How To Cat Proof a Hotel Room?

So you just settled in into your beautiful hotel room with your kitty, ready to enjoy your long-awaited vacation, but little did you realise you not at home and kitty can get up to a lot mischief. The following are ways to help you cat-proof a hotel room.

Rearrange Low Lying Objects

Everyone knows that cats are curious and extremely nosy. Once the cat settles and get comfortable, you can bet that they will be fidgety, therefore move all lose objects. Like glass tables, lampshades, decor, stands, ornaments and statues.

Close Windows and Balcony Doors.

Cats simply love sitting beside windows. They attracted to the outdoor scenery. Most likely that’s going to happen. Hotels, however, have huge windows and at high altitudes since the buildings go all the way up. You must make sure the windows are secure at all times. It takes a second for disaster to strike. Balcony slide doors are also a threat, however, it’s safe to keep the gate closed while the glass door is open.

Close the Fireplace.

This is only applicable for hotels with an open fireplace. You want to make sure that the door is always sealed. Cats like to find hiding spots and the fireplace can be a good hiding place but it poses a threat to your cat’s life. Even while off, it contains ash and soot which could restrict the cat’s airway if inhaled.

Secure / Cover Electrical Cords.

Modern hotels have a lot of electrical equipment, therefore there is a lot of cords running around. This is unsafe, especially for an inquisitive four-legged creature. It’s probably going to be impossible to remove all electrical appliances since the hotel won’t accept that.

A good way is to use a mat to Cover the cords that are lying around the floor. For appliances that cannot be moved, you can unplug the cord and roll it.

Hazardous Materials

This is any substance that can harm the cat. Things like detergents, lubricants, perfumes, aerosols and acetone. You want to remove all this and place them in another closed room.

Lock away Valuables.

Often cats like to fiddle with things that are lying around, sometimes you may leave your watch, ring or even the hotel access card on the cabinet and before you know it, it’s gone. Valuables like jewellery, money, phones, tablets, iPods, credit cards, statues and artworks must be kept in an enclosed drawer or somewhere beyond your cats reach. It’s really frustrating to be put in a situation where your valuables are misplaced, especially when you need it the most.

Cover the Trash Can.

Cats simply enjoying digging in the trash can. The garbage bin is fascinating for pets in general since a wide range of leftover food remains. On the flip side trash cans are very dangerous, because it also contains hazardous and harmful dirt that can pose a threat to the cat’s health. Simple ways to prevent your cat from digging trash includes:

1. Hiding trash bins in drawers.

2. Empty trash regularly.

3. Seal the lid of bins.

Close Toilet Seat Lid.

For some reason, cats find the bathroom interesting, especially the swirling of a toilet flush. Due to the playful nature of cats, they are intrigued by the bathroom. This will cause them to go there often thus developing an interest to drink toilet water. Especially a hotel, a new environment for the cat. The cat will think it’s normal to drink this water. Toilet water is full of germs and microorganisms and can cause severe health problems like contamination such as E.coli. You must make sure the toilet lid is closed, to be extra safe close the bathroom door.

Cover Recliners & Sofas

Hotels typically have expensive living room furniture. Recliners and sofas in specific are the two main type of furniture that are prone to get ripped by the cat’s claws. This could set you back a few hundred or thousands, sounds too pricey for me. This is why it’s nice to cover the sofas with a towel or cloth. Anything that can protect the sofas from the cat’s direct contact.

Trim your Cats Claws.

This is the most important thing you can do. While cat proofing your hotel is smart and much needed it’s also good to target the claws. Felines have extremely sharp claws that could rip through almost anything. These are wildlife animals and its difficult for them to adjust to living indoors. Sometimes they playful instinct could set in and they could rip through or damage something. Even though they did it with a playful intention you must be sure to keep those claws on a leash especially in hotels.

Ways to Help Cats get used to a Hotel Room?

It’s no secret that cats love routine. Has long as everything is going to plan on a daily basis the cat will be great but try doing something different and observe your cats reaction. Hotels can be very intimidating for cats because it’s a different scenery and environment that they are not exposed to often. If it’s your first stay with your cat in a hotel you would want to do the following.

  1. First cat-proof your room following the guides we spoke about before.
  2. Allow them some space to roam around and figure things out. Their natural instincts always put up a defence in case of predators, therefore you want to allow the cat to wander around so that it can calm down, knowing it’s a safe place.
  3. Be patient with your cat.
  4. Give the cat a tour around the hotel.
  5. Make sure you provide good care.

Can I sneak my cat into a non-pet friendly hotel?

A lot of people say it’s very possible to sneak a cat into a hotel, which is true. However, I believe it depends on how long your stay will be. If you intend on staying a day then it’s possible and chances are you won’t get caught out. For instance, if you intend on staying in for a week then that’s going to be a problem. You may be wondering why duration matters and how is it relevant.

Cats give off an unpleasant smell through urine and faeces. Once this waste gets into contact with furniture and carpets it’s almost impossible to get rid of the smell without professional cleaners and chemicals.
This is why it’s easier to hide a day in a hotel with a cat instead of a week.

Another reason is that cats make a lot of noise especially when they are uncomfortable in a new surrounding. It’s possible that other members in the hotel could hear and report it. Hotels, in general, have daily room services and cleaners most definitely will pick up on the distinctive smell and inform authorities. It’s preferred to seek out a good cat-friendly hotel and pay the necessary fee that is required so that you can be safe and stress-free.

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