Transporting Two Cats In One Carrier.

I was browsing through some of the comments on the local feline forum, and the question which intrigued me was if two cats can share a carrier. As a feline lover i don’t necessarily shy away from getting another cat, so I did a little research and here’s what I’ve found.

It’s possible to let two average-sized cats or kittens share one carrier when travelling. If you intend on putting two cats in one carrier, you must get a good quality spacious carrier, both cats must be civil towards each other and the cats must not be in the carrier for more than 2-4 hours.

When travelling by plane, Airlines don’t necessarily allow two cats in one carrier if it doesn’t meet the requirements of the live animal regulations (LAR). This regulation permits pets of average weight and age to share an enclosure. Both cats must weigh a total of 20 pounds and the cats must be between 8 weeks and 6 months. This is just the standard policy, check with your airline for other requirements and regulations concerning this type of travel.

Before you decide to place two cats in the same carrier there are a number of factors that must be considered.

  • Both cats must be compatible– While cats can be very cuddly and and cute don’t let them fool you as they are very territorial and defensive creatures, especially against their own kind. For a cat to share its surroundings, space or belongings with another feline they must be compatible and civil around each other. Mostly cats that are friendly and gentle do well with sharing, but for the few that are high energy and aggressive, this will be a problem.

  • No strangers – Never allow two cats who are strangers to each other to share the same carrier. The both cats must be used and fond of each other. Even if the cats are of same breeds, they sometimes can become extremely defensive if they are put together in close proximity.

  • Comfortability – With two cats in one carrier you want to make sure that both cats are comfortable and at ease. The type of carrier that you choose must be big with enough space to fit two cats. The cats must not be crammed, if not they will most likely behave in an unpleasant manner.

  • Quality of carrier – Every carrier have its own specifications and weight limits. Normally carriers can hold pets that are around 10-25 pounds of body weight. When carrying two cats in the same carrier you want a carrier that can withstand a greater weight. The larger carriers that are designed for two pets can be used since its adapted and well equipped for heavier weight. These carriers are able to hold weight of around 20-25 pounds.

  • Safety – When allowing two cats to share one carrier, you must also ensure their safety. Within the carrier you must have both felines properly strapped yet comfortable. You can also buy additional straps to ensure their safety especially when driving. The carrier must be breathable with good ventilation so that both cats can breath effortlessly. Another safety hazard may arise if your cat is unwell or have health issues, you want to make sure you speak to your vet so that you are informed before making any decisions.

  • Travel time / duration – Two cats in one carrier can be a bit crammed if you have them inside for too long. If you intend on traveling long distances with two cats in the same carrier it not a good idea at all. The prolonged stay within the carrier can leave both the cats agitated and restless. They may tend to take out their frustration on each other since they are being exposed to each other in close proximity for an extended period of time.

  • Both cats must be carrier trained – Both cats must be comfortable and at ease inside the carrier. Its unlikely that a cat which is unfamiliar with being inside a carrier will be okay. You must allow some time to fully introduce the carrier to their lifestyle and daily routine. You want both cats to be used to the carrier, since if one cat is used to the carrier and the other is not, it could have adverse effects on the accompanying cat. This is required to keep the peace within the carrier, when sharing carriers.

  • Cats must be potty trained – It’s ideal that both cats are potty trained since it will make things much easier. It’s not okay to put a trained cat with an untrained cat since some cats are very fussy and they could get a little angry and aggressive at the sight of another felines waste. Most of the time kittens commonly share carriers, but in this case, you can opt to use pet diapers which will greatly help for the duration of the time, while sharing the carrier.

Best Cat Carriers for Two Cats.

When placing two cats in one carrier, you must make sure that both cats are comfortable and isn’t crammed within the carrier. You need a good sized carrier that can fit both cats with enough space and room for involuntary movement.

Both cats must be able to sit, stand up and turn around. Preferably both cats must be of average size at most. The carrier must also be well suited and should withstand the weight of the felines in order to obtain a good experience.

Below are a few examples of cat carriers that fits this criteria and dimension in order to allow both cats together in the same carrier.

1. MASKEYON Airline Approved Pet Carrier.

The Maskeyon carrier is an approved TSA carrier accepted by all airlines. This carrier is collapsible on either sides which gives more space and room when needed. The easy to enter and exit feature is surrounded by a firm mesh covering with a strong structure and padded mat for extra comfort.


  • Can carry pets of up to 20 pounds.
  • Detachable mat for easy cleaning.
  • Have several pockets for cat accessories and storage.
  • Collapsible feature to fit in restricted areas like in plane cabins.
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying.
  • Good ventilation from mesh design.

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2. Amazon Basics Soft Padded Carrier.

This carrier ticks all the right boxes in design, strength and space. It also comes fully packed with features that allow for an enjoyable experience. The soft padded carrier comes in medium, large and extra-large perfect for two cats of average size. Its sheer design fitted with mesh sides allows for proper ventilation along with metal frames that aids in support and strength.

Carrier dimensions are 19,5 / 10.5 / 11,5 inches allowing it to facilitate two cats with ease. The carrier also comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Get it now conveniently from Amazon.

3. Portable ONE FOR PETS 2-in-1 double pet shelter

This soft padded meshed style carrier is a two in one carrier that is joint but can also adjust to form one large carrier. This simple design incorporates ultra- streamlined styling with a modern and unique twist.

Features include

  • Perfect for car travel with safety straps for both cats.
  • Made with polyester for extra strength
  • Foldable which is space efficient, best for traveling and outdoors.
  • Can be used in three ways.
  • Use as two connected carriers but still divided to give each cat its own privacy
  • Can be used as one big carrier, since the zip can be adjusted to provide a free flow open space
  • Both carriers can be divided and totally separated to form two single carriers
  • Dimensions are 20”/ 20” / 39” providing enough room for two average-sized cats or three smaller felines.
  • This carrier comes with a two-year manufacturing warranty which covers any defects and abnormalities.

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4. Sherpa Deluxe Cat Carrier.

The sherpa deluxe Airline approved carrier comes in three sizes to accommodate pets up to 22 pounds in this case two averaged size cats. Its durable outer shell and ventilation windows will withstand even the sharpest little claws.

It has better airflow than most other carriers due to the mesh window like structure on the sides and top. The carrier is flexible enough to squeeze into smaller spaces. The small and medium sizes are great for air travel and public transit.

Like most carriers, it has a one-year limited warranty.

Features include

  • Top & side entry
  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • Locking zippers
  • Padded hand carry straps
  • Adjustable, no-slip shoulder strap
  • Easy to clean interior liner
  • Seatbelt / luggage strap
  • Variety of sizes that caters for all sizes pets

Different sizes and dimensions

  • Small Carrier: Fits pets up to 13″ in length x 7.5″ in height and up to 8 pounds
  • Medium Carrier: Fits pets up to 16″ in length x 10″ in height and up to 16 pounds
  • Large Carrier: Fits pets up to 18″ in length x 11″ in height and up to 22 pounds

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