8 Most Effective Cat Sedatives For Travel.

Traveling with cats can be really stressful and dreadful. Taking vacations or exploring road trips with cats is difficult and frustrating. Thankfully the use of sedatives have helped cat owners We feel bad to leave our cats at home and on the other hand tagging them along causes more stress making them uncomfortable and agitated.


The FELIWAY stress relief spray helps cats keep calm in stress related situations. Cats are pets of habit and any change in environment can trigger anxiety and stress related behaviors.

The use of the FELIWAY spray helps to mimic the cats natural pheromones without the use of any drugs or allergens. Pheromones are a behavior altering agent that aids in making cats calmer and more relaxed. It gives them a sense of assurance and familiarity.

The spray is clinically proven to be effective for traveling, outdoor adventures and for any stress related situations that the cat may face daily. It helps for

  • Traveling and adventure.
  • Change of environment.
  • Being Home alone.
  • Anxiety and inappropriate behavior.
  • Getting used to new people.
  • Engaging with other pets.

In the US more than 70% of cat owners report some kind or behavioral issues that is stress related. Whether it is excessive scratching, vocalization or even erratic behavior. This product is proven to show results within 7 days which will aid in a more relaxed and stable pet.

It also works well on un-neutered or un-spayed cats to control their behavior, urges and the way they handle bodily changes. The spray is proven to work in 8/10 cats and significantly decrease unpleasant behavior.

So the next time you want to travel, engage with nature or even move cross-country. Remember to get the FELIWAY spray conveniently from amazon. Your travel depends on it.

2. THUNDERSHIRT Anxiety Jacket for Cats.

The Thundershirt classic anxiety jacket for cats is a compression jacket that helps cats to calm down, whenever situations arise making them feel anxious and weary. For example traveling.

This specially designed vet recommended jacket was made for cats to suit their bodies in a comfortable yet effective way. This product works really well as its proven to have an 80% success rate when traveling.

So how does it work ? The compression jacket applies constant pressure to the cats body bringing assurance and comfort. This effect mimics the presence of a person hugging or comforting, therefore the cat will feel safe and secure and will calm down.

The THUNDERSHIRT is very effective when traveling like going for vet visits, road trips, vacations or even at home in stressful situations.

The product is lightweight yet durable. Its also washable, attractive and easy to travel with. It comes in different adjustable sizes suitable for small, medium and larger cats. One of the best features that I personally love is the fact that the fabric resists collecting hair, completely hassle free.

There is no secret as to why the THUNDERSHIRT Anxiety jacket have gained so much recognition. The product speaks for itself.

Your cats best travel days are a click away, get your THUNDERSHIRT classic cat anxiety jacket conveniently from Amazon.


Melatonin is a natural hormone secreted in the brain. This hormone sold in a pill form can be used to sedate cats for traveling as it helps cats calm down, ease stress and relieve anxiety.

The effect melatonin has on the cats body induces rest. This helps the cat become less fearful and relaxed for 6-12 hours. This medication is very effective for cats as well as other pets.

The benefits of using melatonin includes:

  • Helps to ease anxiety, stress and fear.
  • Used to treat cats with sleep disorders.
  • Great antioxidant, target’s free radicals.
  • Induces rest for traveling or grooming.

For the hormone to work effectively, the correct dosage must be administered 30 minutes before travel.

Cats weight Dosage
Under 10 pounds1-3 mg
Over 10 pounds3-5mg

Never exceed dosage within twelve hours of use. As there are side effects associated when overdosed.

When using melatonin you have the option to choose the Pill, drops or chews form. The simplest way to get cats to take the medication is by eating it making the chews the easier option.

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4. HEMP OIL Calming aid for cats and Dogs.

This all natural product is produced by VETRAPET a company based in the US. It uses quality oil from hemp seeds to help calm anxious and stressed out cats and dogs. The natural calming effect of hemp treats most unpleasant behaviors, uneasiness, irritability, anxiety or behavior caused by changing environments.

This innovative formula have been specially designed for pets to help them cope with any change. After all cats are routined and they like familiarity.

Health benefits of using Hemp Oil drops include:

  • Treats anxiety, stress and noise when traveling.
  • Works well for behavior disorders.
  • Helps with separation anxiety
  • Healthy, perfect for your cats wellbeing.
  • Treats joint pain and inflammation.
  • Contains omega 3 and 6 for immune and physical health.

For it to work effectively, it must be used at the correct dosage.

Cats under 10 pounds 1 drop
Cats 10-20 pounds1-2 drops
Cats 20-49 pounds3-4 drops

This product is a great all-natural and healthy sedative for cats. Help your fur companion brush of the fear & dread of travelling by getting the All-natural HEMP OIL DROPS on Amazon.

5. Pet Naturals of Vermont, Calming chews.

The amazing pet Naturals of Vermont calming chews are a behavior support supplement to enhance your cats behavior in stressful situations. These bites are delicious, nutritious and contains active ingredients to help soothe anxiety and irritability.

These chews are great for traveling or any other daily stressors. When traveling, camping or relocating these simple sizable chews can save you a whole lot of trouble and unwanted behavior. It will allow the cat to be more relaxed for a smoother transition.

These treats are free from artificial ingredients like starch and fillers. Each chewy bite contains Thiamine, Colostrum Calming complex and L-theanine which are active ingredients and are beneficial to the cats health.

This product can be used for situations like

  • Car rides, travels, relocating.
  • Thunderstorms or excessive noise like firworks.
  • Introducing a new pet.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Unpleasant behavior for un-neutered cats.

For effective results, the chews must be administered 30 minutes prior to the travel or stressful event. This gives enough time for the chews to be digested and for the active ingredients to work.

You are also required to give at the right amounts. For cats one chewy bite is sufficient, but in extreme situations where the cat is showing more severe symptoms of anxiety and stress like shortness of breath and severe vocalizations, you can add another bite as it is safe to do so.

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6. FEDCIORY Calming collar

Calming collars are a great way to handle travel stress, anxiety and uneasiness. It contains natural pleasant smelling herbs such as lavender and chamomile and oils that cats like, supplementing pheromones.

The Fedcriory calming collar takes features and design to a whole new level. The minimalistic waterproof designed collar is simple yet elegant providing comfort and a good user experience.

Its 14,9 inches in length adjustable suitable small, medium and larger cats ensuring a continuous release of pheromones by the rise in the cats body temperature for up to 30 days.

It contains no toxic ingredients and it isn’t harmful to the cats health. Made from pvc plastic for flexibility and comfort. Beware that some cats who dont like collars might try to

Benefits include:

  • Soothes cats when traveling.
  • Long lasting calming effect.
  • Helps to control aggressive, anxious, stressed and hyperactive cats.
  • Alleviates erratic behavior.
  • Helps cats get used to new family members and new pets.

Add the FEDCIORY collar to your cat’s collection, conveniently from Amazon.

7. THUNDERWUNDERS Cat Calming paw gel.

The thunderwunder cat calming paw gel is an affordable calming aid that helps with stress related situations like traveling, road trips, change of homes and other external factors.

The product simply works by applying about 1 inch of gel to the top of the cats paw. The gel is therefore spread throughout the cats body when they scratch or clean themselves.

The natural ingredients like chamomile and passionflower in the gel gives off a calming effect which soothes and relieves the cat. This will result in the cats behavior being altered and more pleasant.

Before using the gel make sure to check if the cat is allergic to anything since the gel contains salmon and soy.

This product is so well trusted that its 100% moneyback guaranteed if the buyer isn’t fully satisfied. Why waste time when you can get yours now, delivered to you from Amazon.

8. MEOWIJUANA Premium Catnip Spray

The MEOWIJUANA catnip spray is a potent spray made from organic catnip buds. This product works extremely for traveling, or helping the cat get used to new things. The spray is oil based providing a long lasting effect.

Catnip is a natural herb that has sedative properties that eases anxiety and stress. The herb is pleasant in smell and cats like it. The spray is just the same as the natural catnip herb but more powerful making it more effective.

When traveling, spray the oil based substance on a toy, the cats carrier or on the leash. To keep the cat relaxed, intrigued and entertained for the full duration of the travel.

Check the reviews of results other cat owners have been getting by using the MEOWIJUANA Premium Catnip spray on Amazon.

Other Catnip products that can be used

  • Catnip and valerian Herb blend.
  • Catnip filled Toys.
  • Nipped Catnip treats.


All the above sedatives are great options for cats when it comes to traveling. But before you decide on a particular product consult with your local vet to discuss the best medication for your cat.

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