Do Cats Feel Sad & Abandoned When You Go On Vacation?

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Everybody loves traveling and going on vacations, however, when it comes to your little furry friend this can be very difficult and frightening.

The changing environment puts cats in distress therefore many owners choose to leave their cats at home while they are away.

However, even when cats are at home alone, they do feel your absence and it affects them.

Cats do feel sad when their owners go on vacations as your absence is unfamiliar to them. They are so used to the love and affection that you give, which isn’t there anymore. This can make them nervous and is enough to put them in distress. Prolonged separation can even cause them to feel abandoned and alone which can affect their behavior.

Cats have a reputation for being independent and less attached compared to other pets. This, however, is not true as these pets share a relatively close bond with their owners.

They are loyal, affectionate, and crave human attention. Some breeds like the Siamese, ragdoll, and sphynx are even more demanding as they thrive on companionship.

Thus, cats are needy and they do require human involvement more so from the ones they have bonded to.

So when you are away, they can sense the change, the lack of involvement, and the loneliness. They will be nervous and confused as to what’s happening.

The change they experience around them will evidently show in their mood and overall behavior.

How Does The Behavior of Cats Change After Returning From Vacation?

All cats react differently as they all have different personalities and dependencies.

Some cats may handle this separation better without being affected, while some may suffer anxiety which can cause temporary behavioral changes.

From what I’ve noticed cats react in 3 ways.

Some cats will become overly affectionate and will never leave your sight, once you return home.

This level of affection is caused by the fear of losing you since they don’t want you to go away. This is also a way for them to make up for all the time you were away.

Some cats will distance themselves from you, they wont want to be touched or cuddled with.

This is their way of disapproval, so they give you the cold shoulder. This behavior will last for about a day or two or until you win them over.

lastly, Some cats will be unaffected, they will behave normally and will just be happy that you there. Nothing changed, you can pick up where you left off.

Ways To Help Cats Handle Being Alone While You On Vacation.

If you intend on leaving your cat behind, make sure you made all the necessary arrangements to ensure their well-being.

You need to create a smooth transition while also filling the void of loneliness so they can be entertained. This will help make your absence more bearable for them once you are gone.

1. Get a Pet Sitter to check up on the cat at least twice a day.

When checking for a sitter make sure you get someone who is passionate about pets and is not doing it for the money.

They will have to provide food, water, some playtime, and affection.

It’s also a good idea to allow the cat to get used to the sitter. This will ensure a smooth transition, and if you travel regularly at least you will have a sitter who is familiar to the cat.

2. Food and Water Dispensers Are Must-haves, as it makes it easier when it comes to mealtimes.

It’s also a safe way to make sure the cat is well-nourished and hydrated in case the pet sitter isn’t reliable.

If you want something better, then the SMART FEEDER is definitely something to get.

This feeder can be controlled with the use of a smartphone. This will give owners the ability to feed their pets from wherever they are.

Some also come with built-in cameras so you can have peace of mind, knowing that your furry friend is well fed. Checkout the WOPET 6L Automatic Cat feeder

3. Provide enough Entertainment by getting some new interactive toys. You can also get a window hammock, in a place with a nice view. A few hidden treats in safe areas can also keep cats occupied.

4. Get a Self Cleaning Litterbox. This is extremely important since cats are very fussy and they like using a clean litter box, if not they will defecate out the box.

This type of litterbox works by raking the waste away into a storage compartment. In this way, the cat gets to use a clean litterbox whenever they want to.

Check out the PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self Cleaning litterbox, conveniently from Amazon.

5. Make sure your home is in a comfortable temperature range. This will make sure that the cat will be comfortable and safe.

6. Keep the TV or Radio on. This will help with anxiety as it will keep them distracted.

7. Cat-proof your home by removing any hazardous sprays, poisonous plants, plastic bags, sharp objects and cables. This will create a safer environment for the cat.

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