Do Ragdoll Cats Bond To One Person?

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The Ragdoll cat is a very intimate and nurturing breed, unlike other household cats these cats are very human orientated. They are known to be Dog-Like in their affection and need for companionship, which makes them more attached to people in general. While they are good with people some ragdolls can choose their favorite person with whom they bond to.

It’s normal for ragdoll cats to attach to one specific person, normally the ones with whom they share the most amount of time. In the same way, they do just as well with people in general, even those who are unknown. This is due to their friendly personality which makes them approachable so it’s easy for them to get along with others. These cats are highly personal and love companionship.

Ragdolls are the type of cats that like intimacy, staying close to their human counterparts wherever they go. Generally, the breed is fond of humans as they are dependent, however, sometimes they can attach and bond to one specific person. This is highly dependent on the cat as well as the way a specific person treats it.

For example a ragdoll will tend to get more relaxed and familiar with someone they frequently encounter. Someone who plays with them often, show affection or even feed them regularly. It’s the repetition of favourable events that allows the cat to become more trusting which leads to a deeper relationship.

Also ragdolls that are rescued and then adopted have trust issues that’s due to their bad past. In these cases it would take time for the cat to open up but when they do, they will most likely choose their person with whom they feel the most comfortable with. This person is normally the one they bond to becoming very attached.

This influences the ragdolls behavior as they will seek out for you more and may become clingy. A ragdoll that imprints to one specific person will show it in their behaviour and gestures.

  • They will constantly follow after their human companion, leaving no space for personal privacy.
  • They will become super affectionate and display affection by rubbing against or even licking on you.
  • They start to trust you, as you are seen as their safety. A cat that trusts its owner will show it in the way they play, show affection as well as sleeping on their backs which is a vulnerable state.
  • They will also demand to share the same bed with you.

What Makes A Ragdoll Cat Bond to One Person?

Now that we understand the ragdoll breed, we know that they do well with humans in general, however the option to attach to a specific person still remains. So let’s discuss some of the reasons why a ragdoll will choose a specific person to bond with.

1. Companionship.

Ragdolls are very social and they need more attention than other domestic cats. They are very subtle and loving as they thrive on companionship, therefore its common for them to find their favourite person with whom they attach to. For example during the day when the house is much quieter, the cat will be attracted to the one whose at home. Over time this person will become favourable to the cat.

2. Boredom.

Ragdolls hate being alone, they like to fit in with the family or even play with toys. While you may not have the time to always keep them occupied. It’s common for them to get bored. This boredom can lead them to seek for attention and the person who gives them what they seek for will probably be the ones with whom they attach to.

Ragdolls are dependent and the person who gives them what they require, they tend to warm up to them. Recently I’ve watched a video of a ragdoll cat that formed a loving bond with a person living next door. This ragdoll was definitely deprived of attention and affection and searched for it outside of it’s own home.

3. Trust Issues.

Ragdolls are very docile with a loving personality. They are not known for being aggressive but the way behave is highly dependent on how they are treated. Ragdolls who come from the shelters and have been rescued from the street or have been abused, normally are less trusting. The bad treatment of the past leaves them fragile, fearful and cautious.

They will reject interaction and shy away from any type of involvement. It’s almost like a defence mechanism that can be dealt with, with time and patience. These cats only open up once they find someone whom they trust. This person will be the one they attach to and the one whom they seek for.

4. Favorite person.

Cats in general pick their favourite person by the level of effort and time a person gives to them. So the person who regularly plays with the cat or even shows them affection is the one who gains the cat’s attention. Therefore they will seek after that person more because they know what to expect as they remember the feeling when they are with them. This develops a good relationship and a formidable bond.

5. Breed Specific.

We know that ragdolls are very social and people orientated, however, they are more attached and affectionate to the ones they are used to. This personal bond is normal ragdoll behaviour that is breed-specific. You can expect your ragdoll to follow you throughout the house to even welcoming you at the door. At times they may come across as clingy or being over-attached, it’s up to you to keep them occupied.

How To Bond With A Ragdoll Cat ?

There are many factors that influence a cats choice in picking their favourite person. Ultimately it’s the nicest more playful person that they choose. Here are 10 ways to bond with your raggie.

1. Get to know your cat, by learning their emotions and body language. This will help you understand your cat better so that a bond can form.

2. Spend quality time with your ragdoll cat. Understand that they thrive off interaction and affection.

3. Engage with your cat in interactive play. Get interesting toys and make it enjoyable. you can also teach your ragdoll cool tricks.

4. Practice positive reinforcement techniques. You can reward the cat, pet the cat as well as show affection.

5. Be the one to feed them. Ragdolls love to eat and they will also learn to love the ones who give them to eat. With this repetitive routine the cat will learn to trust you more as you are not seen as a threat.

6. Show affection with words, touch or by facial expression. This will allow the cat to gravitate towards you on their own.

What To Do If Your Ragdoll Is Overly-Attached?

A ragdoll cats attachment is very cute and innocent until it becomes clingy and overwhelming. Its very difficult for owners to keep up with the attention requirements of an overly-attached ragdoll cat, especially when they have other things to commit to.

For this reason, it’s best to reduce the clinginess or you can find an alternative way to keep the cat occupied.


1. Setup a routine a specific time that you spend with your cat. This time can be used to show affection, give them your attention and play with them. Discourage any other prolonged attention even when they crave it.

2. Do not give in to your ragdolls demands. Ragdolls can be very vocal especially when they want something. You need to be persistent and strong to ignore the sudden urges and messages they give to you.

3. Keep a little distance and refrain from any sort of intimate interaction. This will help broaden the space between you and the cat, reducing the clinginess. At first it will be difficult since the cat will disapprove of this, but with time it will get better.


1. Enrich your cats environment by including interactive toys that will feed of their instincts. You can also install a perch in a place with a good view. To make it more interesting you can create a scavenger hunt by hiding treats in different areas of your home.

2. Get a second ragdoll cat as a companion. This will significantly reduce the need for attention since both cats will keep each other entertained. The addition of second cat will give you more time on your hands, you will also be at rest knowing that your furball is not alone and bored.

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