Do Siberian Cats Do Better In Pairs? Do They Need Company?

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Siberian cats are a great choice amongst other cat breeds. They are smart, playful, and extremely affectionate. It’s no secret why many people are attracted to this amazing breed. The only problem is when you have to leave home and they are left alone.

Siberian cats do extremely well when they are in pairs. Two cats are able to keep each other company and entertained. The Siberian breed is extremely social and requires a lot of attention and hands-on interaction. An additional cat will allow them to thrive even when they are away from their human counterparts.

Cats have a reputation for being low-maintenance and independent. They are often disregarded due to this misconception. However, with Siberian cats, it’s quite the opposite since they are emotional and very socially demanding.

They need companionship and entertainment to satisfy their natural character. These requirements can be difficult for a cat parent to always provide since some have to work and have other duties to attend to.

A pair of Siberian cats can take off some of the stress on you as a cat parent since they won’t be as attached and dependent. Although two Siberian cats can be expensive to maintain, they really do well together.

Why Do Siberian Cats Need Company?

One of the key traits of a Siberian cat is its need for companionship and entertainment. It’s very easy for this cat to get lonely and irritable and as a result, it could lead to depression and destructiveness.

The purpose of company or companionship is to keep them occupied and going throughout the day. While their human counterparts cannot be at home all the time it’s difficult to balance their pet’s needs with their personal lives.

So an additional cat can be a lifesaver to make sure both cats keep each other company throughout the day. A companion can also be in the form of humans or other pets. Some cats like the Siberian breed do relatively well with dogs of the same temperament.

However, if you have a flexible schedule and can provide enough stimulation for your cat to enjoy through the day, then a companion may not be needed.

But if you do intend on getting two Siberians, it’s best to get them together so they can get used to each other and grow together. This will help them nourish their bond in the future.

Signs That Show Your Cat Needs A Companion.

Cats are not always aloof and self-reliant, they can feel lonely and a lack of companionship can eventually show up in uncommon behaviour and changes in the cats personality. These signs include:

1. EXCESSIVE VOCALIZATIONS – Siberian cats are naturally very vocal and they aren’t scared to voice themselves when they require something or aren’t happy by certain things. A lonely cat will become loud and insistent to get your attention.

2. INCREASED AGGRESSION – Lonely cats can be very moody as their emotions are very turbulent. Especially with siberian cats who require social interactions, the lack of company can make them feel hostile which can lead to aggression and moodiness.

3. OVERGROOMING – Siberian cats are naturally very energetic, when this energy isnt used up its focused unto something else. Grooming can be a way for them to keep busy. This often leads to excessive grooming which starts the process and can lead to other compulsive behaviours.

4. LATHARGY AND LACK OF INTEREST – A bored cat is susceptible to depression which can cause an overall lack of interest. Other issues associated are the changes in the cats eating habits, some cats may eat more while some may have no appetite.

5. CLINGINESS – Siberian cats are attached but they arent clingy. A cat thats deprived of social time and play will become clingy and very needy. This is a clear sign that something is wrong and must be addressed.

Benefits Of A Companion?

Normally cats don’t really need another cat as a companion since they can do well on their own. However, with some breeds such as ragdolls, Maine coons, and Siberians to name a few, they are very company orientated. An additional cat will be very beneficial to them. Benefits include:

  1. Improved health and wellness.

2. Decreased chances of destructiveness.

3. Less attached and clingy.

4. Can be left alone during the day.

5. Less socially demanding.

6. Owners can sigh in relief knowing that their pets are well.

Can They Be Left Alone?

Leaving a Siberian cat alone is not ideal if you really taking all aspects into consideration. It’s important to understand that Siberian cats are a very attached breed. They don’t prefer to be alone as they enjoy having their human counterparts around them.

While Siberian cats don’t require constant attention, they do like to linger around and enjoy the mere presence of their human parents.

They can be left alone for a few hours, but not more than 24 hours. Initially, their time in your absence might not show in their behavior but over time it can negatively impact their behavior and overall health.

Occasional absence can be overlooked, but if you have to go to work you need to provide an enriched environment full of stimulation to keep them occupied.

You need to allow them space and time to adjust to the lifestyle of your work time. They need your reassurance and affection to ensure a smooth transition. At the same time, you should always make time to spend with them.

If not, they can become stressed displaying unusual behavior, and may become destructive. This can also impact the cat’s health in a negative way which can be detrimental to the cat’s wellbeing.

An alternative option is to consider another breed that is less socially demanding that will do well being left alone.

When Is It Safe For A Cat To Be Alone ?

Siberian cats can be left alone for some time provided your home is safe and cat proof. This means all hazardous substances and anything that could be harmful must be removed.

These cats are agile in nature and with their strong jumping ability makes them target high areas as they like to explore and be curious.

Apart from this, they also need alot of interactive toys that are motion sensored which will help stimulate their instinctive ability. Ordinary toys may not interest them as they are very smart.

Other basic essentials should also be freely available such as enough food, water and a fresh litterbox. A few extra empty boxes will also be fun for them to remain occupied.

For kittens, it can be tricky since these cats are not very used to being alone since they are still transitioning from their mother into their new homes. In this case you may need to make other arrangements instead of keeping them alone.

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