Where Should A Sphynx Cat Sleep? | Ways To Train Them.

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Establishing good sleeping habits for a sphynx cat is extremely important from the start. Sphynx cats are crepuscular which means they are most active at dawn and dusk. Bad sleeping habits will have them interfering with your sleep until you have puffy eyes and bad encounters.

So Where’s The best place for a sphynx to sleep?

Ideally, Sphynx cats should sleep in their own beds placed in another room or somewhere where they are comfortable. This way is mutually beneficial for both the cat and the owner. In this way, you get to cultivate good sleeping habits from the beginning creating boundaries and ensuring a good night’s sleep.

It’s important to note that sphynx cats and humans are different when it comes to sleep. Both have different sleep preferences, sleep duration as well as sleep requirements. Therefore allowing your cats to sleep with you can bring about many challenges.

In fact, according to a recent survey which was run by Sphynxlair, more than 70% of sphynx owners allow their cats to sleep with them in their own beds. This is a personal choice and if it works for them then it’s all well.

But there are a few who cannot seem to get their sphynx to settle down creating more bedroom issues. This only ends in disaster and sleepless nights.

For this reason, it’s important to train them to sleep on their own. So the cat can choose their own sleeping times without disturbing their human counterparts, while their owners get to enjoy sleep and some privacy.

How To Train A Sphynx Cat To Sleep On Their Own.

Getting a sphynx cat to sleep on its own is one of the best decisions you can make, at least from my personal experience. We all want to cuddle and spend cold nights together but it doesn’t work like that with the sphynx breed.

Sphynx cats are very energetic, mischievous, and messy to an extent. All of these don’t sit well in the bedroom. I know many owners are opinionated when it comes to their pets and sleep time, but I beg to differ.

Training them to sleep on their own is a great way to establish good and healthy sleeping habits. Sphynx cats are quite smart and they can be trained. It does take effort and a lot of failures but with time you can successfully get them to sleep on their own.

Sphynx cats are affectionate, highly sociable, and clingy. They love their human counterparts and will want to be around them at all times, including sleep time. So at first, you going to experience a lot of resistance and you must face their full wrath before they can start to settle down.

1. First create a warm, comfortable and secure environment. This could be a spare bedroom, a safe elevated area with a good view, or even somewhere in hiding. Any place that your cat usually feels comfortable at.

Try to include their toys, trees, and any other things that they like. It’s important to set the tone of the place before you include the bed so the cat can feel some sort of familiarity.

2. Get the right bed that specifically caters to the needs of the sphynx breed. Make sure it’s a warm and cozy bed that will attract your cat. Once the cat’s bed has been located never change locations. Allow the bed to be fixed at that spot.

3. Introduce your sphynx to its bed. Allow some time for the cat to get used to its bed. New beds come with different scents which will initially be foreign to the cat.

You can wash the bed, try adding a few of your pet’s belongings on it so pheromones can transfer and the cat can start to become familiar with it. You can also add your cat’s favorite toy.

4. Daytime practice. Initiate playtime in the desired location during the day. This will give enough time for the cat to get used to the surroundings and will ultimately work in favor of a smooth transition.

You can also lure your sphynx to the bed by placing toys on it which will attract them and help get them comfortable.

5. Reward Them. Reward the cat with its favorite treats whenever it lay on the bed. Positive reinforcement helps a lot when training cats so make sure you give them assurance and praise whenever they do what’s expected.

6. Be Patient. At first, it will be hard, since the cat is used to you and they will want to be by your side at all times. For the first few days try to initiate sleep by taking them to their beds and helping them fall asleep.

Don’t force them or become aggressive this will just make things worse. If it means you laying beside their bed patiently waiting for them, then do so!

While doing this, make sure your room door is closed so they cannot run back to you. Over time they will get used to the idea of sleeping alone and automatically it will become a part of their daily routine.

7. Use Natural Herbs/Sprays. The reasons for using these herbs or sprays are to make their beds more attractive. Cats like familiar scents so something like catnip or a pheromone spray can help attract them to their bed.

You can also layer the bed with an old t-shirt of yours so they can smell you making them feel comfortable and safe.

8. Routines. When training cats, the most effective way is by creating routines. Routines are basically a repetition of the same behavior or action which over time becomes a part of their daily life.

Where To Place A Sphynx Cats Bed?

Bed location literally dictates whether the cat will feel comfortable to lay on it or simply ignore it. You must pay attention to them to find out all their favorite spots around the house and try to use this to your advantage.

Sphynx cats love their hiding places, some hidden corner behind the spare door, the area beside the window, or even on top of a loft bed. Find the most suitable area that your sphynx fancy and make that their personal space, if it is safe to do so.

Here are some guidelines when choosing a place for your sphynx cat’s personal area.

1. Make sure the place that you decide is in a low-traffic area with enough privacy for them to sleep or play. For instance, you cannot put their beds in an area that people are constantly walking past. This will become an area where the cat will try to stay away.

2. They like elevation, areas such as the windowsills, on top of the bookshelf, or on top of their favorite furniture. A good option is on top of the cat tree since it’s where they spend normally spend time playing and the bed will just fit in as a way for them to rest.

3. Somewhere quiet, free from disturbances and unnecessary interaction. Even though sphynx cats love human interaction and love being involved they also love their sleep.

4. Area with a view. You can put their beds beside the patio door or even up by the window on a hammock. The great view will keep them occupied while they can rest in their cozy beds. However, make sure they aren’t in direct sunlight since sphynx cats are at risk for sunburns.

5. Somewhere near heat. These cats are suckers for a warm cozy place and anywhere where their bodies can absorb heat will be a good place for them. Most of the time they snuggle on their owners to feed off the body heat. So try to create a warm bed with good room temperature.

How To Pick A Good Bed For A Sphynx Cat.

There is a huge variety of pet beds to choose from, but it’s important to buy a bed that specifically caters to the needs of the sphynx breed. Sphynx cats are hairless, lacking a coat that leaves them defenseless against the cold and prone to heat loss.

Therefore they need a bed that will provide proper insulation to keep them warm and comfortable throughout the night. Here’s what you should look for.


Choosing a bed for a sphynx must have the right material. Materials like wool or fleece are great insulators and are perfect for keeping your sphynx warm.


Sphynx cats are messy by nature and they do require consistent hygiene care. Their beds are prone to getting dirty and will need a bed that can be washed easily.


The bed must be strong enough to withstand wear as well as constant washing. The better the quality, the longer the bed lasts.


Sphynx cats get very dirty and they can imprint this dirt on anything their body touches. Their beds are at risk of becoming dirty therefore getting a dark-colored bed will do a good job of hiding dirt. This reduces the need for washing.


Sphynx cats are average-sized cats but they are tall and slender. The bed must be able to comfortably accommodate their bodies with enough room for easy movements.


Sphynx cats are prone to having all sorts of accidents and a resistant layered bed will be ideal. From urine issues to runny poo and even vomiting, resistant fabrics or coverings are lifesavers. Although it’s difficult to find a resistant bed if you do find one it will be of great help.

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Can Sphynx Cats sleep With Their Owners?

I know it’s difficult for many owners to leave their cats out of the room, while their cats scratch and vocalize excessively to get their attention. In fact, many owners choose this option and allow their sphynx to sleep with them because they feel bad leaving their cat out.

While it’s a personal choice I can assure you that they are many challenges that come with this. As well as the training and adaptation to make sleep time better.

First, you have to go through the beginning stages of sleepless nights trying to train them to sleep with you. It takes time for them to adapt and during this time you need to welcome messy accidents, your head is at risk of being stomped while your beddings become discolored in the process.

Don’t forget the excessive vocalizations and jumping around that you have to get used to in the beginning.

Once you finally get them to settle down, you need to create daily routines to prepare them for sleep. This should include 30-minute playtime sessions to drain excess energy, make sure they are well-fed, and ensure they have used the litterbox.

It takes a while for them to adjust accordingly to a routine and even with all that planning in some cases, they won’t ever adjust well.

On the other hand, Some owners are lucky to get their sphynx cats to sleep at a certain time and sleep throughout the night even though these cats like being active at night.

So while it’s possible to train them to sleep with you, it’s important to note that even with training and preparation some cats will never settle down.

Make sure you are prepared so you know what to expect.

Pros and Cons of Sphynx Sleeping With Owners.

Easier OptionCan Interrupt Your Sleep
Great Bonding ExperienceProne To Messy Situations
You Become Their Source of HeatNo Privacy (Intimacy)
Reduced StressHealth Risks
Need To Drain Their Energy
Hygiene Issues

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