded will cost from $1-$5 per can. An average Maine coon will require one can of wet food per day or every other day with a portion of kibble 30-50g for a combined diet consisting of wet and dry food.

3. Homemade cat foods are the most affordable but they do require effort and monitoring since you have to provide each food group to your cats requirements. Homemade food can cost anywhere between $300-$400 per year.

4. Cat treats are also essential for Maine’s as its their reward. Treats can cost an average of $10-$20 per year.

The cost may vary depending on the area you located in and the type of diet you choose to provide for your cat. Maine coons may require additional nutrients when pregnant and therefore will cost you more. Maine coons are also prone to having sensitive stomachs and will require dietary changes to help. These changes may include providing food that are more natural in its whole form which can be very costly in the long-run.

Maine coons diet must consist of high proteins and moderate carbohydrates and fats. These cats are very big cats weighing between 12-25 pounds full grown, therefore they will need more food to live and retain their well-being.

Do Maine coons need special food ?

Maine cats don’t need special food. They are normal cats just more bigger and are prone to having sensitive stomachs.

They require normal kibble and wet canned food of high quality. The food must be fresh and should provide high amounts of protein with moderate carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Cats food must be free from starch and fillers.

So before you decide on a particular food do a little research and go with a familiar and trusted brand. Also take note and try to identify if the cat has a sensitive stomach or not. Some of the symptoms of a sensitive stomach are:

  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Lack of appetite
  • Diarrhea

If these symptoms are presented often than most likely the cat has a sensitive stomach.

Maine coons and food allergies

Maine coons are only allergic to wheat-gluten. If the cat consume foods with this ingredient they will present with upset stomachs, diarrhea, and rashes that will appear on their skin which will make them itchy and irritable.

If your cat is showing signs of this food allergy speak to your vet for guidance on a proper diet that provides enough nutrients they require without the allergen. They are a variety of foods to choose from but be sure to make the right choice.

How Many cups of food Should a Maine coon Cat eat?

Maine coon cats are known for their good appetites and big bodies. These cats are very active and require enough food to maintain their weight and well-being.

An average 13 pound Maine coon cat will require between 325-390 calories a day, therefore the cat will need to eat 1 and 1/4 cups of dry food per day which can be divided into sizeable meals. A combined diet will require 3/4 can of 6 oz wet food and 1/2 cup of dry food per day.

Depending on the cats weight, age and lifestyle the cat lives the food required may increase or decrease. Maine coons in general are very large domestic cats and will need about 30 calories per pound of body weight to live an healthy life

  • 1 cup of dry food has around 300 calories
  • 1 can of wet food has around 250 calories per 6 oz can.
poundscaloriesDry food only per cupWet & Dry food
10250-3001 1/2 cup dry & 1/2 can wet
12300-3601,2 3/4 Cup dry & 1/2 Can wet
14350-4201,33/4 Cup dry & 3/4 can wet
16400-4801,51 cup dry & 1/2 can wet
18450-5401,71 cup dry & 3/4 can wet
20500-60021 cup dry & 1 can wet

How much should a 20 pound Maine coon eat ?

A 20 pound Maine coon cat requires a lot more food than a regular domestic cat. They have to feed their bodies with enough nutrients to promote healthy living and to facilitate their active lifestyles.

A normal 20 pound Maine coon cat will require 500-600 calories per day to sustain itself. This means they will need around 2 cups of kibble for a dry food diet per day while a combined diet will require 1 cup of kibble and 1 can of 6 oz wet food per day. Cats that are pregnant or lactating will require 600-650 calories in order to care for themselves while provide for their kittens.

An active 20 pound Maine coon will require additional food around 50 calories extra in order to provide the energy to suit its lifestyle. These cats are high energy and very fit, therefore their muscles are being worked and needs to be replenished daily. They will feel more hungry and may become moody if its not provided. Lack of sufficient food over time will result in them decreasing in weight and their lifestyle will be inhibited. These cats should require between 600-650 calories a day.

An inactive 20 pound Main coon will need a nutrient deficiency and will require 450-500 calories to maintain themselves daily. Main coons are heavy weight as they are bigger in size and not necessarily fat. If your Maine coon cat is fat you are over feeding them and you should start reducing their meal potions immediately. You can start by reducing 50 calories from the normal calorie intake a day for a month and observe to make further changes in the future.

A pregnant 20 pound Maine coon will require around 600-650 calories and may require additional nutrients so I would say 600-700 calories a day in order to make sure the cat is well fed. This increase in calories is to provide for the developing kitten and the changes that’s happening within the cats body. This caloric intake is also for lactating cats as their bodies under go changes to enable them for nursing.

An elderly 20 pound Maine coon may not require as much food as a normal Maine coon cat of the same weight. Normally elderly cats are less active and very relaxed. They are more reserved and have a small appetite. This is due to the changes that occuring and the deterioration of their bodies. They will require around 400-450 calories a day. Some cats may want more while some may not even eat as much. Feel free to make the necessary changes to provide according to the cats lifestyle and eating habits.

Why do Maine coons eat so much ?

Maine coons don’t necessarily eat that much if you look at the weight compared to their caloric intake. They eat enough food that their body requires for optimal function.

They are very big for being domestic cats and therefore they require more nutrients to maintain their body weight. They have a bigger skeletal structure, more muscle and are very energetic. Therefore they need enough food to adequately provide for their nutritional needs.

Maine’s are also high energy and have really fast metabolisms. This means they are able to breakdown food faster, enabling them to use up calories much faster than a regular feline. This will eventually result in them feeling hungry more often.

With that said if you notice your Maine coon is eating a lot more food than usual it could be one of the following.

  • The food that you feed the cat isn’t quality and is not providing sufficient nutrients to keep up with their lifestyle. Beware as many cat foods contains fillers and artificial ingredients.
  • The cat is pregnant and will require more food than usual.
  • The cat is bored and will resort to food as a habit or to keep busy even if they don’t require it.
  • Your Maine coon cat have a high metabolic rate
  • Vomiting can make a cat eat more than usual since the consumed food is taken out the body.
  • Health issues such as
  1. Parasites like worms in the intestines.
  2. Hyperthyroidism, increase in cravings
  3. Diabetes.

Best foods for Maine coon cats

Maine coons are known as the gentle giants since they are large in size but are completely friendly and social. These cats need the right foods to meet their nutritional daily needs. They require 40-60% protein, 10% fats and omega 3-6 and 10-20% of carbohydrates. The food that you decide must be for optimal performance and healthy living.

Here are our top 3 recommended cat foods to choose from.

  1. Wet NomNom fresh wet canned food.
  2. Feline natural grain wet food.
  3. Hills science dry food.

Related Questions

1. Do Maine Coon cats bite ? Maine coons are not known to bite and harm people yet they do like to play and fiddle around. Sometimes the cat may tend to bite if they feel threatened or interfered with.

2. Do Maine coons need more food ? Yes, Maine coons are very big in size and weight which will require extra calories to sustain its body. The average maine cat requires about 350 calories per day.

3. Why are Maine coons always hungry ? There are alot of possible reasons as to why the cat is hungry. Some of the reasons include: cats is underfed, food isn’t providing enough nutrients or the cat is pregnant.

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