How To Keep Cats Entertained While on Holiday.

Leaving cats alone while on vacation can be a very lonely and bored experience. They will have to adjust to the absence of their companions while trying to figure out what’s happening. Therefore you need to prepare to keep them entertained preventing boredom.

Luckily, to make it easier I’ve compiled a list of fun and exciting ways that will ignite little kitties adventure side keeping them active and entertained while enjoy your holiday.

1. Obstacle Courses.

Do it yourself obstacle course using indoor equipment. Cats love the hassle and the grind. Make it adventurous using empty cardboard boxes, blankets, scratch posts and fun toys. You can also hide treats around the play area in safe to reach areas that will drive them to go and find it.

Make sure it’s safe but also add a little height, as cats like jumping. You want to provide a good alternative rather than the outdoors, it’s like bringing the outdoors inside your home.

2. Cat Tree.

A cat tree is a wooden post covered in rough material that cat owners provide so their pets have an acceptable place to scratch and play. Cats have a natural urge to scratch, this action helps them remove old material from their claws and they mark territory with scent glands in their paws.

A cat tree mimics an actual tree and the feeling cats experience when outdoors. This tree can keep them occupied while staying active. The latest cat trees have much more play areas and levels to feed any cats curiosity. The bigger the tree is the more features it has, the more fun-filled options the cat have.

This simple tree can save your furniture while you away and can keep the cat entertained. So that you can be at ease knowing that your cat is busy enjoying themselves.

3. Sightseeing By The Window.

Cats are intinctively attracted to views and if you are a cat owner I’m sure you know this by now. We all know cats love the hassle and the adventure but many don’t realize cats enjoy the quiet times as well. The most common reasons why cats look outside windows is to watch birds and the movement that happens outside.

We must understand cats are animals and animals were created to live outdoors, generally speaking. Thus said, you need to create a good, safe surrounding to encourage their sightseeing. A good window pouch will do wonders as it sticks unto the window while providing a comfortable seat for kitty to relax in.

When allowing the cat to sit by the window make sure the window is closed and it’s secure. To attract birds or squirrels you can set up a feeder near the window Which will keep the cat entertained while you gone.

4. Catnip Pillows.

You probably know just how much cats love catnip. Catnip contains an oil called nepetalactone, which can trigger a cat’s pheromone receptors and cause them to feel incredibly happy. Catnip is often used to encourage a cat to use a particular piece of furniture, such as a cat bed or scratching post, but many toys also utilize catnip to inspire cats to play with them.

A typical response includes sniffing, chewing, licking, head shaking, followed by chin, cheek, and body rubbing. Kitty becomes calm and very relaxed. A good idea is to put the catnip into a kitty pillow or even in a spongy toy. The cat will be attracted and compelled to it. This will result in a state of euphoria, kitty will be over the moon and engaged.

5. Favorite Toys.

Provide a variety of toys and interesting gadgets for your cat that can be used safely indoors. Some cats prefer toys that have movement while others may prefer those rattles that make noise.

There are also some toys that are motion censored and resemble real animals. This realistic movement triggers the cats predatory instincts that attracts them.

The best toys for cats are the ones that stimulates the curiosity and adventure, you don’t want to get something that is boring and not attractive to the cat. You could even make a lot of toys for your cat using simple DIY crafts that are lying around your home.

Example of homemade toys include:

  • Catnip yarn balls
  • Feather and strings
  • Cardboard mouse
  • Sock toys
  • Diy scratch post
  • Cat-friendly dream catchers.

6. Scavenger Hunt.

Hiding treats around your home is a great way of keeping cat healthy and active while being indoors. Your cat will be occupied for hours while searching for treats.

This indoor activity is awesome, as it keeps them on their paws while enjoying the special treats. When preparing for this game try to hide the treats privately in areas where it is safe. Try to not make it obvious and create some excitement.

A simple way to create that urge in your cat is to hide treats in toys. The smell of the treat attracts kitty and they will be entertained with the toy while trying to get the treat.

Do this in consideration and never overfeed your feline, its good to keep their water bowl nearby as this will be a streneous yet exciting. Instruct the pet sitter accordingly.

7. DIY- Cat in the Box.

This game is fun and involves more mental activity than physical activity. Your cat’s mental wellness is fairly as important as its physical well being. All you need to do is take an empty cardboard box and cut out some large holes.

The cat must be able to easily to enter and exit the box. Decorate the box by painting (non-toxic paint) and add a few hanging gadgets inside the box to create some mystery. Had some catnip, small toys and a few treats in.

This box can be seen as a hiding place or an adventure site according to your cats liking. Cats are very inquisitive and curious so will always seek to discover what is in the box.

This could entertain kitty for hours, provided someone is there to supervise.

8. Build a Fun Room.

What’s better than having a cat-friendly Disneyland within your own home. It’s almost like a furry palace or haven for kitty within the comfort of your home. If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room, that will be great if not, you could improvise by allocating a portion of space within any room to set up.

First things to remove anything lose lying, including dangerous objects, cords, expensive decor and ornaments. Set up a kitty camp tent, you could also make one using a blanket or sheet. Make plenty of hiding places and provide many toys.

If you have spare shelves lying around put them up like a stairway unto the walls since cats like height. This will be exciting. You could also set up a hammock if you don’t have one use a strong sheet or cloth and tie both ends joining it on either side. This will give the cat some freedom and space to relax.

You also want to include the litter box, food and water bowls.

9. Rotatable Laser Light Point.

This never gets old and cats simply love the adventure that is hidden within this tiny light. Cats like lasers because the quick movement is similar to chasing prey. You may ask how could they play with these laser lights without you being home, however Amazon have a variety of automatic rotatable laser lights specifically made for cats.You can instruct the pet sitter to turn it on for a few hours a day.

This excites their predatory instincts, as they will be occupied running around chasing the light. The light almost mimics an animal scurrying around to escape.This is an awesome idea but try to not make kitty too tired. Some may argue that this is cruel, however, given the current situation, I feel that this isn’t bad as some may think provided it’s done with moderation.

10. Fish Tank Fun.

Cats love fish tanks and aquariums as they think the fish is food. Cats are driven by instinctual urges, they are curious and are attracted to movement. The perfect setup that a fish tank offers.

Off course it would be dangerous for the fish to let the cat off the hook therefore what better way than to mimic a fish tank with fake fish. You can create a simple fish tank using a clear plastic fish tank with fake silicon fish. You also can get fish that moves and are battery operated which can be set in motion.

This scene will definitely catch the attention of your cat, providing fun and adventure without anyone or anything being in danger. This can also make kitty get used to the water since some cats aren’t fond of water.

11. Television.

Felines are very calm and civilized animals, apart from the adventure they enjoy the lonely peaceable time as well. Sitting in front of the television is probably an ideal setup

The constant visualization leaves kitty in a calm soothing state. They are intrigued yet confused since their sight is different from humans. They are attracted to the quick movements of objects on the screen, which will keep them busy for a while.

To make it better you could play wildlife movies and adventure series. This kind of scene is the perfect thing to get your cats attention as their instincts kick in.

However tv is not for all cats, some cats are more aggressive and hype the tv trick will never work for these kind character of cats. Have the pet sitter present when the tv is turned on.

12. Old Shoes.

Cats and shoes have always been a match made in heaven. For some strange reason cats love biting and chewing on smelly shoes.

In nature, scents are messages, so in general “animals tend to be attracted to smelly surfaces,” said Carlo Siracusa, a veterinarian. Smelly shoes are likely to come with odors, including pheromones, from other cats or animal.

Smelly shoes may also resemble dead prey which attracts other animals. Your cat may be attracted to the smell as if its food, therefore they will bite and practically destroy the shoe in search of the prey.

While this can ruin your shoes, it also keeps kitty on their paws. Always on the hassle, discovering and being an animal like nature intended. This simple trick can keep kitty occupied the whole day. Just use an old shoe to avoid disappointments.

13. Fishing Rod Fun.

If you tired of buying toys your cat loses interest in or that dont hold up than you probably want to get a cat fishing rod. Veterinarians and cat behaviorists strongly recommend interactive toys, particularly for indoor cats, to keep them healthy, physically and mentally.

The fishing rod is filled with fun and excitement. The Toy with Lasting Allure was designed to satisfy a cat’s natural instincts for stalking, chasing and pouncing on their prey. Your cat will never be bored or inactive again while indoors. You could attach treats to the end of the rod from a high place and let kitty jump to get it.

This just adds that level of independence, this will make your cat feel as if they are working for their own food just as how it was suppose to be. Safety information, supervised play only. Like with any string toys, keep away from kids and never allow your pet to play with it on their own.

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