Why my Cat Keeps Meowing In the Hotel Room?

Cats meow as a form of communication. It’s their way of being vocal so that we can acknowledge their presence and also provide what they need. In hotels, it’s common for cats to meow since they are exposed to a different environment, and we know that cats love routine.

There are several reasons as to why your cat meows in the hotel room. The most common reason is because of unfamiliarity, the new environment is different as the sights, smells and scenery are strange to them. This uncomfortable feeling makes them tense and stressed and they respond to this by meowing or with other vocalizations.

Cats are very routine orientated, while they love being inquisitive and adventurous they also like their normal daily routine. Its easy to go out visit and adventure, the problem starts when you aren’t returning home. Like for instance living in a hotel.

This change of routine messes up the cats well being. Some may become difficult to handle and aggressive while some may become stressed and anxious. There are many other issues that play its part in making them feel agitated and restless. These are all contributing factors that cause the cat to meow.

Here are 5 valid reasons that make cats meow in an hotel room

1. Uncomfortable with the New Surrounding.

Since the cat is most comfortable and free at home anywhere either than home will make the cat become anxious and stressed out. Hotel rooms can be very modern and stylish for guests, however, kitty prefers home instead, therefore, they will meow and yowl as they feel threatened. You want to help your cat get familiar with the place, walk around and allow the cat to freely investigate the place on its own.

Basically the cat is scared and it needs assurance that there isn’t any threat. It’s also good to talk to your cat and soothe them with comforting words. Cats are very smart and they can understand. Never shout at your kitty or punish them, no matter what the circumstances.

2. Your cat may be Spooked Out.

Cats can be very fearful at times when exposed to different situations. You may be wondering why your cat is meowing for no reason but there may be things left around that is just causing fear in them.

Hotels in specific have great decor, frames and statues like animal figures and serpents. This can be seen as a threat to your cat making them feel uneasy and afraid. I often see people throwing those fake rubber snakes in front of their cats, poor thing just jumps in total fear.

Therefore, Certain things that may be present in the hotel room can resemble danger to the cat and they respond to these fears with meows.

3. Cat May Want to Relieve Itself.

Cats are very fussy when it comes to doing their business. Your kitty may have adapted to the style and ways of living at home. Now in the hotel, it could be uncomfortable for the cat to relieve itself.

Normally cats like the litter box in one fixed location. The cat gets acclimated to this space, the environment and it becomes routine to them. A sudden change in the litter box position can cause them to not want to use it, therefore the cat may want to relieve itself but is fearful to do so.

You need to be able to earn your cats trust, you need to reassure your cat that it’s alright. Carry your kitty to the litter box but don’t force them in. Give them time to adjust and they will come around.

4. Cat may be Thirsty or Hungry.

Once vacation mood kicks in, it’s very easy to forget the simple things like to feed your cat. You may be so engrossed by the beautiful scenery and forget that poor kitty needs food. Therefore kitty notifies you with meows which can progressively turn to other aggressive vocalizations if you don’t respond.

Another possible reason could be caused by the change in mealtimes. Which can affect the cats routine, leaving them in a state of confusion. For this reason, it’s best to try and keep everything the same so you can reach some form of normality that the cat can recognize and associate with.

5. Cat May Feel Abandoned And May Need Attention.

In most cases when your cat is introduced to a new place it may feel lonely and very isolated. This is only because the cat isn’t familiar with the surroundings. They may become very troublesome and vocal about it.

When you decide to travel with your feline always remember to give them attention as they seek approval from you. If you leave your cat alone and distance yourself, your cat will become stressed causing them to become vocal so that they can get your attention.

For the first day, I recommend that you keep close to the kitty and never leave its sight. This simple step will greatly help kitty to know that you are there. The fact that there is a familiar face amongst all the new things will bring comfort.

How to Make kitty Feel Comfortable in a Hotel?

It’s always daunting to introduce your cat to a new environment. Those who travel with cats know the difficulty and have developed ways that help. Luckily I’ve done the work for you, here are useful ways to make a cat more comfortable to a new surrounding.

  • Keep your cat’s environment as peaceful as possible. You can need to catproof your hotel. Normally when you are on vacation you probably travel with friends and family. That’s a lot of strange faces for one little cat. If you going to be sharing room with your cat, try to make it as cat-friendly as possible while also limiting others from entering.

  • Give kitty enough space to be curious. Cats like to figure things out for themselves, but they might be shy to do so when there is a lot of interaction.
  • Toys are a great distraction especially if its the type of toys that ignites their predatory instincts. Toys like the Ontel Flippity Fish that is motion censored and can even flip resembling a lifelike fish. An alternative could be the Cat’s Meow- Motorized Wand a toy your cat won’t be able to resist.
  • Introduce your cat to the new guest. If you intend on staying for a long period its best to introduce kitty to the new guest. Be patient and don’t force your cat.

  • Spend some alone time with your cat. You want to relax and talk to your cat with a soothing tone. Cats are also very responsive to touch, you could gently stroke kitty’s head while softly talking.

  • Treat your cat with a snack like the temptations crunchy treats. This works wonders especially when your cat is in a bad mood. Normally grumpy cats are very moody but with a favourite treat, this could help ease tension.

Ways to Prepare a Cat for An Hotel Stay/ Travel.

  • Leading up to your travel, allow the cat more freedom by tagging them along to the mall, the park or where ever you going. This will make them experience different surrounding making the transition easier.
  • Expose them to different sounds and interaction.
  • Let them be around other people which will allow for them to adapt.
  • Position the litter box in different areas of the house which will help the cat be more ready for the change in litter box position at the hotel.
  • Change certain things in the cats routine leading up to the holiday. Like the position of the water and food bowls.

Cat-friendly Hotels in the US.

Travelling is always fun and exciting, travelling with cats, on the other hand, can be quite irritating since some hotels are not pet-friendly. When you do find a hotel that is pet-friendly you soon realize that it’s not cat-friendly. This just adds to the pain of looking for a suitable hotel for your furry creature.

This is why we always like to do the work for you so that you can relax and pay attention to what really matters. Here are 5 top cat-friendly hotels to look at in the US.

  • Hotels by Hilton – These hotels allow two cats for an additional fee which ranges between $35-$75 dollars. This fee includes cat meals, bowls and beds.
  • Dury Hotels – Two pets are allowed but must not exceed a combined weight of 80 pounds, with a $35 dollar fee per night.
  • La Quinta by Wyndham Hotels – These hotels allow cats for a fee of $20 dollars per night
  • Loews Hotels – This chain of Hotels charges a $50 dollar fee per day for pets. It offers special pet room service and other extras.
  • Marriott Hotels – These hotels allow up to two pets per room for an additional fee.

Related Questions

  1. Can I leave my cat unattended in a hotel room? No, this is very unsafe and illegal. Most hotels have pet daycare services which can be used if you are in a desperate situation, however, an additional fee will be required.
  • Can I sneak my cat into a hotel? yes, it’s possible to sneak your cat in but it’s not recommended since it goes against hotel policies especially in a non-pet-friendly hotel.

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