How to Keep a Ragdoll Cat Cool in Summer without an AC?

Ragdoll cats are known for their long haired fluffy coat but how can you ensure they remain cool during the hot weather along the summer months. Since summer is approaching you probably looking for simple ways to keep your ragdoll cat cool, well look no further as I’ve got you covered.

How to keep a ragdoll cat cool in summer?

During the summer let your ragdoll take the shaded area and allow them to relax away from direct sunlight. The cat must drink between 7-9 Ounces of water and treat them with tuna ice treats to remain cool. You should also place a cooling mat under them that draws excess body heat allowing the ragdoll to remain cool.

1. Choose a shaded, dark spot in your home.

Hot weather can really make your cat feel uncomfortable and agitated. For this reason let your cat have the cool room that is proper ventilated with an Air conditioner or fan.

You also must make sure that the area you choose for your cat is dark and away from direct sunlight. Floors that have tiles or wooden floors are perfect for your furry friends as the cold surface reduces heat from the cats body via their paws.

The basement is a good place for cats provided it has good air circulation. During summer the cement/concrete walls and flooring provides a cooling effect that help cats remain cooler even under hot atmospheric temperatures.

2. Make cool treats

Lollies and icy treats are mostly enjoyed in summer by humans to help cool down, so why not do the same for your feline.

Tuna lollies You can make tuna lollies using canned tuna with the brine solution together with water.

  • Mash the tuna using a blender or by hand.
  • Dont remove the brine from the tuna as it will create a nice flavour that cats enjoy.
  • Add one cup of water to the mixture to dilute the salty taste, thereafter stir.
  • Pour the mixture into a plastic bag and seal.
  • Fill the ice trays or lolly cups and freeze.
  • Pop a few and let your feline enjoy.

Cat popsicles can be made using wet cat food.

  • Fill up a mould or ice tray with wet cat food.
  • Put it into a refrigerator until frozen.
  • Depending on size and your cats limit, feed accordingly.

Banana chilled chips are a great way to include potassium and fiber to your cats dietary routine. Bananas are safe for cats but must be consumed at an earlier part of the day since it takes long to digest.

  • All you need to do is just peel and slice a banana into small bite sized chips.
  • Put the sliced banana into a container and freeze.
  • Once frozen, give some for your feline to enjoy. A few chips should be fine, but dont over feed.

3. Make a ice water bottle.

We all have hot water bottles at home, right? Why not fill these bottles with ice water and let your ragdoll keep itself cool. Your cat will be attracted to the coldness and may want to rub itself against the bottle.

Hot water bottles comes in a variety of shapes and sizes some are quite soft while some are rigid. If you have a soft water bottle its probably not the smartest idea since cats love to bite and fidget.

You can also buy a round bottle which will resemble a ball or toy that may fascinate your cat. Fill the bottle with ice water so that your cat will keep cool while keeping entertained.

4. Cooling mats and collars

Cooling mats and collars are great for ragdolls as it gives a soothing effect absorbing heat. Cooling mates and collars comes in different sizes shapes and colors, the choice ultimately depends on your preference.

The cooling mat works by the cat’s weight which puts pressure on the mat. Once the mat is activated it’s ready to absorb. The mat, therefore, absorbs the heat given off the cat and thus bringing about a cooling effect.

Here are my top 3 picks for cooling mats.
  • My TOP pick is the GREEN PET SHOP cooling mat with a pressure-activated gel that brings about a cooling effect on impact. This cooling mat is portable, ideal for travelling and outdoor adventure as well as indoors. It’s big enough for ragdolls since it has ample space for comfort and leisure. this mat has quality and durability for daily use and can be easily cleaned. This is a perfect gift for your furry companion and can be used throughout the year especially in states that experience summer weather throughout the year. Get yours now conveniently from Amazon.
  • The KALINCO Cooling Mat for cats and dogs. This is my second best-recommended cooling mat as its packed with features, its got a trendy design, portable, washable and reversible with one side cooling pad and a breathable mesh on the other side. This cooling mat boasts with 28 x 22inches of space, perfect for pets under 30 pounds as we know ragdolls are bigger than normal domestic cats. Checkout out the latest price on Amazon
  • My third pick is the Yu-Xiang ice pad with crystal for cats and dogs. This budget-friendly cooling pad works well in assisting the cat cool down since it has jade cold element crystal which absorps heat. This mat is made of nylon which is suitable for the summer months as it’s breathable and very soothing. This ice pad comes in three sizes suitable for just about any size indoor pet and will be perfect for ragdolls. Shop yours now on Amazon

The cooling collar on the other hand works with ice which is placed into a refrigerator to get frozen. Once it’s frozen its placed around the cat’s neck. The melting of the ice helps the cat cool down. The ice isn’t directly placed on the cat, rather its placed inside a synthetic material type of ring that fits around the cat’s neck.

Here are my 2 top picks.

The FlexiFreeze Cooling Collar from Amazon is a sleek Velcro collar that moulds to the neck of cats and dogs. This collar is fully adjustable as it can be used for small, medium and large indoor pets. The ice cubes that are in this collar cool the cat down absorbing excessive heat which can prevent dehydration and heat strokes from occurring. A perfect addition to your felines collection.

The SHITONGDA Summer Cooling Bandana contains a gel that aids in cooling the cat down. This bandana must be placed in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes in order to provide a cooling effect to the cat. This type of collar is lightweight, adjustable, durable and puncture-resistant. This bandana is perfect for most pets as it comes in three sizes. Check the latest prices on Amazon

5. Trim your ragdolls fur

Ragdolls are know for their long hair and soft silky fur coat, however in summer this could pose as a problem.

Cats fur was meant to help them stay cool during the summer and also warm during the winter. While your ragdolls fur may not make them feel hot it could agitate them while in that state. In humans for example, people tie up their hair on hot days since it becomes abit of a botheration. Cats cant actually tie up their hair because they are covered in it.

To assist your ragdoll I would recommend a quick trim, to make them feel abit more comfortable during hot weather.

6. Ditch the travels and car rides.

Traveling in hot weather is a nightmare moreso if you using public transportation. Traveling in trains, buses or cabs can be really uncomfortable for your ragdoll cat since tempretures can reach an intolerable high due artificial heat from engines and motor vehicles that add to the atmospheric temperature.

Also when traveling with cats, most of the time the cat is harnessed and leashed. This covering on the cats body contributes to the hot weather making the cat feel more uncomfortable.

If you decide to travel with your ragdoll in the car make sure the cat is situated in a secure area with good ventilation. If your vehicle has air conditioning the better. For vehicles without an AC it’s important for the windows to be open for air circulation.

Under no circumstances must you leave your cat in the car unattended to. In summer the temperature inside a car can become dangerously high which can be life threatening to your pet.

7. Turn on the AC for indoor cats.

If your ragdoll is an indoor domestic cat, rest assured as your feline companion will be fine indoors sheltered from the harsh heat wave. Indoors the Air conditioning can assist to reduce the atmospheric temperature in your home making the cat feel more comfortable.

If air conditioning is not an option you can open the windows and doors to allow cool air to circulate. Another great option is the use of fans. Fans can help cool your cat but must be used under supervision.

An awesome idea to put a little ice cubes below the fan to blow on. The fan blows air through the ice which makes the air cold. This Cold air than circulates throughout the room to drop the tempreture making it more desirable.

8. Pool time for your Ragdoll.

Summer time is perfect for the water as many americans head out to the beach or to their pool in the backyard. Why not introduce your feline to water. This can serve as entertainment and can help keep your cat cool.

People have this misconception that cats hate water but the truth is that cats dont hate water, they just are not used to it. You can spend more time with your cat playing and having fun in the pool, you also want to make sure that you limit exposure from the sun as your cat can get a heat stroke.

The best times to play in the pool is at noon since the sun is going down. If you intend on teaching your cat to swim, summer time is the best as it can be a fun and cool way to relax.

For cats that are hairless you can get a good sunscreen to prevent sunburns.

9. Keep your Ragdoll hydrated.

During summer the hot tempretures can really put a strain on your ragdolls little body. The hot weather allows the body to release more water and heat, therefore more water is lost.

You want to be able to replenish their water reserves by providing fresh cool water, the cat should drink at least 7-9 ounces per day. This will ensure they stay hydrated amidst the heatwave.

A genius idea is to fill a balloon with fresh water and pop it into the refrigerator until frozen. Once frozen remove the the balloon and you will be left with a ball of ice. The ice can be placed in the cats water blow and when it melts it provides fresh cool water for your feline.

10. Spray water on your cats fur coat.

Using a little spray bottle and some fresh water, you can spray an even coat of water on your cats fur. This idea almost mimics the purpose of sweat.

The water droplets on the cat’s fur evaporate slowly thus bringing about a cooling effect. This idea works well on ragdolls, other cats and dogs.

Related Questions

1. Should I shave my Ragdoll ? It’s better to trim Ragdolls than to shave them. Once you shave a ragdoll they fur color grows lighter and it takes a while for their natural color to return. Shaving is also known for certain behavioral triggers.

2. Are there short haired Ragdoll cats ? Yes, most Ragdoll mixes tend to be shorthaired as the cat Carrie’s a recessive long haired gene with the shorthaired gene being dominant. For this reason is adviced to consult with a reliable and reputable breeders.

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