Can I take my cat to the vet with a uber or Lyft?

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While not everyone is fortunate enough to have their own vehicle, many people rely on taxis and cabs to get around. However, traveling around with a cat is far more difficult as some drivers may not allow pets on board.

So do uber and Lyft allow cats? Yes, uber and Lyft allow pets that are service instructed which blind people have. However ordinary pets such as cats are only allowed if the driver approves. Since some drivers may decline the trip due to medical or personal reasons.

To get the driver’s permission it’s best to go on the app that’s installed on your phone and request a ride. On request, you get to see a basic description of the driver, including his mobile number. You could call him and let him know that you riding with your cat.

Some drivers are really cool and will allow your cat while some may be fussy and reject. On the other hand some drivers may have genuine reasons to reject the trip if they have allergies or other medical conditions.

For service pets, that blind people use to navigate themselves, those pets are allowed irrespective of the drivers decision. For normal pets the driver has the final say. If your driver approves than you’re all set up and ready for your ride to arrive.

However most taxi cab drivers or uber’s may only allow your cat but with certain requirements. Which includes:

  • The cat must be potty trained and controlled.
  • Cat must be in a carrier or cage.
  • Cat must be muzzled.
  • Your cat must not be a threat or cause harm.
  • Cat must be leashed and have a collar.

Why do cab drivers and uber’s dont allow cats ?

There are many reasons as to why drivers dont allow cats to ride. Heres some of them.

  • Cats shed alot of fur which can mess up the the vehicle. The driver will need to clean it before the next passenger, this causes down time and also it’s an hassle.
  • Accidents could occur. Kitty could poop or urinate inside the cab. Note, even well trained pets have accidents. Cat waste has a distinctive smell that is hard to remove and may require professional cleaning.
  • Motion sickness in some cats may result in nausea which can cause the cat to vomit. Anyone for instances wont want that to happen inside their vehicle.
  • Cats have sharp claws that could destroy the seats and interior of the vehicle.
  • Excessive noise as some cats who aren’t used to travelling may react vocally and aggressively.
  • Drivers may have allergies or other medical conditions.
  • Some drivers are fussy and it’s just their choice to not allow pets. Cats in specific.

Ways to prepare for a smooth uber or cab ride with your cat ?

Not all drivers are fussy and inconsiderate some are really helpful and understanding, however it’s important to carry yourself well and prepare your cats belongings incase of any accidents.

  • carry throw away bags and wipes just incase kitty gets nauseous and vomit.
  • Use a portable water dispenser or bottle which is less messy and easy to use.
  • Withold food and water before the ride to be on the safe side. If your feline is potty trained and you’re confident than you good to go.
  • you could also carry a portable litter box, to be extra careful if your cat isnt potty trained.
  • Get a carrier that is good size which will fit in the cab.
  • Carry a air freshener spray to combat the bad smell if kitty decides to poop or urinate.
  • Carry a blanket or covering so that your felines fur wont mess up the interior of the cab or taxi.
  • Tag along a toy or a quick snack to keep your cat entertained during the ride.
  • Make your cat feel comfortable and ease their anxiety. You could use some catnip cookies or a spray.
  • If you know your cat isnt good with car rides be considerate and find an alternative means of transportation.

Other ways of transportation ?

If uber or lyft doesn’t allow your cat it’s important to get an alternative means of transport. Luckily taxis and ride-share allow pets only if the driver allows it.

Unfortunately dogs are more well known as pets rather than cats hence there is higher chance of dogs being accepted. It’s unfair but dogs are preferred since they are seen as more of a domestic pet and have a longer history with human beings.

  • Taxis allow pets aswell as cats but it’s up to the driver if they allow it.
  • Ride-share is another awesome transporting service but the ultimate decision is entirely on the driver except for service pets.

However never lie to the driver that your pet is a service pet, there are consequences to be paid. To make it clear a service pet is a pet that is trained to perform a certain task like,

  • Assisting individuals who are blind or have low vision.
  • Alerting individuals who are deaf or find it difficult to hear sounds.
  • Pulling a wheelchair
  • Alerting individuals to the presence of certain allergens.
  • Retrieving items like medicine, a phone, or other emergency tools
  • Providing physical support and assistance with balance and stability.

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