Can my cat get coronavirus?

As the nation bleeds due to the corona virus pandemic it’s so sad to see many people suffer. It’s also quite disturbing to see cat owners abandoning there cats, believing that their cat will get the virus and pass it on to them.

So can cats really get coronavirus ?

Yes, cats can contract the virus but according to the latest research which was done in the Research Institute of China. The virus may not be highly transmissible in cats. Recent cases of corona virus in cats showed the transmission from human to cats, therefore cat owners must also be practicing social distancing with their pets.

Other scientists say the findings are interesting, but cat owners should not be alarmed just yet. The results are based on lab experiments in which a small number of felines were deliberately given high doses of the virus, SARS-CoV-2, and do not represent real-life interactions between people and their pets, says the experts.

The test that was done in china, cats were caged along side each other with some already being infected. After some time the infected cat was able to spread the virus to the other cats by droplets through breathing, faeces or urine.

The infected cats however showed no signs of illness or any symptoms associated with the covid-19 virus. The interesting part is that all the infected cats developed antibodies to fight against this virus. You will never know that this could be a clear lead to a cure or treatment for this virus in humans.

To sum this up in simple language, cats can contract the virus but we as humans are more of a danger to cats than cats are a danger to us. There is no need to be abandoning your feline at a time where they need you the most.

however it’s good to practice proper hygiene for you and your cat to make sure you getting rid of any germs or bacteria that may be welcomed.

How to protect my cat from coronavirus?

The best way is prevention. As there is a nationwide lockdown, it’s good to stay indoors. Only leave if you really need to get essentials or maybe pay Bill’s. You dont want to add to the statistics, so far at least eleven cats worldwide are known to be infected with covid-19, therefore you want to take all the preventative measures.

Keep kitty at home, in some homes mostly the elderly live alone with their pets. It’s important to protect your cat if you taking them out the house.

Here are some safety measures.

  • Get kitty boots or shoes to prevent direct contact from the ground. If you dont have any shoes for kitty simply cover the cats paws with a piece of plastic or rubber sheet and tape it. Once done remove and dont reuse.
  • Get a cone for your cats head. This will help the kitty to reduce contact from any surrounding objects that may be contaminated, as cats like to sniff and lick.
  • If you intend on taking the cat outdoors, use a carrier or backpack. This will greatly help to keep the cat safe from contacting the virus since the carrier protects from exposure.
  • Get a good pet-friendly antiseptic. You can use sprays, solutions or even soaps. Never use rubbing alcohol as cats skin is sensitive and the alchohol could cause irritation and lesions.
  • Give kitty a bath regularly. The best way to remove germs is by washing. A simple bath can greatly reduce and kill any virus and infection from further progressing.
  • Stay clean and sanitize. We often always cuddling and stroking our pets, while not actually worrying about what we passing on. Hands carry alot of germs and must be cleaned regularly.
  • Disinfect your home and everything in it. It’s probably impossible to be totally clean but a simple wiping of floors and furniture could be a saving grace in this tough phase.

What do I do with my cat if I’m infected with the Coronavirus ?

If you are infected or are showing symptoms of the covid-19 virus contact your local health specialist immediately. It’s never okay to hide it as you could risk other humans and pets lifes

You must be isolated away from human interaction and away from your cat. It’s not confirmed if cats can develop immunity against this virus but tests show antibodies that the cat produced to fight this infection.

If you are confirmed with the coronavirus and you live with a pet. It’s best you seek help from a relative or loved one who can care for kitty while you isolate. Keep in mind the cat must be checked and screened first.

If you live alone and have no other option. Contact a cat home or your local vet. You may be required to pay a fee so that your kitty can be taken care of while you away.

However prevention is always better than a cure, try your best to keep your feline indoors and entertained. Take a look at simple indoor activities and games that your cat will love and enjoy.

Can I boost my cats immune system to fight coronavirus?

Yes, it’s possible to increase your cats immune fighting ability. By doing this your cat will be able to fight off infections and viruses and could also develop immunity.

With the Coronavirus we have seen a pattern. The better your immunity the faster you are able to recover. This also goes for pets.

Heres a few examples of ways to increase your cats immunity.

  • Proper diet builds the immune system. Diet is the biggest factor. Make sure you giving a full meal that is nutritious which contains all the main food groups.
  • Exercise and stay active. While indoors you could set up obstacles courses and other activities which can help both you and your cat. You can also walk around your home making sure you are abiding by the lockdown rules.
  • supplements, which can greatly help the cat to gain immunity strengthening the cats well being. This is a “must have” for sickly or elderly cats. As their immune system is compromised already.
  • There are a number of herbal remedies and Nutraceuticals that can also be used that are pet-friendly to be specific its cat friendly.
  • Dont stress the cat, your kitty will sense a change in the daily routine. Try to ease the cat by comforting words or even a cuddle. Cats are intelligent and they can pick up on anything you exude.

Signs and symptoms of coronavirus in cats

If you think your cat may have a strain of coronavirus, you want to for these signs and symptoms. In some cases the cat may show no symptoms while being infected.

Symptoms include

  • Diarrhea
  • Feeling lathargic
  • Little to no appetite
  • Loss of energy
  • Runny nose
  • Fever
  • Cat will feel miserable/ nausea

If your pet is displaying these symptoms, take them to the vet immediately without hesitation. There might be something your vet can do to fight the symptoms to make kitty more comfortable. However dont panic because the normal flu have similar symptoms.

The most important thing to do if your pet has a virus is to keep their environment as clean as possible and do everything you can to prevent the virus from turning into a mortal disease. Unfortunately, there isnt any antibiotics that directly combat coronavirus.

Your vet may prescribe an antibiotic to control secondary bacterial infections or to ease your pets symptoms.

If your cat begins to show signs of contracting a virus and has diarrhea, one of the ways to tend to their intestinal problem is to withhold food for 24 hours.

This will allow time for the infection to pass through their intestines. Once you wait 24 hours, you can start to slowly give your pet small, bland amounts of food at a time. This will help their tummy fight off the infection and allow time for their gut to heal.

While doing this be careful for dehydration. Since normally the cat will reject food. In these cases try other liquid meals.

Can my cat die with the coronavirus ?

Coronavirus is a virus that can spread to humans and animals. Cats can contract the virus and can also die. This virus targets the breathing system of living beings making it difficult to breath.

If your cat gets sick often its possible that the cat has a weak immune system, therefore you want to be extra careful and avoid outdoors since the cat is already compromised.

If your cat is well and healthy, the chance of recovery are very high. This virus can be beaten but it takes a lot of rest and a healthy being, but even in the best case scenario death is also an option.

Cats normally dont do very well with sicknesses even though they are able to fight it off.

Remember prevention is better than a cure. Stay safe and practice good hygiene.

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