Should I Cover my Cat’s Carrier with a Blanket when Travelling?

Travelling is very stressful for cats as they tend to become anxious and very fearful. Since they are exposed to different environments and sceneries. So I wondered if I should cover my cat’s carrier with a blanket or towel whenever I travel or head out, here’s what I found out.

Its good to cover your cat’s carrier with a blanket since it provides a layer of protection and security for the cat that will keep them calm and hidden. Cats are sensitive anything abrupt, unfamiliar or even a change in environment can easily put the cat in distress especially in a new surrounding.

Covering your cats carrier can really help prevent the cat from panic and fear. The carrier must be fully covered without any peak holes, just total darkness. This set up will make the cat become calm and motionless since they feel as if they are hidden from predators.

The covering can also protect your cat from pollutants like smoke, dust and fragrances. It also protects kitty from unfamiliar sights and predators. Some cats are very sensitive and their breathing could be compromised due to these hazards.

Research has shown that cats can be affected by smoke if digested this is because toxic smoke particles settle on their fur and cats could swallow this when they’re grooming themselves.

Another concern is sunlight. Normally cat carriers are open and it allows direct sunlight. Too much sunlight can cause irritation to your cat’s skin and eyes. A cover over the cats carrier can prevent much exposure of sunlight.

There are a lot of benefits of covering your cat, however, when covering your cat’s carrier never use a dirty or dusty blanket. Dusty blankets can cause respiratory problems. In some cases, dust mites could be present in the blanket which can attach itself to your cat.

Also Blankets that are very thick could prevent a good flow of air for the cat.

Fabrics that can also be used are:

  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Linen
  • Rayvon

These fabrics are breathable which will allow a good flow of air for the cat. It will also allow the cat to be cool and comfortable as the moving air will keep the cat from heating up.

What’s the Purpose of Covering my Cats Carrier?

Putting a cover over your cats carrier have to do with the predatory instincts of cats. Cats are mostly driven by instincts and curiosity, they always on the lookout for attacks and dangers.

This leaves them in a state where they are always anxious and weary, it gets worse in a new place. A simple covering over the carrier blocks them out from the surroundings.

They feel hidden and protected from danger. The covering prevents them from anything that might trigger an aggressive response.

It also serves as a place of rest, since the darkness leaves them in a motionless state almost like in harmony. They ease up and become comfortable as if they are at home

It’s also good to cover kitties carrier when taking them to the vet, especially sick cats. As the change of environment could cause more stress on the cat.

This covering method works best for cats that are sensitive and docile as well as for those who are aggressive. This simple technique shuts them up from society for the full duration that you may be travelling.

Is it Dangerous to Cover my Cat’s Carrier?

I totally understand why some people may be against covering their cat’s carrier. Some cat owners may think that their cat won’t be able to breathe under the covering. While some may feel that the covering could pose a threat to their cats well being.

These reasons are valid and I totally agree. There are a few safety precautions that you must abide by to make sure your cat is covered while still being free and safe.

You don’t want to put the cat in any more stress. Here are some guidelines

  • If your cat becomes difficult to handle and wild, remove the covering as not all cats are alike.
  • The fabric must be breathable.
  • Don’t use plastics or any other synthetic material.
  • No blankets and stuffy fabrics.
  • Pay attention to your cat, closely observe.
  • Don’t take your cats out on rainy or snowy days.
  • Be safe and protect kitty.
  • If your cat has a breathing problem its best to not cover the cat.

Other Natural Ways to Calm my Cat Down?

They are many ways to calm cats. You can use sedatives or other natural calming remedies.

Sedatives work by reducing tension and irritability. The cat will become much calmer and relaxed. This treatment is often used for travelling or even grooming.

Natural remedies, there are a lot of natural calming remedies such as

  • Catnip is a herb that works well to relieve cats of tension and anxiety.
  • Chamomile, many people drink it as a tea. Its proved to also have calming properties and which is safe to use on cats.
  • Valerian is a plant that is similar to catnip and works equally as good.

There are cat calming collars as well which are very popular for cat anxiety. These collars are infused with pheromones, which calms the cats down.

You could even use calming treats or anti-anxiety cat food that contains components that help the cat to sleep.

However, before you try any sedative or tranquillizer on your cat make sure you consult with your vet so that you can be advised on the perfect option for your kitty.

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