7 Ways To Keep A Siberian Cat Cool In Summer.

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Siberian cats are longhaired heavy-boned cats that are built for the harsh cold seasons. They have successfully adapted to the cold weather of Siberia, with their triple-layered coat that is waterproof and is extremely dense. With this great feature comes a negative aspect, as they aren’t able to tolerate the hot weather in the summer seasons, even though they molt.

For these reasons, it’s up to us as their fur parents to make adjustments and arrangements to ensure they remain healthy, cool, and comfortable even during the hottest weather. This is why Siberian cats are higher maintenance than regular cats.

Here are 5 ways to help Siberian cats remain cool in summer:

1. Haircuts.

Even though Siberian cats shed excessively during the warmer seasons it’s not enough to make them cool down. These cats have three layers of dense fur that make it difficult for them to keep cool. When they do shed in summer only their inner dense coat falls off, the remaining hair still makes it difficult for them to tolerate the hot temperatures.

Haircuts, specifically the ‘LION’ styled cut can help keep them cool and healthy until summer passes. Another option is to have their hair trimmed so they are better equipped to handle hot weather. A good thing is that Siberian cat hair grows back really fast so it won’t take long until they are back to its original state.

2. Leave Your Cat In The Basement.

You may feel that this is cruel and morally not right, but I can assure you it’s a great way to have your cat feeling comfortable. In the united states, summer can be extremely harsh, especially for your Siberian cat who is practically draped in fur.

While they do molt to an extent, they still retain most of their coat making them experience hot weather without being able to effectively cool down. The basement provides a great cool area for them to spend the day, provided it’s well-ventilated and safe.

Of course, you will have to rearrange certain things and provide enough stimulation making that area as enriched as possible. In this way, they can remain entertained, cool and safe from possibly overheating.

You can also spend time down there with them, as the heat can be unbearable for humans as well. Your cat will be happy to have you by their sight as well as enjoy the soothing cool environment that the basement provides.

3. Promote Playtime With Water.

Siberians really enjoy playing and they are fascinated with water. This will be a great time to put these advantages to the test. Allow them to play in the water, under supervision to make sure they are safe.

This will keep them entertained as well as lower their body temperature to ensure they are not overheating. This will keep them safe and comfortable, preventing dehydration and hyperthermia.

If you are situated in an area that experiences harsh summer temperatures then some water fun will really be helpful.

4. Maintain Optimal Room Temperature.

In summer it’s very easy for the atmospheric temperature to rise, making it unbearable for your cat to be comfortable. For this reason, it’s important to maintain an optimal, room temperature that is safe for your cat. For those who have an AC, it’s easier to remain cool, but a fan will also help to keep your home cool.

For those who don’t have access to an AC or fan, you can open some windows to allow for proper ventilation which will help keep your Siberian cat cool. A portable cooler is also great to maintain optimal room temperature.

5. Cooling Mats.

Cooling mats are a great product that helps decrease cats’ body temperature. These mats are non-toxic and safe for cats and they work well in preventing your pet from overheating.

These mats normally contain, water, gel, or a pressure-activated substance that activates on impact. Therefore the cat’s body weight is actually used in the heat exchange process.

6. Ice Treats.

Icy treats are a good way to keep your Siberian cat cool. You can try tuna treats, ice lollies, or even frozen fruit chips. These tasty treats can be made in advance and can be served whenever it’s too hot.

You can also replace their water, with an ice block. So as the ice melts it provides cold water which will help keep your cat refreshed. This is a good alternative to water standing in the cat’s bowl.

7. Spray Their Coat.

Using a spray bottle and some fresh water, you can spray an even amount of water on the surface of their coat. This idea mimics the idea of the body’s natural sweating mechanism.

The water on their coat will eventually evaporate slowly thus bringing about a cooling effect. This works well for cats that aren’t able to effectively cool down, like the Siberian breed.

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