How Often Should I Bathe my Siamese Cat? Full Grooming Guide

Bathing Siamese cats are very important as it’s part of their grooming. How often they need a bath depends on the type of Siamese cat, since they come in short hair or long hair.

Long haired siamese cats should be given a bath every 4-6 weeks while short haired siamese cats should be fine with a bath every 2-3 months. How often you bath a siamese cat depends on a variety of factors and the cats ability to clean themselves.

It’s best to get a good bathing routine and figure out a good frequency since if you bath them too much they skin can dry up and their coat will get damaged. On the other hand if you dont bath them on time there bodies could become a breathing ground for bacteria and pests.

Some of the factors that affect how often your Siamese cat will need a bath includes:

1. How often your cat plays outdoors.

Siamese cats are commonly found indoors since they require special care and needs to survive. However these cats are very energetic and love playing. If you a person who loves to play outdoors with their siamese fur ball than most likely you will need to bath them more often than regular, like every 4 weeks.

Some owners love to hike, camp and experience the outdoor adventures with their family and pets. If you tag your siamese along than make sure to bath them immediately when you return home since pests and dirt can get trapped on your cats coat.

2. Short or long hair.

Siamese cats with short hair can more or less clean themselves effectively and bathing isnt required very often. These type of cats should be fine with bathing 4 times a year or quarterly every 3 months.

Long haired siamese cats can clean themselves pretty well but due to their coat being long its difficulty for them to do so effectively. Due to the length of the coat and the plush thickness of it, this could provide the perfect environment for ticks and fleas as well as bacteria. Therefore bathing is required every 4-6 weeks in order to maintain good health and promote their healthy silk coat.

3. Siamese cats with ticks and fleas.

Most probably your siamese fur companion lives indoors but it is possible for the cat to get ticks and fleas. Even if your cat experience the outdoors once a week to get some fresh air and sunlight there is a chance that these pests may attach itself to your cats coat.

If you live with other pets, these pests can easily make their way from one pet to another. Also if you are joined to any pet clubs where all cats interact and are together. There is a chance that these ticks and fleas could get to your cat. In these situations, bathing is extremely important and the use of a good flea shampoo is necessary. I recommend the TropiClean Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo that is tough on pests and gentle to the cat’s body, you can get it conveniently from Amazon.

For cats that already have fleas and other pests it very important to come up with a plan of action to eradicate these pests immediately. You will require home cleaning, frequent bathing and treatments which works together to get rid of these pests. A good preventative is the COSYWORLD Flea and Tick Collar for Cats.

4. Kittens or elderly cats.

Kittens are more lively and energetic. These young beauts are always fiddling due to their curiosity and will therefore get themselves dirty more often than the mature cats. Bathing will be needed more often or other. If the kitten is older than 1-2 months you may bath them every 4-6 weeks in order for them to stay clean and neat.

Elderly cats aren’t very energetic and are very wise in their ways and daily living. They know how to care for themselves, eat and poop in a way that is more pleasing and this results in them always being tidy and clean. They wont require very regular baths since they are more self sufficient, 2-3 baths a year should be perfect.

5. Type of environment the cat lives in

The type of environment is very important in which it determines how the cat will maintain themselves. If your cat lives in the garage where there is much dust and dirt than they will get dirty easily and will therefore require a bath more often.

Some cats are the heart of there home living and interacting with the family. Cats that live in a clean warm home will actually do well and will maintain themselves more well as they will adapt to the kind of surroundings. A clean and neat home will encourage the cat to maintain their cleanliness and therefore will be apart of their surroundings.

How to Groom a Siamese Cat ?

Grooming is very important for siamese cats, especially long haired siamese breeds. Grooming for siamese cats involves brushing, bathing, trimming and teeth cleaning.

Bathing siamese cats.

When bathing siamese cats here a few tips and guidelines to make this process easy.

1. Catch kitty on their best mood, you want to make sure they aren’t cranky and irritated. This will make them more easy to work with since bathing can be get rough at times.

2. Before bathing it’s good to trim the cats claws in order to prevent any accidents in case the cat freaks out. Siamese cats claws are very sharp and they can get aggressive when it comes to bathing. Trimming their claws can get a little rough at times therefore I recommend the Latest Razoo Electric Nail Grinder which can be used on cats and other domestic pets. It’s rechargeable with two speed setting perfect for just about any nail size.

3. Setup an area that is safe with a plastic or rubber mat to prevent the cat from slipping.

4. Use lukewarm water and get a good quality shampoo specified for cats. Burt’s Bees shampoo for sensitive skin works really well as its gentle on their skin yet effective. Don’t use human shampoo as this can cause the cat’s skin to dry up causing more dander. If you in a hurry with limited time try the Burt’s Bees Waterless Shampoo which is just as good as the normal shampoo.

5. Pour the water on the cats body avoiding the face. Use enough shampoo to lather them up. Remember to massage them while doing so as this makes them feel more relaxed and it also gives a good clean.

6. Cats with long hair need more shampoo and more time to effectively get them clean. Cats with long hair have plush coats therefore try to make your way through this coat using your fingers. This will ensure that you penetrate through the fur cleaning them from within.

7. Rinse thoroughly and wipe the cats face with warm water without any shampoo. Try your best to avoid the shampoo from getting into the sensitive parts of the cats face, if it does happen wipe the cats face immediately with clean water as this can cause discomfort and a burning sensation.

8. When wiping the face make sure to clean the eyes and areas in the edges of the eye as some cats have discharge which can cause discoloration of the hair around that area.

9. Towel dry or use a blow dryer on medium heat.

10. You can apply oils or lubricants to promote and enhance the healthy shine of the cats coat.

Brushing siamese cats.

Brushing is mostly enjoyed by cats as it gives them a relaxing feel. Siamese cats do enjoy this part and results in them feeling relaxed or even sleepy. When brushing siamese coats you need to use a soft bristle brush like the 2-in-1 HaloVa Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush from Amazon which is perfect for removing knots and dander. The cat must be brushed two times a week especially for longhaired Siamese cats and once a week for shorthaired siamese cats.

Brushing with a soft bristle brush will be best for long haired cats since it doesnt catch too many tangles as tangles can be very painful. If the cat have a few knots or tangles use a wide-toothed comb to easily loosen the tangle gently. If the knot cannot be removed cut if off instead of causing the cat pain.

Brushing should be done from the cats neck down to the tail with the grain. Several gently strokes to each position should be fine to remove lose hair. If you brush against the grain you must be careful and extremely gently as this can be very painful but it does a better job in removing lose hair.

The brushing of the head and belly is the most delicate parts so do so with a soft brush and make sure you take your time. One swift movement will make the cat feel pain and may cause them to act in anger. When brushing the cats head you can use a smaller brush to get to the different areas around its face. While with the belly you should be gentle and controlled especially if the cat is pregnant.

Trimming your siamese cats nails and hair

Grooming also involves trimming of the nails and hair. Trimming the claws should be done at a right time where the cat is in a good mood. Trimming of the claws must be done carefully since if it’s done wrong it can cause severe pain.

1. Spend some time carrying the cat while trying to make the feel comfortable. If the cat doesnt stay calm through this process try to use a sedative in which I suggest melatonin.

2. Get the right equipment. You will need a pair of claw clippers that are specifically designed for cats. Make sure it’s sharp and will cut immediately.

3. Put your hand on the cats paws and gently press the paw against your hand. This will allow the claws to individually push out making them visible. You will also see the pink part of the cats claws called the quick. This part should not be touched as it contains blood vessels and will be painful if cut.

3. Hold the cats claw with one hand and use your other dominant hand to cut. Double check the part between the claw and quick to get an idea where you should cut. A good option is to trim the top part of the claw to check how far the nail goes.

4. Once you get the hang of it. Clip all the claws slowly and controlled. At first your cat may resist but with practice they will get used to it.

5. After clipping you can use a nail file to smooth out the claws to prevent any sharp edges you may have missed.

Cleaning your Siamese Cats Teeth

Siamese cats generally do have good teeth and you can maintain this by brushing twice a week. But before getting the cat’s teeth cleaned check with your local vet to make sure the cat doesn’t have any underlying gum or dental issues. Once you got that sorted out get the right toothpaste and brush. Make sure you get a soft-bristle brush or a finger brush. Never use human toothpaste for cats as it might be too strong or toxic for them.

1. You then need the cat to be in the right mood and willing to open its mouth. This is the difficult part, but you can get them to this point by using treats, toys or calming sprays.

2. Apply an appropriate amount of Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste to the brush and brush a circular motion. Do this in a controlled and pleasant manner in order to prevent any discomfort while still removing any leftover food and plaque. If the cat resists the brush you can use a cloth, sponge or finger brush to get the cat used to the cleaning method. Thereafter introduce the brush.

3. Brushing for 2 minutes should be fine to remove all plaque and leftover food. This practice done twice a week will be perfect to keep those teeth in good shape.

Alternatives to brushing

Cats are very resistant and some will purely hate the idea of brushing their teeth. Luckily there are alternatives which are:

1. Dental wipes

These are hygiene wipes that are specifically made to clean teeth. They contain properties that help remove plaque and is safe to use in cats.

2. Finger Brush

This is rubber brush that fits firmly on your finger. Its smaller than a normal toothbrush which makes it easier to clean your cats teeth.

3. Textured Foods

This refers to certain foods that are textured which cleans the cats teeth with each bite. Foods that cleans the teeth are normally chewy and requires more bite as this movement is what cleans the teeth.

Ways to Take Care of a Siamese Cat

1. Regular vet checkups

All cats should visit the vet at least once a year. This checkup is to make sure the cat is doing well as a full assessment is done. This checkup is very important as underlying illnesses and diseases could be diagnosed and treated immediately. Siamese cats are prone to heart, kidney and gum disease as well as gastrointestinal disorders and regular vet checkups could prevent premature death.

2. High quality food

A Siamese cats diet should consist of a large amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats as well as a variety of minerals. You will want to consider the source of the protein, whether to feed her wet or dry food and what kind of supplements to provide. Make sure you speak with your vet to discuss and formulate an healthy diet to promote an healthy lifestyle.

3. Stimulation toys

Siamese cats are very energetic as they love to play and adventure. Its important to get them the right toys that will stimulate their active nature and enhance their livelihoods even while being indoors. Toys that have movement imitates prey, which helps keep the cat active and occupied.

4. Grooming

Grooming involves bathing, brushing, trimming and general cleaning. This is all needed as an opponent to make sure the cat is comfortable, safe and healthy.

5. Love and affection

Cats love the attention and affection of their human counterparts. Siamese cats love to interact with their owners and are very vocal. These cats love spending time with people and can socialize very well. Showing your cat love should involve playing, caring, spending time and talking to them. Cats are really smart and the feed of the energy you exude. Be careful of what you say and how you say it, cats can understand way more than we think and it could affect them negatively.

Related Questions

1. How to care for a siamese cat ? Siamese cats are low maintenance cats. They require supervision, quality food, regular medical checkups, vaccinations and grooming. They also love to play and need good interactive toys to keep them going.

2. Are male or female siamese cats better? Male siamese cats tend to be more friendlier while females are more well mannered and reserved. Depending on your liking you should choose accordingly.

3. Do siamese cats like to be held ? Yes, siamese cats are very social and interactive. They like to cuddle,play and be held by their owners. As this serves as bonding.

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