Do Sphynx Cats Leave Oily Stains And Brown Marks?

The Sphynx cat has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Many people are attracted to their intelligence, affectionate nature, and unique appearance. However, with this popularity comes a lot of negative aspects and challenges that have surfaced regarding them leaving behind oily stains and brown marks.

Sphynx cats just like other cats produce natural oils that are left exposed on their skin. Due to their hairless feature, this oil isn’t absorbed and it attracts dirt. Over time this build-up of oils can leave a residue on any surface their body touches, hence oily, brown stains. In other cases, sphynx can leave brown marks if they have sensitive stomachs which affect the texture of their poop.

Sphynx cats are not regular cats and shouldn’t be treated as such. They are normally high maintenance and can be difficult to care for if you aren’t prepared. One of their high maintenance needs is regular bathing

This is to help remove excess oils and dirt that may have settled on their skin. This is what causes them to leave an oily residue on clothing, linen, and furniture. All sphynx cats secrete oils in different amounts and must be maintained accordingly.

For instance, a Sphynx kitten will normally produce more oil than an older sphynx. Also, sphynx who are very active and energetic tend to also secrete more oils with their sweat. Therefore more frequent bathing or cleansing will be required to prevent the transfer of stains.

On the other hand, some sphynx will release less oil and will not require much less cleansing, therefore the fear of unwanted stains and oily marks will be minimal to none.

To conclude, it is possible for sphynx cats to leave stains and marks on furniture, clothing, linen and home decor. This depends on their hygiene routine and they level of care you provide.

Ways to Prevent Stains And Marks ?

A simple way to prevent stains and marks is proper hygiene. Getting a sphynx cat used to a routine is very important as it prepares them by helping them get used to water and the cleansing process.

Sphynx cats need regular cleaning and overall hygiene maintenance for optimal health and to prevent your home from getting dirty. Ways to prevent stains include:

1. Regular bathing with a suitable shampoo for sensitive skin like the fragrance-free, hypoallergenic Earthbath shampoo. A bathing routine of once or twice is ideal. Try not to bathe very often since this will cause the cat’s skin to dry out.

2. Get kitty clothing to help absorb excess oils. This will prevent oil and dirt transfer since the clothing will cover the most affected areas of the cat’s body. Therefore, you can wash kitties’ clothing while saving your household belongings.

3. Hygiene wipes are a lifesaver. This will help keep your sphynx clean while preventing the need to bathe. Sphynx normally gets dirty very quickly and may present with brown patches. These wipes can help keep them clean until their next bath day.

4. Couch and furniture covers are also a great way to prevent stains. The Purefit reversible cover is a great water-resistant protector. Prevention is always better and these furniture protectors are great and allow for easy cleaning.

What About Sphynx Poop And Messy Smears ?

Sphynx cats poop is usually more smelly than that of a normal cat. These cats don’t normally cover up their poop and will not use a dirty litterbox. In such situations, they will rather poop outside the litterbox which makes it easier for them to smear it all over themselves and your home.

What makes it worst is that these cats are prone to sensitivity and allergies to the gut. This means that they need specific food to ensure optimal gut health. Normally it takes a while for sphynx owners to figure this out and in the meantime, the texture of their poop is very liquid.

This forms the basis of the problem as the cats bottom will be messed and the same mess will be transferred throughout your home causing brown stains and a bad smell. At times owners are required to wipe off their cats bottoms to prevent poop smears.

For this reason, most owners go for a raw diet as it improves the health of their gut.

Ways To Prevent Messy Situations?

Since sphynx cats are different from other breeds as they come with different challenges and problems. When it comes to the their poop, there are ways to prevent messy situations from occuring. These ways include:

1. Find the right food for your sphynx. Most sphynx cats don’t agree to normal cat food and will require a raw diet. The sensitivity of their gut responds better to raw food than kibble or wet food. Finding a balance is key.

2. Monitor your cats litterbox to observe any changes to the texture of their faeces. Normal poop should be dark brown, firm but malleable. Diarrhea will be the result of the food not agreeing and smearing will be the evidence.

3. At times you will have to wipe their bottom after defecating to prevent messy situations. Normal wipes are ideal in preventing these messy situations.

4. Get a big enough litterbox. These cats are quite tall and they require a litterbox that is fitting. They should be able to turn around and move freely inside. A self cleaning litterbox is highly recommended especially for fussy cats like the sphynx breed.

5. Sphynx cats are very fond of stepping on their poop, there isn’t an apparent reason as to why, but to prevent poop smearing you can make sure their paws and bottoms are clean once they do their business.

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