Male Vs Female Siberian Cat | Pros and Cons.

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Over the years more people are attracted to the Siberian cat breed and it’s not difficult to see why. They are big, fluffy, and affectionate with a great overall personality. However, when choosing between male and female Siberian cats most people are confused as to what to choose.

Despite belonging to the same breed, there are distinctive differences between male and female Siberian cats. These differences can be seen in their appearance, personality traits, and overall disposition. According to most Siberian owners males are more favorable since they are seen as more affectionate, playful, and engaging.

Before we make any generalizations let’s try to understand the Siberian breed better to help you get a true description of this beautiful breed, irrespective of gender.

Siberian cats are gentle giants as they boast their big framed bodies with huge amounts of fur. Apart from this, they are also very sociable and interactive. Generally, the breed is known for being very energetic as they are exceptional athletes.

They also have a more dependent side to them which may come across as being too attached or even clingy. Even with all of these breed-related traits, the true disposition is found in the cat’s personality rather than gender.

Male Siberian Cats.

Male Siberian cats seem to be the favorite amongst most owners and here’s why. Males display a more affectionate and loving side. They are seen as more playful and generally more inviting compared to females.

This playful yet affectionate side makes them more socially attached and dependent, perfect for people who are looking for companions. Males also have the reputation of being vibrant and super friendly to the point where strangers are not regarded as strangers but as opportunities to get more attention.

Males are also a firm favorite to breeders, as they normally recommend males instead of females if their disposition suits what you’re looking for in a Siberian cat.

Female Siberian Cats.

Female Siberian cats are also equally affectionate but are generally more laid-back and reserved. According to female Siberian owners, their female cats display a more controlled and disciplined demeanor.

They don’t really like to be picked up, and if they do want to it must be when they feel like it. Females are also known for having their person to who they bond, compared to males who are good with just about anyone.

This doesn’t mean that females are less friendly, but they are generally more comfortable with the person they are used to. Even though they will tolerate others they may not be as inviting and approachable as males.

Females will be ideal for those who are looking for an affectionate cat that isn’t overly dependent and attached.

Male Vs Females, The Differences.

PersonalityOutgoing, vibrant, and inviting.Friendly and outgoing but more reserved.
HealthHave a higher chance of obtaining hereditary diseases such as FLUTDPossible Risk but lower chances of FLUTD
SociableExtremely sociable and approachable.Equally sociable yet aloof.
DependencyVery socially dependent and loves companionship.Equally dependent on certain boundaries.
AttentionLoves attention from all people as well as strangersLoves attention from those they are used to.
PlaytimeExceptional athletes, love playtime.Loves playtime and is a great athlete.
AllergensNeutered males produce fewer Fel-d1 allergens. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Unneutered males have the highest levels of Fel-d1Unspayed females have lower levels of Fel-d1 than unneutered males.
MaturitySlow to mature (3-5 years)Fast to mature (2-3 years)

Size and Weight Comparison.

Siberian cats are bigger than normal household cats. They have big frames that are broader and heavier with a dense fur coat.

Males Siberian cats are normally bigger and heavier with an average weight of about 15-20 pounds. They are much more muscular, broader, and generally have fuller manes.

Female Siberians are much smaller with an average weight of about 10-15 pounds. They are less muscular and less small frames.

Are Male or Female Siberians More Affectionate?

Siberian cats are a relatively affectionate breed, therefore it’s difficult to say which gender is more affectionate. However, there are significant differences in their personality that displays different levels of affection.

Generally, male Siberian cats display a more outgoing personality which makes them soft and more affectionate. Females are also affectionate but it’s based on individual personality and overall disposition.

The general character of the Siberian breed is very loving, kind, and gentle, irrespective of gender. What experienced Siberian owners have realized is that males tend to display these attractive features better than females.

Breeders have also noticed that males are more attached and social when it comes to those with who they are surrounded. For this reason, males are considered to be the better gender.

I suggest before you decide on gender, get to know the cat you are about to adopt to see its overall personality.

How does Neutering or Spaying Affect Behavior?

Neutering or spaying refers to the removal of an animal’s reproductive organs to help eliminate unwanted behavior and sexual urges.

Males undergo neutering as a way to eliminate increased aggression and unwanted behavior. As a result of this procedure, you will see a calmer cat that is less aggressive and less active. The cat will also not try to escape as a mating partner isn’t required.

Females undergo spaying as a way to eliminate compulsive behavior and moodiness caused by hormones. The cat will be more relaxed, stable, and overall more approachable. This will also prevent unwanted kittens.

Ultimately it’s important to note that this procedure will not change the cat’s temperament and personality as these factors are dependent on upbringing and training.


Ultimately it’s best to get used to a cat before you decide to adopt since it’s best to choose according to personality instead of gender. These vague generalizations of males and females are just experiences from owners and you may not share the same sentiment.

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