How much do Exotic Shorthair Cats Cost ? Total Cost of Maintenance.

Exotic shorthair cats are known for their distinctive appearances such as their big dreamy eyes, silky coat and docile nature. Some of the reasons why they are adored and owned by thousands across America. It’s no secret why these exotic beauts come with an hefty price.

The average cost of an Exotic Shorthair Cat ranges from $800 – $2500 in the United states. This price may vary in different states as the price of the cat is determined by the type of mix(purebred)since Exotics are man made, lineage and the breeders credentials in terms of quality of the cat and the breeders experience.

Exotic Shorthair Cat Price Range

Exotic typeBreederprice
Common Pedigree ExoticsBackyard/Private Breeder$800-$1500
Purebred Pedigree
Commercial & Certified

In some cases Private breeders may drop their prices lower than $800 to encourage a sale and Experienced breeders may raise their price above $2500 for a kitten that is off higher quality, higher than normal. Normally purebred Exotic shorthair cats with known ancestral route is extremely expensive.

Breeders can also raise the prices if the exotic shorthair breed is in demand in order to gain. Prices can also increase when a desirable trait or feature is displayed in the kitten that is rare. Making the kitten more valuable and will therefore be sold for an higher price.

Why are exotic shorthair cats so expensive ?

The Exotic Shorthair is man made, a mixture of the persian cat and american short hair cat.

A very precise breeding method is used and the queen must be of suitable origin carrying the necessary DNA in order for the Exotic Shorthair to be created. Much skill, knowledge, experience and resources are needed therefore the Exotic Shorthair is so expensive.

The price range for exotic shorthair cats are ultimately determined by one main factor, the type of breeder, since the procedure and testing that breeders use are the direct result of the quality and wellness of the cat.

Experienced Breeders

Experienced Exotic breeders are very well known, legit and lead reputable breeding farms in a way that is safe, sustainable, ethical, organized and therefore brings forth kittens of quality. These farms are licensed and have the rights for commercial sale. Due to the fact that i are authorized breeders they have to retain a certain standard of quality and meet the requirements to breed on a large scale.

These commercial breeders go through several testing procedures before and after breeding in order to get the history of the kittens genetics and lineage. So that the new owners have an idea of their felines background. The cat breeder also needs to make several purchases of supplies for the cat and kittens on an ongoing basis including food and litter. The female (queen) which is used to breed, go through a variety of background testing to check her Pedigree which must meet high quality standards before the breeding process begins. These test check for:

  • Diseases
  • Hereditary Conditions
  • Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).
  • DNA testing
  • Blood Test for problems such as diabetes, kidney disease.

They also cover the cost for neutering and spaying since the kittens cannot be sold until the procedure is done. The kittens are also administered with the appropriate vaccines at their current age

All these costs add up and is included in the price. In order for the breeder to be profitable the sale of the kitten must cover all expenses and their profit in the process. This is why their kittens are more expensive, and the quality of the offspring is assured which can be seen in their nice silky plush coat and stunning features.

Small Scale Backyard Breeders

These are breeders who operate privately most probably from their own homes. They do it as an hobby or as a business but operate with minimal knowledge and experience. These small scale breeders are not very well known and not necessarily certified. They procedure isn’t as precise and carefully thought out as experienced breeders. They dont necessarily do background testing and that’s the reason why their price is much lower.

These type of breeders are surfaced leveled and the kittens which are produced are more common, thus the lower price. By no means am I discrediting the small scale breeders but most of them are average in their skill and experience therefore their work is not that valuable.

How much does it Cost to Maintain an Exotic Shorthair Cat ?

Exotic Shorthair cats are really low maintenance, than other feline breeds. These docile and loving pets will more than satisfied with enough food, water and much love.

The first year is always costly for a new Exotic Cat with vaccinations, medical checkups, accessories and food you would be spending about $1100 for the first year. Thereafter you will be spending around $800 per year for food and basic checkups. However these figures are merely estimates by the ASPCA as many cat owners will spend two to three times these values.

Exotics are low maintenance so grooming is not often required but they do shed seasonally. so you should be saving alot on grooming costs. These cats are also very calm and collective they love to cuddle and relax as they are low-energy, therefore not too many toys are needed, reducing unnecessary spending.

Exotic cats are not your typical adventurous cat, they not very active and will therefore not be prone to injury, thus saving you from additional cost, however keep in mind that medical checkups are required at least once a year.

All your exotic beaut will require is a litter box, high quality food, medical checkups, vaccines and much love and affection.

Are Exotic Shorthair Cats worth the cost ?

The exotic shorthair cats are very popular in america even though they may come at a high price, but are these feline really worth the price.

These Exotics are fantastic and absolutely adorable. They have distinctive features such their dreamy round eyes and fluffy plush coat. They are cuddly and extremely calm and gentle. These beauts are really low maintenance and they get along with other pets and are completely safe around babies.

These cats are worth the big bucks and more, as their docile nature and cute looks win many hearts. That’s the reason this type of breed is known as the most popular cat breed in the states.

Reputable Exotic Cat Breeders in the US.

When looking for breeders you must be sure to find one that is accredited and approved. It’s very easy to be scammed by small scale breeders who decive people who are not knowledgeable. I have formulated a list of well trusted and reputable Exotic cat breeders that are situated in the US.

1. Alove4Paws Exotic shorthair

This cattery is situated in California. They specialise in producing high quality exotic cats. They main focus is to produce cats that are healthy, high quality and with strong bloodlines. They are CFA approved and kittens come with a 1 year health guarantee. All breeding cats have echocardiograms performed by a cardiologist to screen for HCM. Every kitten sold gets a health check from their vet and a fecal test. Shipping worldwide, escorted delivery within the USA.

2. Exotic Kit Kats

This is a small cattery which strive to raise beautiful CFA Registered Exotic Shorthair Kittens with a good temperament and most of their babies are Champion Sired. These cats have the odd eyes plus several colors to choose from. PKD negative parents & can offer a full registration on some of the larger girls. We can ship to most major airports weather permitting. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Fort Smith, Arkansas United States.

3. Shortnaps Cattery

Shorynaps are a TICA Registered Cattery. Currently located in Alabama near Auburn and are 2 hours S of Atlanta,GA.

kittens are healthy! They raise Munchkin / Minuet / Napoleon Cats (that have short legs caused by the true dwarf gene) and also Dwarf Exotic Shorthairs. The breed type of each of the kittens equals or surpasses the standard that is written for each breed. These cats have gorgeous classic faces with big expressionate eyes. Many are rughuggers and we have several tiny (4 pound) cats that we use in our breeding program.

4. Artistique Cattery

CFA Exotic Shorthair kittens available. All PKD negative and health guaranteed. Colors are Bi-Color, Solids and Tabbies in Red, Cream, Torties, Calicos, Blue Creams, Black, Brown Tabby and Blue. Kittens are raised underfoot as soon as they are using the litter boxes. They are located in Marysville North of Seattle.

5. Ziakats

CFA and TICA registered cattery. Featuring Exotic Shorthaired and longhaired kittens. PKD negative and guaranteed to steal your heart. Your kitten will come to you happy, healthy and very social. They are kissed and hugged daily and used to kids and dogs and other cats. Breeding/Show rights can be purchased on those breed/show quality kittens. Reserve your amazing baby now. This cattery is located in Arizona.

Related Questions

1. Are Exotic shorthair cats healthy ? Exotic shorthair cats are healthy if bought from a reputable breeder. In some cases they carry a gene kidney disease and abnormal masses such as cancer.

2. How long do Exotic shorthair cats live ? Exotics live between 10-15 years. Since they are purebreds its common for them to have many hereditary health conditions which affect their lifespan.

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