10 ways to keep your cat clean and safe during lockdown.

While lockdown is still in place as the world bleeds due to this pandemic, people fail to realize the effects of this virus on pets, cats in specific.

This is the time your kitty needs you the most as they are unable to take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety like they way you can. Heres 10 ways to keep kitty safe during the lockdown.

1. Stay indoors

The best thing is prevention, always stay indoors even when it’s difficult to do so. Cats are a handful at times and it might be challenging. Make sure you entertain your cat while indoors, it’s much safer as it only takes a few seconds to contract the virus when leaving your home.

Come up with fun and exciting adventures for kitty to stay occupied, if not try our suggested indoor activities that your cat will love, which feeds their curiosity.

While on lockdown use the garden and your home to it’s full capacity. Go for walks or maybe exercises with your feline as long as you remain within your home.

2. Sanitize kitties paws

Most probably you abiding by the lockdown rules and regulations however, you will need to head out for essentials and other important stuff.

While you maybe practicing good hygiene sanitizing and wearing masks but your shoes are still exposed while outdoors. It’s easy to cross-contaminate from your shoes to the home floor into kitties paws.

Therefore it’s important to clean your cats paws regularly. You dont have to always wash them you could use a paw cleaner or disinfectant wipes to keep your cat safe.

Cats paws are naked and exposed to the surface it touches, anything can get trapped in their paws and its your job to make sure they are well taken care of in these trying time.

3. Vitamins and balanced diet.

It’s important for your cat to have a well balanced diet that caters for their daily lifestyle. Most cat foods do contain the essential vitamins and minerals.

Cats need a wide range of vitamins for optimal health. These include vitamin A, which supports vision and immune health, vitamin D which supports healthy bone development, and vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant.

When choosing cat foods consider the following.

  • feed raw and minimally processed foods. Go for fresh veg and meat that retains the nutrients.
  • choose organic foods that are produced locally and sustainably without the use of chemicals.

you also want to provide safe and clean drinking water.

In some cases the food isnt enough to provide the required vitamins the cat needs. A good supplement can be a lifesaver to fit the missing pieces together.

4. Keep your cats mouth clean.

Cats are curious and very fidgety. They like licking and tasting on everything, it’s practically impossible to change this habit so instead we can try to control it.

A good plastic cone collar will be ideal or even a muzzle as long as its lightweight and comfortable. Make sure the cat can breath properly and isnt restricted in anyway.

The cone will prevent kitty from licking on things such as there fur, and other objects which will help keep them safe and protected.

5. Cat booties

It may seem weird but cat booties are a thing and this could greatly help to keep kitty safe during this pandemic.

These boots will protect your cats paws from directly touching the surfaces of your home, especially the floor. Therefore no cross-contamination.

You can use any cat shoes or boots that you have, if not make a sock using material or any type of non slip fabric that you have. Measure the size of kitties paws cut and sew.

Anything will work as it just provides another layer of protection for your feline.

6. Dont share utensils, food or bedding.

We all love our pets as they are our companions with little to no distance between. However they must be some sort of distancing to avoid the spread of this virus.

While there isnt enough proof to state whether cats can transmit the virus to humans and vice versa, experts say it’s important to keep distant and avoid close interaction until the facts are stated.

This means no sharing beds or cuddling, no sharing meals while eating with your hands, dont allow kitty to lick on you or chew on any of your belongings.

On the other hand this doesn’t mean you must throw kitty out, which many people are doing at this moment. This is the time you cat or pet really need your protection in order to keep safe.

7. Regular Baths

Sanitizing with disinfectants and wipes works well but nothing is better than water and soap/ shampoo.

Professionals advise that the most reliable ways of keeping clean is by using soap and water, the same goes for your feline.

Give them regular baths twice or thrice a week as a preventative measure. Use a separate sponge and soap. Dont share any sort of products or bathing equipment.

Make sure kitties fur is always clean as dirt and dust settles easily on them. This could be the breathing ground for germs.

8. Disinfect kitties bowls and bottle.

When practicing good hygiene everything must be clean and sanitary. Including kitties bowls, bottles, brushes and utensils.

Its important to wash these stuff more than once a day to stop cross-contamination.

Soak the stuff in hot water and add a disinfectant for a few minutes to kill germs. While you at it, clean the floors and other areas in your home where your cat sits or sleeps.

When purchasing cat food also sanitize the outside of the packaging as you want to be safe rather than sorry.

9. Collar and leash

If you have a very energetic and vibrant cat its neccessary to get a a collar and leash. Cats like wandering and roaming around which may lead them to explore the outdoors.

A use of a leash can greatly help to ease your mind and keep kitty safe while still having abit of freedom. A good option is the 10meter retractable leash that allows the cat to freely move while still being restricted.

Collars are also important if your cat doesn’t have a microchip. Its give some sort of identification if your feline wanders away from home. I suggest you attach a cell number and name to your felines collar incase of emergencies.

10. No to kitty parties

At this time scientists are not sure if cats can spread the virus to each other, however the last test that was performed in china showed evidence that cats can actually transmit the virus to other cats if kept in closely.

However this was a test done under certain variables and not an everyday lifestyle situation.

To keep safe prevent your cat from interacting with any other feline. The covid-19 strain of the virus is well equipped and can mutate at any time, things could get worse. Just be safe and keep your cat safe indoors and entertained.

If you have more than one cat, keep both indoors and practice good hygiene. Use separate products and accessories for each.

If you got a cat and a dog together in one home, you need to be extra vigilant and aware. You also have to keep both pets at a distance to each other.

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