10 Reasons Why Sphynx Cats Are Considered Smart.

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Sphynx cats are quite an interesting breed. They go above the norms of regular domestic cats and they are very different in both personality and appearance. However, due to them being a fairly new breed, there isn’t enough factual information to understand this amazing breed.

One of their many attributes that seem to catch people off guard is their intelligence and witty personality. And since there isn’t much research to back how smart they really are, I decided to do a little research carefully analyzing their personality, capabilities, and behavior to get an idea of how intelligent they really are.

Based on my findings, the sphynx breed presents with high levels of intelligence, curiosity, and alertness. They are definitely strong contenders against other intelligent breeds which earns them the right to be named amongst other highly intelligent cat breeds.

Let’s see why!

1. Sociability.

One of the main reasons why the sphynx breed is regarded as high maintenance is due to them being highly sociable.

Although it’s uncommon for normal cats to display this character the sphynx breed goes beyond the limitations of domestic cats, thus displaying their intelligence.

They love being involved and have real FOMO no matter the event. They blend in perfectly and will participate in any interaction whatsoever.

The surprising part about this breed is that they do well with change and can adapt accordingly to be a part of the team.

These cats don’t know what’s stranger danger as they are open to everyone displaying their resilience.

And when everything is quiet and standoffish these clowns take center stage. Yes, entertaining is a part of their unique and vibrant nature.

2. Resourceful.

You may be thinking how could a mere cat such as the sphynx display resourcefulness? let me explain.

Sphynx cats have the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties irrespective of the situation or boundaries.

When I say nothing can stand in the way of them getting what they want, I really mean it! It’s like they are wired to overcome any obstacle in their path.

This resourcefulness is due to their wild instincts which is required for survival out there in the wild, since they are indoor cats this is a great advantage for them.

Their resourcefulness can be seen in the following ways:

  • Finding ways to get to an elevated area, a place of safety when they feel threatened.
  • Making ways to get to the food, sphynx cats can be gluttons even after giving them their meal. I know some sphynx cats even jump on the counter to open the drawers to get more food.
  • They are strategic in finding ways out of situations.
  • Flexible and the ability to adapt to change.

3. Trainability.

Many sphynx owners describe their sphynx nature as dog-like and now we know why. It’s not common for cats to be trained or even participate in playtime.

But sphynx cats display high levels of interest and curiosity. This is what gives them the ability to be trained. In fact, they are considered the most easily trained of all cat breeds.

This doesn’t just mean that they can be trained but they can be trained a lot faster. This means they are able to learn, comprehend and adjust to certain actions much more quickly.

This is proof of their enriched cognitive functions and their natural ability to constantly adjust to change. This also shows that they have a great memory to learn these newfound actions.

They can be trained to play certain games, use a litterbox, walk on a leash, and to even perform certain actions.

This fast learning ability is a great advantage and can also be a disadvantage since they are able to pick up bad behaviors and habits to which they are exposed to.

This is one of the many reasons why these cats need an enriched environment to put their brain power to work in a positive way.

4. Ability To Sense Danger.

It’s important to know that cats, in general, are wildlife, however over the years they have been domesticated and have adjusted quite well to indoor life. This may have stumped their ability to protect and sense danger, but not so with the sphynx breed.

What I’ve noticed is that sphynx cats are very aware and woke to their surroundings.

They are alert in sight, sensitive to noise, and very observant of movement. These attributes make them great at sensing danger or any threat that is within their environment.

Even though they are small in size they are able to protect themselves by means of escape or in defense depending on the situation.

While it’s obvious that these cats can’t contend against other larger threats they do a good job analyzing their environment and making sure they are safe.

5. Initiates Play.

Although many people think cats are usually passive and don’t require much, but for sphynx cats, play is in their DNA. Playtime is at the heart of the sphynx breed.

They love games, active involvement, and playtime with their owners. They are strong contenders and team players in any activity they are involved in.

They have tons of energy and need constant companionship to fulfill their high-intensity lifestyle.

At times they can be demanding, initiating play even if it means by force. They will jump, chase and even cling to you until you play with them.

They also need a lot of interactive toys and puzzles to keep them stimulated to encourage mental development.

These cats don’t sound like your typical home cats, in fact, they are geniuses trapped in a cat’s body.

6. Knows How To Get Attention.

Let’s just say stubborn, demanding, and clingy are some of the words that describe the sphynx breed.

They are persistent, engaging and hardcore which makes them get whatever they want when they want.

These cats have mastered the art of nuisance and they know it works. Whether they want your attention, more food or cling on to you they will do anything to get through to you.

From extreme vocalizations to invading your personal space or anything to get your attention. They will do just about anything to annoy you so you are forced to give them what they want.

And 95% of the time they end up getting exactly what they want. They have learned how to tap into the mind of their owners preying on their love for them.

This seems like a smart way to get things done, at least from a feline’s perspective. And you can’t help but give them credit for their brilliant yet deceiving ability.

7. Escape Masters.

If I tell you, even Houdini has nothing on these cats. The way they are able to successfully get themselves out of situations is amazing and somewhat frustrating.

They can get out of their leash, run away while having a bath, or even plan an escape in a closed room. I know a situation where a cat was traveling with its owner in a camper, and they had parked in an open field for the day.

The cat was really intrigued by the surroundings so much so that it would try to escape. Every time when someone entered the camper the cat would position itself in a way to run out.

Until one day this master planner actually did escape, as it slithered its way out the door. The sad part is that they didn’t even find the cat until this day.

It’s always advised that when traveling or you heading outdoors make sure your sphynx is chipped and properly harnessed and leashed.

A leash on its own isn’t effective since the cat can easily maneuver its way out of it. These cats are not your typical warm and fuzzy fur balls that we are all used to.

They are in fact very smart and calculative, therefore you need to prepare accordingly.

8. Mischievous.

Sphynx cats have many sides to their personality and without doubt, I can say that they do have a mean streak which becomes problematic at times.

I often like to describe them as childlike since they display such behavior. They are easily distracted, curious, mischievous, and playful.

Most of the time their overly playful nature is what makes them get into mischief. They always looking for something to entertain them.

And once they are fed up with it, they on to something else and it just goes on. But with sphynx cats, they sometimes have no boundaries and bad behavior can easily settle in if not properly dealt with.

They will jump, make messes and get into trouble all for the sake of play. Some sphynx cats even jump on countertops, interfere with furniture, cause destruction and even display disobedience.

What I’ve is that due to their smart and interactive minds they need to be in a simulated environment. If this isn’t fulfilled, they become bored and tend to compensate for what’s missing. Causing them to be mischievous.

This brilliant breed needs proper mental stimulation and a challenging environment to thrive. If not they will self-destruct.

9. Great Communicators.

One thing the sphynx breed isn’t shy about is voicing themselves whenever they disapprove or approve of anything.

They will cry, chirp, meow, and even utter other vocalizations to make their feelings heard. This breed is very chatty and can even hold a conversation, to an extent.

Whenever they want something they will let you know with meows and other vocalizations and if you not paying attention they will even go to an extent of crying or screaming to get your attention.

Also when they aren’t comfortable or feeling lonely they will effectively let you know that they need attention and affection.

At times when all is well and they just cuddling and enjoying their owners, they will approve of it with sudden purrs and soft meows.

These cats are very good communicators as they are known as one of the most vocal cat breeds. This shows their interactive nature making them open-minded and socially inviting.

10. Emotionally Connected To Owners.

Even though sphynx cats are good around other people, they develop a special bond with their owners. These cats are deeply connected to the people who they spend most of their time with and this companionship is a necessity for the sphynx breed.

They are able to form emotional connections with their owners and they become attached. This is why they will always gravitate toward you and enjoy having you in their presence.

Also, your absence can greatly affect them causing all sorts of problems such as emotional, behavioral, and stress issues. This shows your importance in their life.

You become their refuge the one they run to when they feel scared, threatened, or unassured. Alternatively, they are also good at supporting their owners when they can feel something isn’t right.

They are great at interpreting our moods and emotions and will also offer cuddles and kisses to show their support.

Emotional intelligence is what they seem to display which adds to their overall intelligence and brilliant persona.

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