Sphynx VS Bambino | Differences and Breed Comparision.

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So you’ve decided on a hairless cat but are stuck between a bambino and a sphynx? Deciding between a bambino and a sphynx can be difficult since both breeds display desirable characteristics which are very similar to each other. Both these breeds make for great pets and should be understood before making a decision.

While these cats are very similar, there are a few distinct differences that separate these two breeds. The main difference is that bambino cats carry a double mutant gene while the Sphynx cat has only one mutation. Let’s take a closer look so you can decide on which breed is more suitable for you.


Body Structure

Sphynx are medium-sized cats, with a muscular chest and a round abdomen. These cats are muscular and heavy but are energetic and natural athletes. They have long legs which are slender and have a bow-legged appearance caused by the barrel chest. Sphynx cat’s tail is long, tapering, and hard to the touch, which may also be sticky.

Similar to the sphynx, the bambino cat is medium-sized with a broad chest and a well-rounded abdomen. The whippy tail is in good proportion to the rest of the body. Some Bambinos can have a “lion tail” with a bit of fur at the end. The most distinctive feature is their short legs, with the back legs slightly longer than the front legs.

Overall their body is not in proportion since their dwarfism or mutation allows for their short legs.


Both breeds are normally hairless but can have a fine layer of fur present. Since bambino cats are part sphynx and part munchkin it’s possible for some bambinos to have a full coat and are referred to as “Coated Bambinos”.

These cats come in a variety of skin colors to choose from. The most common Bambino colors are black, white, and cream. They can also come in other colors depending on the mix.

Sphynx cats come in black, white, chocolate, cinnamon, and red. There are also dilutes which are blue, lavender, fawn, and cream. Their markings and patterns can vary from tabby, mackerel, tortoiseshell, calico, bi-color, and point.


The average sphynx cat weighs between 8-12 pounds, with male sphynx weighing a bit more than females. They have an overall height of 8”-10” (20-25 cm) and a body length of 13”-15” (33-38 cm). 

Bambino cats weigh around 5-10 pounds on average and have an average length of 10″-13″ (25-30cm). However due to their dwarfism, they are quite short with an average height of 7″-8″(17-20cm).

Eyes and Facial Structure.

Eye colorBlue, copper, yellow, green, gold, orange and redBlue, green, copper, gold, and red.
Facial FeaturesTriangular head, wide eyes, prominent cheekbones and large erect ears.Triangular head ( longer than wide), large round eyes, prominent cheekbones and sparse and short whiskers



Bambino cats are part sphynx and therefore carry the same disposition of a sphynx cat. Both sphynx and bambino cats are highly affectionate and love companionship. These cats thrive on interaction and human attention thus require a lot of hands on time.

Before you get either breed, its important to understand their affectionate needs in order to provide the best care. So to conclude both breeds are equally affectionate and will love you, follow you and stay loyal till the very end.


Sphynx cats are super smart and intelligent, the same characteristics that have been passed down to the bambino mix. Both breeds are equally intelligent and fully able to learn and comprehend simple tricks and commands.

These are the type of cats that will play fetch with you as well as be engaged with interactive play. They are also very curious which makes them fidgety and troublesome at times. Their love for exploring is what usually makes them mischievous, which ultimately comes down to their intelligence. These hairless cats are some of the most intelligent cats from all domestic breeds.


Sphynx cats are very easy going, people orientated and mischievous. They are very energetic and athletic. They like to be involved and crave attention. These are not the type of cats that will sit around and relax, but rather they are always on the move. Climbing, running and discovering new things.

They are guaranteed to demand and become vocal when they want something. Almost like spoiled-kids, they will find a way to get what they want.

Bambinos are very sociable, easy-going, and mischievous. They not as active and troublesome as the Sphynx breed since they are mixed and their deformity inhibits them. They have difficulty climbing and jumping around and will basically lurk around in areas they can reach.

They are more reserved and less demanding compared to sphynx and overall share the same disposition.


Besides them having a mutation, the sphynx breed is very healthy when bred responsibly by authorized breeders. However, there are certain issues they are prone to and certain conditions they are exposed to which can affect their health.

They are prone to Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy which is common heart disease. They are also at risk for Periodontal disease and gum disorders. Due to their hairless skin, they are also prone to sunburns, acne, and other skin-related issues.

Bambino cats carry two genetic mutations and are overall less healthy than their sphynx ancestor. Since this breed is relatively new, not much is known. From what we do know is that they are prone to Lordosis which affects their spine due to their dwarfism.

They are also at risk for Pectus Excavatum which is a deformity of their chest that can impact their Cardiac and respiratory function. Their hairless feature also makes them susceptible to sunburns, acne, inflammation, and bacterial infections.

The genetic mutation that caused the deformity of their legs can also cause other bone and cartilage problems.


Behavior towards kids

Sphynx and bambino cats are good around kids as they enjoy the company they provide. They are tolerable and understanding but must be treated with respect.

We know that kids can be very mischievous and ignorant to the way they treat these cats. Its important for parents to teach their children how to play with these pets and how to treat them. After all they have lives and the way you treat them dictates they way they react towards you.

I would advise that you provide some escapes for your cat, like a window perch or a wall shelf. Some high place for them to go whenever they have had enough of play and interaction with the kids.


Both Bambinos and sphynx can be destructive if they are bored and neglected of affection and attention. We know that these cats are very affectionate and human orientated. They also require a lot of play time and toys to keep them occupied and stimulated.

With the lack of stimulation and interaction its possible for them to be destructive. They can bite, chew and scratch on things as a way to keep themselves busy.

Its always safe to get a cat tree with a scratch post. Also keep their claws trimmed and cover expensive furniture.


Sphynx $1500-$3000$3000-$8000$100


  • Both breeds require regular bathing and cleaning of their ears. Since they are susceptible to bacterial infections they also require a specific anti-bacterial shampoo.

  • They also require regular medical checkups at least once a year to screen for underlying issues like cardiomyopathy.

  • They require clothing to maintain their overall body temperature. At times they may require additional warmth or cooling in extreme temperatures.

  • They have sensitive stomachs therefore a raw diet will be necessary.

  • They need a lot of time and attention to be satisfied.

  • With bambino cats, they may be susceptible to other health-related issues due to their mutations. Therefore more health care services may be needed which can be costly.

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