How to keep cats from escaping an RV?

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So you have all things packed and ready to tour with your cat, in your RV, but you aren’t sure if your cat will adapt to the new environment or if little kitty will escape. Relax as this blog post was specially written to help cat parents keep their cats safe, preventing them from escaping while traveling.

During the first few weeks it’s going to be really tough as the cat is transitioning into the new home.You want to provide some freedom for your cat Inside the RV. let kitty have their way, let them be curious and sniff around. This will help them get used to the new home instead of running away.

Rearrange the RV incorporating few of your cats stuff. This will be a reminder and also a signal for your cat that the surrounding isnt all that strange since they are able to notice certain things that reminds them of home.

This will give them a sense of belonging which will help to ease their anxiety. All you trying to do is to assure your cat that it’s okay. You have to be patient since you are adding something new to their routine, they need to adjust.

This transition can only occur once your cat realizes that there is no danger associated with this new location, then their instincts will ease of, allowing them to be more calm and collective. Then only will they not seek to escape and flee from their new home.

Here are 6 ways to help cats from Escaping an RV.

1. Ease Your Cats Anxiety.

The only reason the cat will want to escape is because they are stressed and anxious about this unfamiliar environment. Cats love routine, they enjoy the pattern that is engraved through their lifestyle.

With this major change it will cause them to run away because they cannot identify this new surrounding and the scent associated. However if you can try to calm them down than you can ease their anxiety reducing the chances of them escaping.

The use of pheromones and other natural herbs work very well to calm them down creating a sense of joy and euphoria that they like. The Comfort Zone calming spray works really well to ease anxiety.

Another way that works is by placing the cats belongings, toys and other things inside the Rv. This will help to imprint the cats scent to the new home.

2. Get a Microchip or an Identity Collar Tag.

For the first few days or week your cat will be at its worst. Trying to figure out what’s happening, analyzing any threats and trying their best to escape from this strange and awkward position.

No matter how much you try to keep kitty safely inside, away from escaping you cannot be hundred percent sure.

Therefore its important to get fluffy microchipped. Incase of a successful escape you are able to track its current location and safely retrieve your furry friend.

You can also get a personalised identification collar that also works well. This collar basically has information that can be used to track the cats owners in case the cat gets lost. You can include basic information like

  • Your name and number
  • RV number plate
  • Home address

Its really important to always have the cats documents with you at all times incase the need arise. Bring any health and ownership information that might be needed incase of an emergency.

3. Get A Rv Cat Enclosure.

This is an absolute lifesaver if you ask me. It gives the cat the experience of the outdoors while still being safe and protected. You have to understand that an Rv is rather small and it can be unsettling for the cat, after all, they are animals and they love their freedom.

This enclosure can provide a way for them to adapt to the Rv lifestyle and start the transitioning process. Luckily you don’t have to DIY a cat enclosure as I recommend the HOMEY PET INC collapsible wire enclosure. It’s big enough for at least two cats and it comes with ladders and a hammock fitting to keep them entertained.

It’s escape-proof, foldable and it can also be moved around easily as it’s built on wheels. Cleaning is very easy as the tray can be removed. Check the latest prices conveniently from Amazon.

4. Have your Cat Leashed and Harnessed.

Rv travel is very interesting and scenic since you always touring exploring new destinations, however it also gives more opportunities for your cat to get lost.

You want to make sure your cat is properly leashed trained and comfortably harnessed. This will ensure your cat is always safe beside you. This also serves as some sort of restraint for cats that like to roam about. The Escape Proof Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash for Walking is a great choice as its soft, breathable, adjustable, durable and it has reflective stripes.

Whether you on a camp site or just traveling from city to city. A leash goes a long way as it provides a layer of comfort and ease for you the owner and also keeps kitty safe from the dangers that may arise in the territory.

5. Close Windows and Vents.

Depending on the type of RV you traveling in, the window and vents sizes may vary. In most RVs the windows are really big, when left open it’s easy for your cat to jump out and escape. You want to close all the windows, be sure to have them tightly sealed especially when driving as this could be very dangerous.

The vents are normally situated at the top, on the roof. In some RVs the vents are at the sides aswell. This could be seen as an escape method to your cats eyes. While vents aren’t as big for a cat to fit through, it could be dangerous if your feline gets stuck while trying to escape.

The other fear is screen doors. These doors can be very dangerous when left open. The cat could escape from this opening or other wildlife could enter the rv through this. To be safe set up a protective barrier like a mesh screen to provide some protection when the door is open.

In general you really need to try and block out any escape holes or outlets to avoid any dangerous situations from occurring. keep these openings closed when left unattended.

6. Be Observant When Entering.

Cats are really smart and they figure stuff out really fast. They know the freedom and excitement that lurks outdoors and as animals at times they crave it. So whenever opportunity strikes they are surely going to try and escape.

When entering the RV, never just open the door full and step in. Rather you open the door and peak a little so that you can see the whereabouts of your cat. In many cases the cat is behind the door waiting for a chance to jump out.

Ask any Rv traveler that’s traveling with their cat and they will tell you that this is the most common way of escaping.

7. Keep Your Cat Entertained.

When cats are bored they become restless as they tend to be agitated and irritable. Your cat will try and escape to seek the thrill and adventure that’s on the outside.

You need to provide a fun and exciting environment for the cat within the motorhome. Include toys, fidgets and other fun ways that will excite your cat’s curiosity.

  • Get a soft ball and engage with your cat while playing.
  • Cats like to hide, create some fun yet safe hiding spots.
  • Get a cat window pouch. Cats love to watch out of windows, they are attracted by the scenery, birds and other interesting activity.
  • Get a few empty boxes and leave it around inside the RV. Cats like fiddling with boxes and are able to entertain themselves with very little. A simple empty cardboard box can keep them busy for some time.
  • Soothing sounds, cats dont necessarily like music but they do respond to certain type of sounds. Depending on your cats preference you can play sounds like pianos, guitars and trumpets. These type of music are very calm and can sooth and relieve the tension on your furry companion.
  • Create a fun zone, I know that RVs are alot smaller than a regular home but you can still arrange a little fun space in a quiet corner. Include rattles and fun cat toys that have motion or sound.
  • Get a scratch post or a poll. Cats sometimes have the urge to scratch. It’s instinctive and part of who they are. This instinctive behaviour can damage the furniture and interior. A simple scratch post can save you a lot while keeping kitty entertained.

Ways to keep your Cat Safe in an RV.

  • Dont leave your feline in the RV alone. While its allowed in some states it’s not. This is very unsafe especially in the beginner days when the cat isnt too familiar with the surrounding. The cat could panic, hyperventilate and become really aggressive.
  • Make sure your cat is properly hydrated and well nourished.
  • Maintain a good tempreture inside the RV. On hot days an RV is probably the worst place to be, therefore set up the AC or you could open the windows and vents.
  • Cat proof the RV by removing any loose laying objects like glass statues, frames or other fragile objects. Rearrange the Rv in a more cat friendly manner by creating some space for play.
  • Close the toilet seat, as cats love to play and drink toilet water. This water is very unhealthy as it contains disease causing bacteria. This could be harmful to your cats health.
  • Keep all hazardous substances stored away safely. Substances like gas, perfumes, lubricants and aerosols.

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