Should I Get A Cat If I Travel Alot ?

For a person who travels alot getting a Cat can be really tough and stressful. Taking care of a Cat requires much effort, maintenance, love and companionship. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly since the cat is dependent on you for basically everything.

While it can be extremely tough to get a cat if you travel alot its certainly possible, with the help of friends and family who will care for the cat while you away. If not, it wont be a good idea to get a cat since leaving the cat repeatedly can cause severe stress, anxiety and could affect their emotional and physical well being.

Most people usually underestimate the efforts of having a cat since they think that cats aren’t very active and they do not require much time and maintenance. That however is not true since cats are physically and emotionally attached to their owners. They rely and thrive on their owners companionship, presence and daily needs.

Cats require much more than food and water and if you intend on getting a cat make sure you are able to meet their requirements and provide for them accordingly. It will be cruel for a person to get a cat to satisfy themselves while the cat is being deprived. The relationship between a cat and its owner should be mutually beneficial, so if you know you have a hectic schedule with no free time then I suggest you do not get a cat, if you do, make sure you have people around you who would help.

If you confident enough to take on this task of getting a cat let’s discuss your options. Basically you have 4 options to choose from so let’s take a closer look at each option so you can choose which will work best to suit your daily lifestyle and be beneficial to the cat at the same time.

1. Have your family or Friends care for kitty.

To Balance your travel life you can get your close friends and family to care for the cat while you away. This refers to those people who the cat is used to like family members who live in the same home as you or friends that visit often. Having familiar people take care of your cat will cause little to no stress to the cat and its daily routine since they are already accustomed and used to the individual and their scent.

While this is a valid option, you must have friends and family who are willing to help out and are reliable enough to care for the cat while you away. Since the cats routine need to remain the same to prevent any additional stress and behavioral changes.

2. Tag your cat along.

Depending on the reason for your travel you can bring kitty along with you. If you travel for work than it could be difficult to balance your work schedule with taking care of your cat, however if you are in a position to bring your cat along with you, you can do so. Even though cats dont really enjoy traveling you can acclimate them to the lifestyle of traveling.

Many airlines allow cats to travel with their owners in the cabin and this could work in your favor if you do decide to choose this option. However, it will take time for the cat to adjust to this lifestyle but with your help it’s possible.

At first, the cat will be difficult and will react badly to traveling since it’s a new environment that is different from their normal daily routine. But because cats bond to their owners they can just about do anything as long as they get assurance and love from their companion. As they are able to adapt to the changing surroundings. It will take time and a lot of failed attempts but it’s totally possible.

However, with traveling your cat will be exposed to different areas and the chances of picking up pests or even viruses are increased. Regular health checks and vaccinations are a must, but they can be expensive. Insurance or a pet plan will help with expenses.

3. Boarding and Pet Sitters.

If the above options didn’t sit well with you then probably you can look for a good boarding facility or pet sitter. These services are extremely helpful especially in unexpected situations where you are required to leave home. In your case, you can use these services to care for a kitty while you are away.

Depending on your travel period you can get the cat booked into a border facility. They are some great accommodations that are very well suited for cats catering for food, water, litterbox, toys, grooming, and a whole lot more amenities. You can also get a pet sitter, someone who loves cats and is willing to care for the cat while you away. Pet sitters don’t just visit to feed and check on the pet but they also offer services of playtime, companionship, and overnight stays.

Even though these services are great and well equipped for cats. It is still very stressful for cats especially since cats are pets of habit. They prefer their normal daily routine rather than some fancy accommodation.

4. Consider Getting Two Cats.

You are probably confused as to why I’m recommending two cats, like it or not two cats make it easier for you when you traveling. The cats will have each other as company, preventing boredom and anxiety. Two cats that are compatible and used to each other will do significantly well with the absence of their owner.

They are able to entertain each other preventing loneliness. The presence of their significant other will almost fill the void of your absence. In this case, you only need someone to check on them daily to provide food, water and to make sure they are okay.

Whichever option you decide on make sure you carefully consider the cat and its well-being so you can be guided into making the right choice. If you do decide to get a cat make sure you have a solid plan of action to cater for the cat while you travel.

How Much Time and Attention Does a Cat Really Need?

Cats require an average amount of time, care, and affection. While there are some cat breeds that are very high maintenance requiring a lot of time, grooming, and companionship some cats are low maintenance that is very independent. This, however, depends on the cat’s personality, fur coat, and lifestyle. If you intend on getting a cat you must choose a cat that fits your lifestyle.

For a person that travels a lot, you may have less time to spend on a demanding cat, so a good independent low maintenance cat will be ideal. Independent cats can be left alone since they require less companionship than others. These cats are able to entertain themselves with toys and don’t necessarily require round-the-clock supervision.

To balance your busy travel lifestyle you can go for cats that have shorter fur since grooming isn’t required very often, saving you time. You can also go for cats that are more stable in personality to deal with the stress of traveling or being separated from you. Ultimately there is no ideal way of choosing a cat, it’s up to you to train and acclimate the cat to fit into your lifestyle without being in distress or deprived.

Low Maintenance Cat Breeds.

Below is a list of cat breeds that are low maintenance which can be a viable option if you do consider getting a cat. While these cats are low maintenance they do require some time and effort but they are not needy and demanding. They are more independent and love alone time.

1. British Shorthair.

2. Russian Blue.

3. Scottish Fold.

4. Maine Coon.

5. Japanese Bobtail.

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