6 Reasons Cats Are Scared Of The Front Door.

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Cats are funny, fearful, and sometimes hilarious. They get spooked out for just about anything and the front door could be one of the things they are afraid of. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons why your cat is terrified of the front door.

1. Doors Welcome New People.

All cats have different characters and personalities. While some may be friendly and inviting others may enjoy their personal space. The door is an entrance to new people, strange things, and other pets. Cats don’t do well with unfamiliar things or changes to their environment. For that reason, your cat may be scared of the unknown that’s behind that door.

This is common as it takes a while for cats to get used to certain changes. Sometimes your cat may run away in hiding to keep itself safe from anything unknown.

2. Your Cat is Awaiting Your Arrival.

Your cat may not be scared of the door but could be waiting for you to enter. So with every opening and closing of the door, they build anticipation expecting it to be you. If you are a working cat parent, you will know that leaving your cat every day is difficult, however them welcoming you at the door is an absolute pleasure.

Over time this pattern gets engraved in the cat’s routine as they have acute senses. Therefore they wait anxiously or feel restless at the door if they don’t hear your sound of approach. Even on days when you are at home, they can still display the same behavior at the door.

3. Doors Are Noisy.

Doors are very noisy whether it’s the hinge, the doorknob, a squeak, or even if the door is being slammed. Since the front door is mostly used it’s understandable why your cat may be fearful of it. Its not actually the door itself but the noise that comes from opening and closing the door.

The same goes for the reason why cats are scared of the washing machine, dryer or even the vacuum. All these appliances make noise which strikes fear in the cat.

4. Bad Experience At The Door.

A bad experience can leave a long-lasting scar in the mind of your cat. For example, a friend of mine’s cat was left traumatized when she welcomed her visitors along with their dog to her home, as the dog almost attacked her cat. Even though nothing went wrong, this experience stayed in the cat’s mind, and now the cat became fearful of doors.

Bad experiences can cause a lot of fear and anxiety for cats, especially for cats who are docile and gentle in nature.

5. Fear of The Outdoors.

Cats are very sensitive and the outdoors are filled with all kinds of possible threats, unfamiliarity as well as bad encounters. This could be a valid reason as to why your cat is scared of the front door, since the front door is the entrance to the outdoors.

We all know that cats don’t deal well with change, they are routine orientated. If your cat is giving you the cold shoulder, its probably best to leave them at home where they feel protected.

6. Door Bell.

Cats hate noise, they always get spooked out by the sound of any noise. Probably because they hear at a higher pitch than humans so the noise they hear are exaggerated. Likewise a doorbell could be the reason why your cat hates the door.

Door bells are sudden and it relates to the opening of the door. Over time cats understand this correlation and develop a fear or awareness whenever that doorbell rings. Therefore they will run away or hide until they feel safe again.

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