Do I Need A Pair Of Seahorses Or Can I Have One?

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Seahorses are gaining more popularity throughout the years and it’s becoming more accessible for pet owners and hobbyists to obtain them. However one of the main questions by beginners is whether seahorses should be kept in pairs or by themselves.

You can keep a single seahorse in an aquarium but it’s advised for seahorses to be in pairs. These animals are socially bred so they are gregarious. They do well with a companion of their own kind and this shared interaction is highly beneficial to their behavior, lifespan, and will positively influence their mental health.

Due to the rising demand for seahorses, more breeders are coming forth making it accessible for captive-bred seahorses to be kept as pets.

These seahorses are bred in quantities far greater than their natural environment will ever experience. From a fry, until they are sold they remain in groups.

This makes them adapt to the interaction and company that they offer each other while in captivity. Loneliness is unheard of and this type of socially acclimated seahorse makes its way to many people’s homes around the state.

A new home for a seahorse is enough change for them to get used to, but to also be deprived of their own kind is cruel and mentally exhausting for them.

It’s better for them to be placed at least in pairs so they can retain some sort of normalcy as they migrate from breeding homes to your aquarium.

I highly suggest that seahorses be kept in pairs or in small groups. This company is a great way for them to thrive and interact in their greetings, and rituals, and may even lead to mating.

Benefits Of Having A Pair Of Seahorses.

1. Due to their socially demanding traits they will appreciate the company and the interaction that comes with it. These seahorses are not your typical wild seahorses, they are captive-bred seahorses that have adapted and have evolved. Their increased sociable nature is definitely an artifact caused by captivity.

2. Seahorses are intelligent enough to become bored in captivity and having other seahorses around which they can interact provides them with an important means of behavioral enrichment.

3. Seahorses are very sensitive and can become distressed by the most minor changes in their environment. Going from a place of lots of interaction to being isolated will stress them out. Having a pair or a few of its kind will definitely help in the transition process.

4. Interaction within an aquarium amongst seahorses is a great way for courtship. The presence of another seahorse can be the start of their mating ritual and for effective breeding to occur.

5. Having pairs will greatly reduce aggression and sexual urges since they will be able to form bonding pairs for mating.

6. Seahorses are happier when with their own kind and it can be seen in their movements, actions, and behavior. This also allows for their individual personality to be seen.

What Size Tank Do You Need For Two Seahorses?

Many people have this misconception that if seahorses are small they need a smaller tank. I’ve even heard some people question whether a 10-gallon tank would be sufficient for a pair of seahorses. So let me break it down for you.

Seahorses are small but they need a larger tank. A pair of seahorses require at least a 30-gallon tank with enough vertical room.

There are many reasons why seahorses need a larger tank some of which are for obvious reasons while a more detailed look is required to help beginners not make the same mistakes as other hobbyists.

Some benefits of larger tanks include:

1. Larger tanks, less frequent maintenance since seahorses are messy eaters, and it’s easier for a small body of water to get dirty faster compared to a larger tank.

2. Takes longer for organics to build up and cleaning and water changes can be done less frequently.

3. Larger tanks break the spread of bacterial infections since seahorses are prone to infections and in a small tank, these infections can easily spread since they are so close together.

4. Enough space for their own territories, even though these creatures love interaction and company they are also territorial and require their own personal space.

5. The taller the tank the better, since these creatures are more vertical and their movements are vertical also. The more height the better to allow for growth and swimming.

6. Larger the tank, the more water for water flow. Water flow is crucial in a seahorse tank, dead spots can be dangerous.

Should You keep Male or Female Pairs?

Both male and female seahorses are great to keep as pets. They can be kept in an all male tank as well as all female tank.

Males and females can also be put together if you interested in breeding since fry is inevitable when male and females are kept together.

The biggest mistake beginners make is having more males than females within the same tank. This creates competition amongst males when finding a bonding pair.

This creates tension and males begin to fight within the tank and an hierachy of dominance is sort of created.

Having a pair of females is also an option but the main problem is that their need for a suitable mate is not fulfilled. Therefore they will dispense eggs in the water.

There is no such thing as sex change amongst seahorses, this is merely a misconception. Males remain males and female remain females.

The only surprising feature is that males carry the eggs throughout the gestation period and will soon birth live offspring.

My advice is that you keep seahorses in pairs, so they can remain peaceable and thrive toegther.

What To Expect With Two Seahorses?

1. Expect to see their individual personality which is shown through their flamboyance. Yes! you heard right. These majestical creatures are full of personality and it’s quite magical if you are really observant.

However, to really see their personality they must be happy and entertained. When they do have a crowd it almost serves as a cheerleader prompting them to perform.

2. A Pair of seahorses become a bonded pair and you get to witness the romance between them through morning greetings, gestures, and daily rituals.

3. A bonded pair means courtship and breeding can occur which leads to the birth of many fry. You can also choose same-sex pairing if you don’t want to encourage breeding.

4. Having two males together may potentially cause unwanted fights. Fights may result when competing for female bonding partners, for territory etc. However its possible for males to be at peace within the same tank.

5. Two seahorses means more organic waste and more maintenance overtime time.

6. More seahorses means more time needed when target feeding which can be high maintenance for someone who doesn’t have time.

7. This also increases the bacteria levels, increases chances of infection, therefore water quality is important.

8. With two seahorse pets you will need double the amounts of food, care, maintenance as well as time and effort. Its difficult at first when you setting up, thereafter its smooth sailing.


Personally, having a pair of seahorses is a no brainer. Like weve discussed earlier its highly beneficial and your seahorses will love having extra company.

Offcourse they will be a little extra work in terms of maintenance but nothing you cant handle. Wishing you the best and happy Future seahorse days!

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