Why Are Sphynx Cats Always Hot To The Touch?

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Sphynx cats are pretty unique in their appearance since they lack the fur coat that regular cats have. To Cater to these differences their bodies have to make adjustments to ensure they maintain homeostasis. That’s why you may notice that even on a cold day or hot day they may remain warm/hot to the touch.

Possible reasons for your sphynx cat feeling warm/hot to the touch include:

1. Being exposed to the sun for too long.

2. The environment they are in experiences warmer temperatures.

3. Due to their high activity levels and their robust lifestyles, it’s normal for their bodies to heat up while in motion to lose heat.

4. The sphynx breed has a higher body temperature compared to other cats.

5. Sweaters(clothing) or lubricants/moisturisers can trap heat making them feel hotter.

6. Their hairlessness makes it difficult for them to maintain optimal body temperature therefore they can overheat or lose too much heat.

7. Cats have a higher body temperature than humans hence they will feel warmer to the touch.

Ultimately, the warmth or hotness of a sphynx cat’s skin is merely their body’s response to the ambient temperature of the environment they are located in or the lifestyle they are exposed to. This warm/hot feeling is an adjustment their bodies make to either lose heat or retain heat depending on the situation they may be in. While it’s normal for them to feel warm/hot it’s always good to monitor their body temperature to make sure they are within the normal range.

As I’ve mentioned above there are a number of reasons why your sphynx cat may feel warm/hot to the touch. It may all be new to you since you are probably unfamiliar with the breed or haven’t realised the extent to which this remarkable breed has to adapt for survival. Let’s put some things into perspective to understand this peculiar breed.

Compared to other cats the sphynx breed has a lot of adjustments to make to cater for their hairlessness. In normal cats, The purpose of their fur is to serve as insulation protecting them from harsh external temperatures to which they may be exposed. This means that the function of their fur is to protect them from the cold by retaining their body heat and also to keep them cool when temperatures get very hot due to the layer of air trapped within the coat which acts as a buffer against extreme environmental heat.

Because The sphynx breed lack this feature, the bodies have to adjust to regulate their body temperature on their own. This involves the changes in blood flow through the top layers of their skin making them either lose or retain heat. While they do sweat when too hot, the natural oily substance that is secreted from their skin traps moisture to a certain extent making evaporation minimal.

This just gives a glimpse of some of the issues the sphynx breed faces and it shows how resilient they are in overcoming all these problems. Thus said, this breed still requires help in maintaining body temperature and owners must take the necessary steps in providing a comfortable environment for them to thrive in

Do Sphynx Cats Have A Higher Body Temperature Then Regular Cats?

One of the challenges that the sphynx breed faces is temperature control. As you know temperature is an important factor in the body’s ability to function and for overall well-being. For this reason, they are warmer than regular cats.

The sphynx breed has a higher body temperature than other domesticated cats. The normal body temperature of regular cats ranges between 101.0 to 102.5°F (38.3 to 39.2°C). However, with sphynx cats, their bodies are generally 1-2 degrees warmer. in regards to internal temperature. While their internal body temperature is similar to other cats their external body temperature can be about 4 degrees warmer than regular cats. This is why they may feel hotter to the touch.

This change in body temperature is caused by several reasons all of which are used to ensure optimal body temperature. Due to the hairlessness of the sphynx breed, their body temperature can be easily influenced by their surrounding. They have no insulation so they cannot retain their body temperature so they are always losing heat. To make up for this, their bodies constantly burn calories to make more heat, thus the higher body temperature.

The higher external body temperature can also be caused by the lack of protection in their current environment. This means that they can take on heat from the environment drastically increasing their external body temperature which can ultimately increase their internal body temperature. This can be fatal in severe cases.

How Do I Know If My Sphynx Cat Has A Fever?

Due to the warm/hot nature of the sphynx cats, it’s rather difficult to identify if your cat has a fever or is it just too hot. This is why we have to rely on medical symptoms to diagnose a fever. Fever is basically a rise in body temperature as a response to infection. But there are many other symptoms that you can check for besides temperature.

Ways to check for fever include:

1. Change in behaviour and reduced activity.

2. Reduced appetite.

3. Vomiting and Diarrhea.

4. Increase in Body temperature.

5. Shivering or rapid breathing

It’s always best to follow the signs and symptoms to identify a fever rather than to just go by temperature. Since the temperature of a sphynx cat can so easily be influenced the wrong conclusions can be drawn. Alternatively, you can use a digital thermometer in your cat’s ear or a pediatric rectal thermometer to find accurate temperature recordings.

In cats, a fever is characterized by a temperature of more than 102.5º F with 106º F being the danger zone. If your sphynx is presenting with fever symptoms the safest thing to do is monitor closely and visit your local vet immediately if the temperature is increasing.

How To Cool Down A Sphynx Cat?

Now that we’ve established that the sphynx breed has problems with temperature regulation it’s crucial for you to provide a comfortable surrounding with the right temperature. In summer it’s common for the sphynx cat to overheat since the ambient temperature is at its all-time high and people are more prone to spending time outside.

However, it’s important to note that these hairless cats cannot be exposed to too much sun since they have no protection from the sun rays they can be at risk for heat stroke and sunburns. For this reason, it’s advised to always observe your sphynx behaviour and limit exposure to the sun. Here are a few ways to help keep your sphynx cool in summer.

1. Provide a temperature-controlled room/ AC or Fan preferably a room temperature of 20 to 25 °C (68 to 77 ºF).

2. Cooling mats or ice packs are a great way to maintain body temperature in summer.

2. Using a damp washcloth to cool their bodies is a simple yet effective way.

3. Provide fresh cold water in a cool feature to attract your sphynx keeping them hydrated.

4. Ice treats that are flavoured to keep them coming for more.

5. Keep them away from the sun in a shaded area, alternatively, you can get a kitty tent that can keep them protected from the sun while outdoors.

6. Freeze your sphynx favourite treats.

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