10 Cat Breeds That Travel well.

When travelling with cats you want to make sure that the character of the breed of cat that you travelling with match your travel plans. In general, cats shy away from travelling, not because they don’t like to travel but because they don’t like anything either then routine. Thus said, with preparation its possible to make any domestic cat your travel buddy.

So what cat breeds travel well? Siamese, Ragdoll, pixie bob, Japanese bobtail, Scottish fold, American shorthair, Russian blue, exotic short hair Abyssinian and Persian. These cats are more people orientated and friendly thus they do well with travelling. Generally, cats that are interactive, playful, calm and gentle will also do well when travelling.

Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are one of the oldest domesticated cats. They are very distinctive in their appearance with blue almond-shaped eyes and an elongated body that is slender yet muscular. They are affectionate, social, intelligent and very playful. They are meek which makes them fast learners and it’s easy to prepare them for travelling. The fact that they are social makes them excellent travel buddies, since some cats may get aggressive when around human interaction. Siamese cats can also be taught and trained quickly, so it’s important that you prepare your cat in advance so that travelling will be a breeze.

Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are a breed of cats that have blue eyes and a muscular body. They are furry and very humble. They are known for their puffy bodies and cute looks. It’s no secret that many people love this cat. This cat displays affection without being demanding. They require low maintenance and very little care. They are not tempered and vicious but rather low in spirit and friendly. This makes them ideal for travelling since they can be easily trained and nurtured accordingly. Ragdolls thrive in different environments and are able to adapt to change.

Japenese Bobtail Cats

The Japanese bobtail is a breed of domestic cats that have an unusual tail. These cats originated from japan but are now found around the world. These cats are full of energy and are very playful. They love socializing and are very easy going. Japanese bobtails bond very easily especially to its owner, you must impart good character to the cat since the cat picks up a lot of what its exposed to. There personality makes them ideal travel candidates, therefore preparing these beauts for travelling is simple and rewarding for you the owner.

Pixie bob Cats

Pixie bobcats are a domesticated cat breed that is claimed to have naturally occurred. They might appear to look wild and rugged but in fact, they are very gentle and disciplined. They good around children, other pets and human interaction in general. They not demanding and are very well mannered although they can be aggressive when they feel threatened. They can be difficult to handle at times if placed in fear, but in general, they excel as domestic pets. They are very healthy and require very little maintenance. They aren’t subject to specific surroundings and tend to do well in different places.

Scottish fold Cats

Scottish Fold is a breed of cats with a natural dominant gene that affects cartilage throughout the body, causing the ears to fold, henceforth their name. These cats are very distinctive with their striking Grey fur and circled green eyes. These cats are the least nuisance, in normal situations, they are a joy to be around with. They get very attached to the people that surround them and can be a bit clingy. One of there best traits is that they are very responsive and can be easily trained. Scottish folds will definitely do well with travelling has their character is very well suited.

American shorthair Cats

This breed of cats originated from Europe that was introduced to America and is now well known worldwide. These cats come in a variety of fur colours and are bright-eyed. They are interactive and amiable which makes them great for not just travelling but also for adventuring the outdoor life. These cats are vast and adaptable, allowing them to adjust to change and certain environments. The biggest winner for this type of cat is that they are extremely self-sufficient, which make them independent and low maintenance. On the other end, these cats are very sensitive be sure to act appropriately when around them.

Russian blue Cats

Russian blue cats are the sparkly silvery blue-coated cats that are green-eyed and are very eye-catching. These cats are just gems to work with, they lovable, caring and elegant. Although they can be clingy to their

owners, they make pretty good travel buddies. There most favourable trait is that they are reserved and well disciplined. They love cuddling and interaction. Since travelling can be long and tiring some pets can become irritated and restless due to boredom. This feline breed thrives on the quietness and will do well with travelling and any other outdoor tasks.

Exotic shorthair cats

These cats are the short-haired version of the Persian cats. Their appearance is enough to attract your attention since they are cuddly and appealing to the eye. These cats make great bonding mates since they love to be held and cuddled. They are very calm, sweet and sensitive, with little to worry about and isn’t too demanding. The reason why these cats will do well travelling is due to their nature. Their gentleness and meekness make them ideal for travel.

Abyssinian Cats

The lively and energetic Abyssinian cat is a breed of cats that are domesticated and very much sociable. These cats are great family pets as they are very curious, active and playful. They are good at sitting still and are awesome observers. These cats are intelligent, inquisitive and known for being cheeky. They are very vocal and must be trained accordingly before travelling. It’s no secret that these cats are great at outdoors and is able to adjust to suit different environments.

Persian Cats

The Persian cat is a long-haired breed of cats that are characterized by its round face and short muzzle. These cats are quite a bliss and love to be held. They are very trustworthy and affectionate, they are like the least aggressive cats. They not stubborn which makes them excellent at learning and can be easily trained. This is probably the most adorable cat and its character is the same as well. If you intend on travelling with a Persian cat its likely that you will need a cat carrier since they love to tag along everywhere you go.

Can I teach my cat to like travelling?

Yes , it’s possible to teach your feline to enjoy travelling. Cats are very intelligent and they can adapt to any change of environment.

Cats dont hate travelling, they just not used to it. They love routine the normal day to day living. But just because your cat loves you they are willing to do pretty much anything and go anywhere as long as they are with you

The best way to teach your cat to travel is to introduce travel to their routine. Tag them along more often. Whether its going shopping or just down the street. Make them get used to different sceneries.

You also want them to break out of their comfort zone. Introduce them to different people, allow them to become more sociable.

Related Questions

Why most cats don’t like travelling? Cats necessarily don’t hate travelling, neither do they like it. They just feel uncomfortable with anything either than routine. If your cat is new to travelling, definitely you will have problems, but with preparation its completely possible to teach your cat to travel.

Can I travel with an anxious cat? yes, its completely okay if your cat is anxious. All you need to do is try to calm the cat down, give it space to be curious and get familiar. There are several products you could use to assist.

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