Can Persian Cats Live In Cold Weather?

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The Persian cat is known for its round face, short muzzle and fluffy coat. Originating from Iran these cats have thick warm coats that shield them from the cold but are accustomed to living indoors. However, the big question still resonates, can Persian cats live and tolerate the low temperatures of living in cold weather?

Persian cats are more than capable of living in cold weather. They are known to be winter cat’s as they are equipped with a dense double-layered, thick plush coat that insulates them, protecting them from the cold and harsh weather. These cats do significantly well during the cold winter temperatures compared to warmer temperatures.

Their ability to withstand cold is entirely based on their key feature which is their fur. The Persian cat’s fur coat is really thick consisting of two layers, a woolly undercoat and a long, hairy outer coat. The coat that is almost wool-like is responsible for keeping them warm. These layers are moulded on the surface of the cat’s skin preventing the cold air from entering. Therefore they retain more heat and is able to maintain homeostasis in cold temperatures.

However, in warmer conditions, the woolly layer of fur usually falls out to try and keep the cat cool allowing their skin to breath. Even though they are well equipped for cold weather, in extremely cold temperatures they do require additional assistance to help them maintain their optimal body temperature. The use of a thermal pad like the Milliard Thermal Cat Mat is perfect for keeping Persian cats comfortable even in extremely cold weather. This pad can be found conveniently, from Amazon.

While their coat does a really good job protecting them from the cold, if their coat gets wet in cold temperatures they are at especially high risk of developing hypothermia with frostbite most likely to occur on the cats paws and ears. In this case, their ability to tolerate cold is impaired and require additional help to get them to their regular body temperature.

On the other hand, the ability of Persian cats to handle cold weather is also determined by the type and length of their coat. Shorthaired Persians and other Persian mix breeds may not be well equipped to handle cold temperatures since the changes in coat layers may not provide the best protection compared to longhaired Persians who are better adapted to resist the cold. Therefore depending on the type of Persian cat, the ability to withstand cold differs.

Ultimately, the factors that affect a persian cats ability to live in cold weather depends on a variety of contributing factors such as:

  • The overall health of the cat. Generally cats that are older and suffering from ailments and diseases wouldn’t be able to handle the cold temperatures compared to a younger cat.
  • If the cat is living indoors or outdoors. Note persian cats are equipped to living indoors.
  • Shorthair or longhair.
  • The severity of the cold weather. Tempretures below 45°F or 7°c are not adviced for cats as they are susceptible to hypothermia.
  • Persian cats who suffer from arthritis will not be able to handle cold.

Do Persian Cats like Cold Weather ?

While Persians are well suited for cold weather rather than the hot temperatures, one cannot be certain to say that they like cold weather. What we can say is that,

Persian cats certainly prefer cold weather since they are more acclimated to that kind of climate. In cold weather, Persian cats coat acts like a blanket keeping them warm and in optimal body temperature. However, in below-freezing conditions, it will be fetal for these cats and additional assistance is required to help them keep warm.

One of the main reasons why Persian cats don’t like hot weather is because they can easily overheat due to their thick double coat. This really troubles them causing them to pant excessively in order to cool down, but due to their flat face, it’s difficult for them to effectively pant. Also, the flat face brings about other defects such as narrow nostrils and trachea making it difficult to regulate body temperature.

Whilst Persian cats are pretty well adapted for cold weather be sure to keep them safe in the extreme cold since they are susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite. During cold weather, the cat will go looking around for a warm place to hide or they will cling to you. Make sure you properly take care of them by creating a warm comfy bed or warm up your home.

Ideal Room Tempreture For Persian Cats ?

In order to keep your Persian cat comfortable and healthy during the changing seasons you must make sure they are at a optimal body temperature, by regulating the room temperature.

An ideal room tempreture for persian cats should be around 68°F-75°F or 20-23°c. However some cats might like it a little colder or warmer depending on their preference. This room tempreture will help cats maintain their optimal body temperature of around 99,5°F-102,5°F in any weather conditions.

You can use an air conditioner or heater to help the cat maintain its ideal body temperature. If not you can use other manual ways to help them.

In summer.

1. Make sure they are in the shade.

2. Keep your cat well hydrated.

3. Trim their fur.

4. Avoid the outdoors.

5. Reward them with ice treats.

6. Get a cooling mat.

In winter.

1. Make sure they remain indoors.

2. Provide a warm bed and blanket or you can get an heated pad.

3. You can get cat clothing.

4. Heater.

5. Avoid bathing.

Do Persian Cats Need AC ?

Persian cats generally require a little more assistance in helping them maintain their body tempreture because their physical structure and appearance inhibits them from proper functioning.

Persian cats dont need AC but it will help them to be more comfortable and relaxed in extreme temperature variations. Air conditioning will help the cat remain in optimal tempreture preventing overheating and from becoming too cold.

This is because persians cannot cool themselves effectively as other cats due to their flat face and breathing defects. An Air conditioner or a portable cooler would be appreciated by your persian, you can get it conveniently from amazon. Apart from an AC there are other ways to help keep your cat cool without the use of an AC, such as:

  • Ice treats.
  • Leaving them in a well ventilated area.

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